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alchemy void
05-10-2012, 11:47 PM
Do you have a view or opinion that is really unpopular or unorthodox? Do you have sinfully bad taste (like me)? Here is a thread to confess all your unpopular/gross/sinful opinions. :saint:

No judgement here. ;) Just think of it as a place to confess your sins and get it off your chest. (insert Pope Benedict emoticon here)

-I think Morozov is quite hot now that he's not so bloated. Especially when he's all intense during his skater's performances. That intensity + good looks = :eek:

-I am really fascinated by Denney/Barrett. Her packaging + his receding hairline makes me a big fan. :shuffle:

-All 3 medal-winning FDs at Worlds bored me stiff (no, not the good kind of stiff). Actually almost all of the top 10 did too


Anyone else?

05-11-2012, 12:29 AM
- I usually like Morozov choreography. I especially liked Takahashi's Techno Swan and Ando's Cleopatra.
- It doesn't bother me/I don't see when skaters hunch. I enjoy their passion, their projection more than I enjoy great lines

05-11-2012, 12:41 AM
- D&W are not equals to V&M. They have speed and difficulty (and sloppiness!), but V&M have it all over them in things like lines/stretch, chemistry/connection, basics, performance quality, finesse, etc.

- Speaking of dance, A&P are the last great dance team, and dance has pretty much sucked since 2002.

- I think N. Morozov is a good coach and even a halfway decent choreographer sometimes.

- Jeffrey Buttle was boring.

- I hate when people dismiss certain skaters as 'pwetty pwincesses' as if it's not a valid style and only the girls with a powerful style are worth watching.

- I think falls and pops are equally egregious jump errors. They're both failing the jump.

05-11-2012, 12:50 AM
Morosov is hot.

Abbott can be quite dull.

Love COP dance.

05-11-2012, 01:15 AM
I miss Yagudin :(

I just dont get I/K...sorry(same goes for Adam R.)

I only like Brian J. skating because he's good looking

I find 3t/3t to be an ugly looking combination

I loved 2009/2010 Johnny Weir :yikes:

Maxim T. annoys me

Nothing will make me happier than when a lady does a good 3Lutz

I check FSU like it's nobody's bussiness

I HATE the ass spin

I'm in love with Masha Butyrskaya

I can't think of any more :-/

05-11-2012, 01:19 AM
I still miss Michelle Kwan.

I find V&M technically proficient, but a total bore and vastly overrated.

I think Peggy Fleming's green skating dress from the '68 Olympics is iconic and looked better than most of the skating dresses we see today.

I find Meryl Davis's malleable features fascinating.

I think all skating federations politic for their skaters, but some are more egregiuos than others.

I support the minimum age limit.

I will never be convinced that Oksana Bauil was the rightful winner in '94 (and no, I was never a fan of Nancy Kerigan's skating).

05-11-2012, 01:21 AM
Morozov creeps me out like nobody else.

Aside from S/S, all other gold medal winners of Worlds 12 made me actually fall asleepzzz.

I'm still bitter that ordinals had a hand in which ladies skaters won medals in the late 90's. I hope to get past it one day. Here, let me leave room for my foot up your...

I liked watching compulsory dances.

W/P are the Canadian ice dance champs of my heart.

05-11-2012, 01:25 AM
I think D&W are vastly overrated , I really think they were closer to P&B than V&M in overall skating quality this year at Worlds .

While I like V&M far more than D&W , I laughed at a certain posters' homemade bread comment :fragile:

All three World medal winning FDs were so generic this year. However, liked V&M's performance at Bompard earlier this season.

I really think Daisuke has been hosed this season :(

I want to like Vol/tran, but their attempts at being edgy just come across as silly to me. I wish they would attempt to do something in a more classical/traditional vein. I haven't really loved a Russian pair since the Ber/Sikh (or a pair period since S&Z), and I had hoped Vol/Tran would be the next ones, but as of now I really think I prefer S&S . I haven't given up on V&T though, they did skate wonderfully at Worlds.

I'm disappointed that I&M bit the dust, and I'm still lukewarm on B&L.

While I generally like them, I don't get the love of W&P this year. I thought their FD was so cheesy and pukeworthy It was just way too OTT for me, and I was genuinely shocked anyone felt they were podium worthy. Maybe it was the ice quality, but their skating skills looked so lackluster in Nice.

After their reaction to their skaters' :blah: performances at this year worlds, I am beginning to think Yuka Sato and Jason Dunjen have read "The Power of Positive Thinking" way too many times :shuffle:

I love Mao and want her to get her mojo back

I love Carolina and want her to keep her mojo and rival Mao

I want to type word mojo again. Mojo

I liked Navka's Austin Powers FD and her sexy crossovers :shuffle:, to be fair it had more transitions than a Zueva program.

It makes me giggle that Leonova has a World medal;a wicked, evil giggle :shuffle:

Finally,whenever I see that goddamn Air France commercial, I want to re-watch Kostner's LP

05-11-2012, 01:42 AM
I have skated to East of Eden. In this decade.

Overall, I don't have favorite skaters. Just favorite programs.

Icenetwork's live coverage (despite all it's faults) keeps me from even considering attending large competitions in the US and mid-Canada... even if I may be able to manage the cost and time off of work.

05-11-2012, 01:44 AM
I miss Miki Ando. A lot. And I think she's awesome

I don't think ALL of Alissa Czisny's spins are that amazing and I personally find the girl to be kind of really awkward

Morozov is a good coach (but still a creep)

I have a school girl crush on Josh Farris

I'm rooting for Polina Shelepen to make the Olympic Team

I don't think Gracie Gold will ever be a an Olympic or World Champion or even medalist. There's more to skating than killer jumps and the rest of her skating is :shuffle:

I still love Christina Gao and will never give up on her.

I think Adam Rippon is kinda (really) overrated.

I'm still rooting for Tomas Verner to win a World Medal...

I find Artur Gatchinski to be pretty attractive.

Brian Joubert probably wouldn't hold my interest if he wasn't super hot with a level 4 ass.

I secretly like Kevin Van Der Perren. Or maybe I just like the way he fills out his glittery unitards...

Patrick Chan is very boring. Brilliant, but boring.

On some level, I enjoy Florent Amodio and his ridiculous programs.

I'll miss Ksenia Makarova's Marilyn program.

I think Rachael Flatt is pretty.

05-11-2012, 01:45 AM
Daisuke's interpretaion is not that good.

Daisuke is no match for Patrick. He is weak technically.
Hanyu can be Chan's rival before long...maybe

Czisny was overrated Flatt was underated at nationls this year.

Ashley Wagner is overrated. Especially in FSU.

I think W&P should have won the bronz medal at Worlds this year.

05-11-2012, 01:56 AM
Michelle Kwan is superbly talented and always elegant, but a lot of her programs leave me cold. They're still pretty, but I'm not about to burst into tears after watching them.

Overused music doesn't really bother me if the program is good.

Pairs skating has always bored me.

05-11-2012, 02:02 AM
- Apart from Sotnikova's Bolero SP, Miu Sato's Rach 2 FS is my favorite performance in the ladies' event at this year's World Juniors.

- I'd rather rewatch Mira Leung's Transylvanian Lullaby SP than any of the ladies' performances at this past season's Canadians.

- I like Leonova's Worlds FS eye makeup.

- Chances are, I find the best performances of Sarah and Emily Hughes more entertaining than those of your favorite currently competing US lady.

- It doesn't bother me much that Slutskaya won the 2001-2 Grand Prix Final. Her win at the previous season's final annoys me more, even if Kwan did lack the 3r for the duration of the event.

- Baiul's "electrified poodle" getup? As with suki and Fleming's chartreuse dress from 1968, I think it's iconic. (I somehow doubt that suki is with me on this one.)

- I don't find Misha Ge to be all that entertaining these days.

- I like Hanyu's Weir-Plush crusader outfit.

- I'm glad that Gachinski won the bronze at last year's Worlds.

05-11-2012, 02:20 AM
Gordeeva and Grinkov don't move me. I thought they looked like a brother/sister pair, especially at the '88 Olympics.

05-11-2012, 02:45 AM
Maria Butyrskaya is one of my all time fave female skaters. I just love her.

My fave American female skaters ever are Nicole Bobek and Alissa Czisny and the rest I could pretty much care less about.

While I love W/P I just don't get the hype this year. Yes they were great but still have a long way to go with their skating and are no where near V/M.

I don't really like Poirier/Gilles and don't get all that hype either.

I don't know who Gracie Gold is.

I hate the SD and I want the CD back.

I don't think I want to watch the team comp. at the Olys and now wish they would scrap it and the WTT.

I hate how much hype 'the quad' gets.

I never liked Kurt Browning until he turned pro, now I love him and I use to love Elvis until he retired and became an annoying jerk.