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04-24-2012, 10:14 PM
Fans on boards are often biased and so, tend to skip the complexity. And in boards there's no real dialogue. One can go on posting the wuzrobbed complaint for 100 times, no one will stop him. It will end up changing the perception of the readers, about the skaters who has more success in the skating community, or even, who's the best skater.

I'd say the dialogue has upped its ante in the last couple of threads! The debates have been thought provoking, and for the most part, well researched and positive in spirit.

By the way, the entire post that I quoted from was amazing Martyross.

04-24-2012, 10:23 PM
This nice website has some rare pictures of T&S

Thank you! :cheer2:

04-24-2012, 11:22 PM
This nice website has some rare pictures of T&S

This picture is :swoon:


04-24-2012, 11:22 PM
This nice website has some rare pictures of T&S

Right on! Some great ones there. One significant thing about T/S photos is that I've never seen one where they look awkward. There are a couple there that emphasize their beautiful matching leg lines.... Thanks for posting martyross.

04-24-2012, 11:44 PM
I found it on "Addicted to Tessa and Scott" Facebook where the fans are very resourceful, i recommend it :swoon:
Thanks dear jl22aries :swoon:

This picture is :swoon:

perfect and harmonious silhouettes! the two true artists of this ice dance era!

04-25-2012, 12:03 AM
Yes...:swoon:...to so many of those pictures.

Look at the lines in this one..and when you consider that the move was only for a very short duration...exquisite !


And if you like adorably flirtacious..


Thanks for those !:)

04-25-2012, 12:15 AM
i feel that the "crowd" extends beyond those who sit in the stands and consists of people who are actually thoughtful and normally appreciative. take the eurosport guys. they gave the best kudo i posted on my blog. the fan in me smiles when i hear them comment during the i wanna hold your hand gala at skate canada (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBjfs7xHLYc&feature=related). so for them to be dumbstruck at the end of the program and openly talk themselves into finding something good to say about funny face actually matters. and when ice dance is skated at its best, it's no longer about the code of points or the judges. those things hand out gold medals, but the fan reaction is what creates legends -- and affects the way we perceive and remember those medals.

normally, tessa and scott pick music that isn't really a shoo-in to bring the house down. the main comment i remember from valse triste being skated at worlds (?) is that "this music could have died on them" but somehow, these young skaters pulled it off. mahler was not guaranteed to be audience friendly. in fact, people didn't like it for the longest time. it took until nationals, or even the olympics, for it to come together. but tessa and scott normally take these subtle and complex pieces of music and turn them into sublime free dances, free dances that command -- if nothing else -- pure respect. that kind of didn't happen with funny face, especially because an obscure western musical isn't going to go down well in europe. we all knew that.

even here in canada. we can be totally receptive to musicals or movies set on ice. think casablanca or singing in the rain. one problem with funny face was that most people haven't seen it. so when they recreated the movie on ice, most people didn't get it, especially the jazz part. it's when i looked up each scene on youtube and compared it with the free dance (http://compulsorydances.blogspot.ca/2012/01/funny-face-jazz-scene.html) that i started to get it. people were complaining about how immature or weird certain moves looked, but that was exactly what audrey did in the movie. it became an intellectual exercise. the more i worked, the more i got it and the more i liked it. but who wants to work that hard?

other people really felt like tessa and scott sacrificed the very things that they excel at (the things that bring the house down) in order to recreate funny face. "I simply don’t think it highlights their flow, line, grace, elegance, etc. like past programs have." the weird thing is you had critics complaining that funny face was the same old, same old, romantic thing, but it really was different. it was character based and unorthodox. we felt this difference. everyone had to adjust. everyone had to stretch themselves to "get" it.

i don't really expect them to pick a guaranteed crowd friendly piece of music for the next free dance since it's brilliant to grow a program and make you love it simply because you love the way tessa and scott dance to it. but i think they want to go back to the point where they move us and touch us.

04-25-2012, 12:20 AM
Want to know something funny? i looked at the youtube statistics for the recent interview with Tessa and found out all the countries where it was viewed. It seems that Tessa and Scott have fans in 42 countries, hehehe!
Canada, USA, Russian Federation, Germany, Italy, UK, Poland, Finland, Philippines, Romania, Hungary, Japan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Spain, South Korea, Brazil, Austria, Estonia, France, Netherlands, Belarus, Australia, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Venezuela, Croatia, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Réunion, Bosnia Herzegovina, Turkey and Ireland.
I'm sure there are some more!

04-25-2012, 12:22 AM
Someone in another thread mentioned that generally people over 50 got FF and those under didn't. I think there is an element of truth to that. I was raised on Fred Astaire movies so it reached out to me quickly.

So I guess it was more of a risk to do something a lot of people wouldn't get. Kudos to them for selling it so well!

