View Full Version : A Glass House in Tokyo

05-15-2012, 10:12 PM
Glass House in Tokyo (http://realestate.yahoo.com/promo/privacy-is-lacking-in-this-tokyo-glass-home.html)

Tucked into a quiet residential neighborhood, this three-story, 914 square-foot home was created by an award winning Tokyo architect named Sou Fujimoto

Pros: Nothing to catch fire.
Sun loving plants would grow well

Cons: What if there's an earthquake?
Zero privacy, even with curtains
Not very energy efficient (hot in summer, cold in winter)
Someone could throw stones at your house.
Use a lot of Windex to clean your house
Have to keep your house really clean, all the time.
Can't use paint or wallpaper to personalize your space and how do you
hang any artwork/pictures?
Thieves would know when you're not home.