View Full Version : Coffee that doesn't have that burned taste...and is sold at Safeway

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06-09-2012, 05:57 PM
We make it cup by cup with an individual Melitta filter, so it never is sitting around (plus which we waste virtually no coffee) -- We tried the Dunkin Donuts coffee and she still didn't like it; next come the chock-full-o-goodness.

I haven't seen the Melitta coffee before.

(Luckily I like iced coffee, and haven't minded any of them with a bit of half and half in them.)

I was responding to someone else's advice to keep it off the burner to avoid that taste. Some have that taste regardless of sitting--usually the really cheap brands. Another thing to watch is coffee grounds in plastic containers. Contrary to the advertising, storing coffee in plastic is not the best way to keep it fresh.

(The only thing my nutcase SiL is good for is her extensive knowledge of coffee from running a coffeehouse for 10+ years now).