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04-24-2012, 01:14 AM
:lol: For full effect, we should explain to the city folk that "brier" refers to thicket-forming thorny plants that pop up where they're not wanted, spreading prodigiously while your attention is elsewhere.

Yes, it definitely isn't meant as a compliment :lol:. My MIL's worst fear about living here was that one of her kids would end up married to a brier :lol:. I have never pointed out that she married a ridgerunner :drama:, but there have been times........

Growing herb, mixing meth or selling oxy; especially, since many of the mines have shifted to mountain top removal methods instead of deep mining.

Oh, yeah. Meth labs and pot fields are everywhere in the rural areas around here, and they are always run by briers.

The only thing worse there? :drama: :drama: :angryfire Alpha male teams :angryfire :drama: :drama:

Unless they happen to be the Sucksters now foaming at the mouth that the women are in control on Survivor.

The Sucksters LOVE SnivelingRachel :scream:.

04-25-2012, 10:43 AM
Rachel "Of course I'm emotional. I'm a girl." :wall:

Yeah and did you hear Brendan's comment that it's good have a girl on the team to do stuff like dancing but it's bad b/c they're emotional. :rolleyes: Idiot.

I lost count of the gender stereotypes. :eek:

Even though Brenchel are annoying as hell, it made me :rofl: when she beat Art (?) at cricket. :rofl: