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05-23-2012, 10:29 PM
"A Mountain" is funny -- whoever named it must have been a real flatlander. It rises all of 300 feet from ground level, and is a fairly unprepossessing hill. Not quite push your grannie up in a wheelchair, but not much more challenging. :D

Reading posts about Phoenix. Funny, Tucson also has "Old Tucson" instead of "old town" and an "A" mountain - actually drive-upable (looked it up - 2,897 ft) - for the University of Arizona. I took pictures of it, and a panorama of pictures of Tucson from the "A".

Re the heat, I was there in October many years ago. When I got off the plane, it was 95 degrees. I was wearing jeans and a short sleeved sweater and was not the least bit hot. Can you imagine that in Ohio? The lack of humidity was great, but I remember my cousin telling me when they first moved out there, the inside of their noses dried up painfully until they got used to it. And the cars have to stay under carports or the paint cracks. My aunt and uncle used to go up to their summer home in the White Mountains every year from May to October for relief. Imagine what the sun and heat would do to hikers this time of year.

(There's a picture of me at the airport getting ready to leave AZ wearing a 3/4 length sleeve fleece top, carrying my windbreaker. Got back to Ohio at 8 p.m. and it was 38 degrees. My mom brought a heavier coat to the airport for me.)