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05-21-2012, 12:15 AM
Must see tv :watch:

-Ever since I started reading a err...gay-friendly board, I can't look at Charlie White the same way. :o Everytime I see him on tv all I see is him running scared while Scott Moir locks the door behind them. Scott has a dildo in hand and is about to teach Charlie a lesson.

I have sunk to a new low I know. :slinkaway

That was the sound of my brain hitting the floor :rofl:

05-21-2012, 12:31 AM
I dislike the use of the word potential.

I dislike people who jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story (guilty :lol:)

I dislike people who don't know when to let things go (guilty again :D)

I don't think Urmanov is that great of a technical coach.

I don't get the love for Dai's and Abbott's artistry.

I used to be a Chan hater until I watched him skate for the 1st time this season :D

I don't like Sotnikova's coach.

Tarasova annoys me.

I think Majorov is cute and I liked his Bolero program. Awesome butt, I want to slap it :rofl:

I liked I/K Ave Maria music. I have been listening to it on repeat for the last hour :lol:

I really like to watch the Russian guys, outside of the top 5 at nationals :slinkaway

Alex Forrest
05-21-2012, 01:07 AM
Remember when Amodio fell in the LP at 2009 SA and sort of made it look like it was part of the program?

I know this was 24 years ago, but I was always nervous when Witt did that final 2axel in Carmen, which wasn't a great jump for her. I imagined if she fell on it, she'd have incorporated it into the choreography and she'd probably have gotten credit for it in some way. Your comment immediately made me think of that.

05-21-2012, 01:26 AM
I absolutely love Plushenko and always cheered for him.

I don't get why Takahashi doesn't get better scores for interpretation and choreography.

I much prefer Riazanova & Tkachenko to Ilinykh & Katsalapov.

I think Maxim Shabalin is sexy.

Still don't get why Delobel & Schoenfelder didn't win a medal at Torino 06.

I love Navka & Kostomarov. Pink Panther is one of the coolest FDs I've ever seen.

When I was a kid I had a crush on Alexander Zhulin.

I still love the performances of Krylova & Ovsiannikov.

Laura Lepisto bores me.

Yu-Na Kim bores me as well.

I don't have patience to listen to Johnny Weir.

I still believe Oda will be able to have a strong comeback.

I like Davis & White but I think Virtue & Moir are on a higher level.

Baiul was a fair winner in Lillehammer.

Grishuk & Platov were fair winners in Lillehammer.

I still believe Mishkutenok & Dmitriev should have won gold in Lillehammer.

I like FDs with story telling.

I'm still a fan of Stojko and Joubert. Figure skating needs some more competitors like them.

I love quads.

Never understood why Belbin & Agosto were so successful.

05-21-2012, 03:22 AM
I dislike the use of the word potential.

You. Are. Not. Alone!!

05-21-2012, 08:08 AM
Mao and Yuna were way better up until Olympics. After that, they both lost something special that set them apart from rest of the filed.

I hate, hate ladies' watered down jump content, and wish in next season, Russian girls and Gracie will put an end to this triple toe- triple toe golden age.

05-21-2012, 02:04 PM
Even though they can't land jumps for s***, I like those tubby Hamui sisters from Mexico.

Irina Rodnina would have made a kick - ass singles skater.
Conversely, Elena Vodorezova would have made an amazing pairs skater.

I miss big 80s hair.

05-21-2012, 02:53 PM
I hate, hate ladies' watered down jump content, and wish in next season, Russian girls and Gracie will put an end to this triple toe- triple toe golden age.

Triple toe-triple toe is watered down?

It's not the highest difficulty we've seen, but there have been and still are lots of good skaters who can't do any triple-triple at all.

05-21-2012, 05:21 PM
[QUOTE=dots;3573894]-It's- The love for Nora Hoffman puzzles me..

:eek:Nora was a wasted talent .She could have been right at the top with the right partner.Unfortunately it didn't happen:(
Zavozin was an improvement on Elek but still not quite right somehow.
Her and Elek were cute together though :)

05-22-2012, 09:58 AM
One more...

I know it's been over a decade, but I think it'd be mind-blowingly awesome it if I witnessed a final flight where all six skaters skated to music from the soundtrack to GLADIATOR. And if this happened in the Ladies event, I think I just might drop dead from pure ecstasy...

07-04-2012, 06:24 PM
I really hate when people does flutz and lip and than others state they have all the jumps. In my eyes I should penalize the flutz or lip to halv his value so that a real 2Lz are more worth than a 3 flutz and a 2Flip more than a 3 lip, so maybe skaters would bother to do the right jump
I don't get Ju-Na Kim and her programs let me quite cold
I don't get Chan and feel no emotion looking att his programs
I love Thomas Verner and Stephane Lambiel
I can't stand Morozov programs and don't get how Miki's program and dress can be given to Leonova, judges should punish that

07-04-2012, 07:14 PM
I like Pepsi more than Coke.

I get distracted by skaters who are too good looking (yup I am talking about you Andrew Poje), and think they deserve +3 bonus points just for it. It is a gift, and they should be rewarded.

I believe there should be penalty points given for worst program, worst costume, worst hair in every competition, most contrived choreography etc. Reason being some of them happen to medal, just crazy!!!

(crap being omitted)

I don't get all these so called 'artistic' programs recently by Lori Nicols, most imo are too vanilla extra light, safe, too main stream, too generic, too bland, too unoffensive. She seems a lady who likes to knit, who wears pastel colours and only listen to classic fm's greatest hits cds, who stays in doors and a vegan. (Bet i got a few right)

I hate lazy performers who plays safe who win based on RP, apparently a sin in this sport, since one won the ladies this year.

I think someone should start a Save Julia Lipnitskaya from Morozov campaign, before it is too late.

Love Plushy. Plushenko deserve to be the king of Russia based on attitude alone. I bet he'd win a stare contest with Putin. (Although there's no guarantee on what happens after.)

07-04-2012, 07:50 PM
I really like Torville and Dean, until i found they are cousins, then first thoughts was yeww... but then thought I guess that is what you call professionalism.

Torvill and Dean are cousins?!

07-04-2012, 07:55 PM
..........I get distracted by skaters who are too good looking...........I'm sorry. Would it help if I wore a paper bag over my head? :D

07-04-2012, 08:01 PM
Torvill and Dean are cousins?!

Wait... you are right. They are not??!!!!

I did a search and apparently they are not! HUH how come i got that impression years ago and got traumatized! Blame on my Chinese mother's crap English lol... Ohh i feel so bad for smirking at their Bolero now.