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04-18-2012, 10:25 PM
My elder, dear brother who passed away years ago loved to sing "I Started A Joke". It was him who brought home those red Polydor records in the early 70s' that got me listening and singing to the Be Gees and the rest is history. Now 40 years later, I still swoon to the tune of "Still Waters".

Who is the falsetto ahhhhh, among the 3 brothers lol? I always thought it to be Barry?

I just hope Robin will pull through, I'm just :( ..

That was Barry with the falsetto, but they all could hit the high notes. All three of them were singing on "Nights of Broadway". Robin did the lead on "Words" and "I Started a Joke".

They did a show in Vegas right before Maurice died, it was on PBS, I found it while channel surfing. They did about 18-20 numbers, I was surprised I recognized all of them. I hadn't realized they had been around that long, but their hits spanned 30 years.

I liked the show so much I bought the CD from it.