04-25-2012, 12:37 AM
Want to know something funny? i looked at the youtube statistics for the recent interview with Tessa and found out all the countries where it was viewed. It seems that Tessa and Scott have fans in 42 countries, hehehe!

Oooh that's so interesting. I'm a super geek over demographic breakdowns and the like. I didn't know about the youtube stats.

And I can see where you're coming from Scrufflet. Music and audiences is a very complex equation. Though I do want to represent, I gather, a small percentage of those in their 20s who are familiar with the old Hollywood and absolutely LOVE Astaire movies. Maybe I have those old CBC Sunday matinees to thank for introducing me to old movies.

04-25-2012, 12:53 AM
that's one great post, iggie! P.s. have you received my pm, by chance? (:

it was character based and unorthodox.
yes, and I think that unorthodoxy is what ice dance needs in these COP days (:

i think they want to go back to the point where they move us and touch us.
hehe...heres come my weirdness..i'm actually moved by the program a lot! i'll tell the truth, i was obsessed with it for some days after Finlandia Trophy because it was so unbelievable to watch :D :swoon: i adore several programs from the 90's and everything that Tessa and Scott did, but i often happen to think to Funny face as the best program ever made (yep!!), because it's so full of cool and striking moves, creativity and expression from beginning to end. nothing can match all this marvel! i'm not a lover of the movie, let's say i enjoyed some scenes and dances, but this program...well...:swoon::swoon::swoon::swoon:
sorry if i talked too much about my tastes, it was just to present an extreme case of Funny Face fandom, probable food for psychiatrists or neurologists :D
P.s. oh and i forgot to say that when i saw "Funny face" listed as Tessa's favorite, i downloaded it and watched it because i was curious to see what she liked in movies, so it was such a cool surprise to hear it was their FD choice (:

04-25-2012, 01:08 AM
iggie..really good post! Well said !

scrufflet.. I don't mind telling on myself , so .. I'm over 50 ( I won't say by how much..:rolleyes: )... but I never "got" Funny Face...As a young'un,I went to see a lot of musicals, but not FF . I just couldn't reconcile that F was a good 30 yrs. older than A ( sort of an icky idea to me then )... Also , neither one of the stars was a great singer ( especially A..F had at least done a lot of singing and had decent phrasing)...By that time , F was at the waning of his powers as a dancer, and though A may have had ballet lessons growing up, she was not a real dancer. So it wasn't a dancer's musical... Even seeing it years later on TV, it was not a musical I could fall in love with.

I really enjoyed iggie's scene comparison on his site, but like he (?) says, how many general audience members are going to bother with that ?

OTOH, I think T&S are the epitome of what an ice dance couple should be. I truly don't think they have a real equal, all things considered... And for me, though I could see the skill , finesse and attention to detail they brought to the program ..I could never feel the material was worthy of them.

I'm hoping for something really supreme from them next season.:D

04-25-2012, 01:45 AM
I don't think Funny Face is V/M's best program, but I'm someone who likes the movie (and I'm about half as old as it is) and it has so much flair and charm and nuance and richness.

04-25-2012, 01:58 AM
This nice website has some rare pictures of T&S
Wow.. gorgeous pictures of T & S.

I mean, in the last year, it almost became a contest of who gets the biggest ovation as though skaters were rock stars at a concert. It is probably part of modern Western culture. The more noise you get, the more success (and money) you get, and the better artist you are.
Is figure skating first and foremost a sport or art? In reality not many World and Olympic champs earn big monies from endorsements.

Now, we all know that skaters want the gold, at the end of the day. So, they have to work through the COP, that is quite complicated, as it reflects the complexity of the sport itself.
Indeed. Try judging a sport where in that 6-7 minutes you need to display all the skills in a meaningful way.

A skater does not have to base his hard work and career on such fickle element as the audience tastes. He has no obligation to choose the popular opera or to do spectacular lifts. First and foremost, as we said, they have to meet the many requirements of COP. Then, to be appealing to the judges. Pleasing people is a bonus, because it's not people who hand him the gold medal. Rude, but true.
As you pointed out, a skater is an individual with his own tastes and preference. He will be the one who works his butt off for months, not the audience.
Like THIS! It’s not a reality show. It’s sports! Ultimately, it’s the judges and the rules which matter.

Let's see things with rationality while moving to the next season. And as you did, let's put ourselves in the skaters' perspective, rather than always fans'.
I am hopeful though not convinced. It’s hard to win over the extremes. Better to focus on the middle ground.

Thanks martyross. Well articulated. I didn't read the blog as I am sure the 'arguments' these people used are the same over and over again. I can recite them any time. :D

04-25-2012, 02:10 AM
Well, to me , like it or not, FF is memorable. I can't even remember what D&W skated to last year and I watched it a number of times. Still, it beat V&M at Worlds because we were told it was skated better. This year this panel at Worlds went with V&M presumably for the same reason. Why all the drama?