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05-12-2012, 12:04 AM
Most of these are popular FSU opinions...

What I was saying.

05-12-2012, 01:07 AM
When I watch skating it's usually an excuse for me to order pizza.:lol:

...and I also use it as an excuse for not getting any work done.

05-12-2012, 01:16 AM
:lol:When I watch skating it's usually an excuse for me to order pizza.

Haha, for me, it's to pop kettle corn! Of course, the skating usually isn't too bad either.

I have a few more unpopular (I think) opinions:

-Maybe it's because I haven't followed the sport long enough to be annoyed by it, but I don't care if a skater uses overused music.

-I think Patrick Chan is awesome. I don't care if he splats all over the place in the early season. It's the early season, big deal. He usually brings it when it counts. I'm also amazed how he went from 0 quads to 3 quads/competition within one season. Even if you hate quads, you have to admit that it's a really phenomenal athletic as well as mental feat. I seriously hope he doesn't start losing it next season.

05-12-2012, 01:48 AM
A lot of these are opinions that are widely held. :confused: You hate CoP? So do a lot of people. You think Chan is boring? So do a lot of people.

Most of these are popular FSU opinions...

:lol: was just about to post the same thing.

05-12-2012, 02:53 AM
Instead of Pope Benedict, I’ll pretend Ottavio Cinquanta is on the other side of the screen in this confessional. Here is my list in ascending order according to severity of sin:

-I will always have a soft spot for Surya Bonaly

-I was a big fan of Maria Butyrskaya

-I sometimes like perk

-I often enjoy programs skated to really mainstream/top 40 music (including Celine Dion)

-I live for show skating, including Disson productions

-I long for a dramatik FD, complete with OTT costumes made of shredded chiffon and lamé

-I wish I could raid Tatiana Tarasova’s coat closet :TT1:

-I find Capellini and Lanotte’s crotch lift attractive...it was one of my favourite lifts in the entire event

-I really enjoy Florent Amodio’s skating, and think there is something special about his style

-I was never bothered by Chan’s comments in the China gate scandal, and thought the whole thing was blown WAY out of proportion…the only thing that disturbed me about that situation was the hyper-nationalisms on the part of some…

-I had impure thoughts during Brian Joubert’s SP…(I will also find his “The Matrix” LP exciting no matter how many times I see it)

-I wish my confessions had to do with the sins I was committing with Maxim Trankov…

05-12-2012, 03:31 AM
This is slowly turning into the "Irrational Reasons for Disliking Skaters" thread from a few years ago.

I thought this was the "Say Whatever You Want!" thread.

Exactly what I was thinking.

It's the off-season...:blah:

05-12-2012, 03:38 AM
Ok, here is a true sin (as opposed to an unpopular opinion): Last February I threw my favorite male skater Jeremy Abbott under the bus.

I said, "If I have to choose between my New York Giants winning the SuperBowl and my Jeremy doing well at Worlds, then I pick my Giants a thousand times over!" And then, my Giants won the SuperBowl, and after I finished cheering and partying, I hoped against hope that the SkateGods hadn't heard my earlier proclamation...but alas...! :wuzrobbed: :wuzrobbed:

And you know what's worse? If I had to pick again, I'd make the same choice... what kind of skating fan am I??? :o :slinkaway

Okay, you're going straight to HELL...;)

Jot the Dot Dot
05-12-2012, 03:39 AM
I feel that gals with the chubbier butts are cuter, circa Rachael Flatt, Elena Sokolova & Liz Manley. http://www.figureskatersonline.com/rachaelflatt/photos/09kaleidoscope/09kaleidoscope009.jpg http://www.ekolojikyasam.com/ekolojikyasamportali/ekogaleri/upload/ekosanat/elena_sokolova.jpg http://reflection.figuristka.org/photography/swe02_53.jpg

05-12-2012, 05:42 AM
Forgive me, skategods, for I have sinned. It has been too many years to count since my last confession.

I was, and still am, impervious to Oksana Baiul's "it" factor.

I have never understood what all the fuss about Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, and Irina Slutskaya's skating was all about. Good skaters, yes, but still....

I think Jamie Salé and David Pelletier delivered the best Pairs Free Skate at the 2002 Winter Olympics, given the judging system at the time.

Johnny Weir bores me to tears. And most of his skating since he won his first or maybe second National title does too.

I can count the ice dance couples whose programs I have really enjoyed on the fingers of one hand.

I think the costumes skaters wore forty or fifty years ago were nicer than most of the ones skaters wear now.

I am glad that fourteen-year-old girls can't compete at senior-level ISU Championships.

When I first started watching Evan Lysacek, I thought that his skating was a lot campier than Johnny Weir's.


05-12-2012, 06:10 AM
1. I think MK was a great skater but overrated. I didn't like her over-emoting.

2. Lambiel is a great show skater but I didn't like many of his performances.

3. I think 6.0 system was such a non-sense.

4. I was underwhelmed by Russian super babies.

05-12-2012, 12:11 PM
I enjoyed Surya Bonaly's skating more than almost any of her contemporaries.

I never got Gordeeva and Grinkov (esp in 1994).

I wish there was more variety in skating costumes (esp among ladies).

I liked Jill Trenary's 80's hair and shoulder pads (and her short sleeve costume in 1990 remains a personal costume favorite).

I enjoyed B&B's epic weirdness (like Eurovision on ice!*).

Underrotation doesn't bother me.

No, really, underrotation that would send a technical panel into cardiac arrest (as in Sarah Hughes levels) doesn't bother me.

Lipping doesn't bother me at all.

Flutzing (of Hughes, Lipinski, Bobek proportions) does bother me.

Outrigged Salchows bother me.

I don't like watching quads, no matter how 'well done'...

I like fast well centered spins in simple (but nice) positions more than unusual and changing positions.

I mostly never got Stephen Lambiel (until he was well past his prime).

I enjoy watching compulsory figures (and dearly wish they'd lasted long enough for Eurosport to devote hours of tv time to them). 27 consecutive RBO paragraph brackets? Heaven!

I want a skater to choreograph a fall. (that is have a program, preferably an exhibition) where a fall is absolutely the right choreographic choice at a certain point.

I wish there were more different kinds of single competition (figures, dance, free, rhythmic? interpretive?)

*I wish there was such a thing as Eurovision on Ice! where skaters had to perform to their country's Eurovision entries....

05-12-2012, 12:27 PM
I like illusion fabric in costumes.
I like over the boot tights.
I always disliked Sokolova.
I am enjoying Leonova more now than when she burst on the scene.
I dislike Amodio the more I see him.
I think Chan deserved to win even with 4 falls.
I love David Wilson and Lori's choreography.
Nancy should have beat Oksana.
Tatiana Malanina (sp?) was horrific to watch (except the odd jump).
I hate 99.9% of show routines. (Debbie's Wanda Beazel being an exception, best show routine ever next to Chans from this year)

05-12-2012, 12:49 PM
I will also add that I don't particularly care whether skaters are doing a lot of (difficult) transitions, and tend to disagree with complaints about people being overscored on PCS because they "have no transitions". I like good choreography, but in some cases this means the program needs fewer transitions to really fit the music and the concept. This brings me to:

I want a skater to choreograph a fall. (that is have a program, preferably an exhibition) where a fall is absolutely the right choreographic choice at a certain point.
Remember when Amodio fell in the LP at 2009 SA and sort of made it look like it was part of the program?

I wish there was such a thing as Eurovision on Ice! where skaters had to perform to their country's Eurovision entries....
So Clara Peters would have to skate to Jedward, and V/T get the Russian grannies? That could prove... interesting.

05-12-2012, 01:32 PM
I think there are not true artists among female skaters while there are true artists(Curry, Lambiel) among male skaters.
Janet, Kwan, Sasha, Kim all only have great musicality.

I think Lu Chen's artistry(or musicality) is overrated. Although her poise&maturity are impressive.

05-12-2012, 02:49 PM
-It doesn't bother me when Alissa gets held up for being pretty
-I cannot stand over the boot tights and excessive illusion fabric. There is no need
for stocking arms.
- I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I see how low Mao was marked compared to Yuna.
- I actually enjoy people skating to Requiem... hmmm, a skating program about drug addiction. So post modern.