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05-02-2012, 06:06 AM
I hope the producers look at tonight's show and think that they had a better final four last season and need to figure out what they can change.

I also hope whoever the record label is that is working with the winners figures out that they need to do a better job with material for the albums.

I really hope that Juliet wins. I don't know what her previous album deals were like and what kind of music she was doing, but I hope that they can find a contemporary rock sound for her that she likes. I guess Grace Potter is the closest comparison I can think of right now.

05-02-2012, 06:19 AM
the highlights of tonight's show: Last year's finalists!!!!!! Oh, how I've missed them :cool:

Dia - oh, dear. The person who should have won last year came out with a mediocre song with a senseless rap interlude. Dia and Kid Cudi acted like they've never met, which is probably true. Oh Blake, I know you don't understand top 40, but really? This was the best you could do for your girl? :drama:

Vicci: HELLS YEAH :grope: :swoon: I've heard this song before and thought it was ok - loved the ramped up duet version with Cee-Lo. And my favorite pint sized power lesbian looks foyyyyyyyyyyyyne :swoon:

Beverly: DAMN. Last year she got to duet with Xtina (and made me love a song I'd previously hated), and she gets Cyndi Lauper and one of my all-time favorite CL songs. Those two girls were definitely having F-U-N. Rollicking good time, and can you believe Cyndi Lauper is almost 60?? :eek:

Javier: As always, his voice is impeccable, but I've already forgotten the song :shuffle: (at least I don't remember how bad it was, a la Dia :saint: )

Team Xtina - love Lindsey's eye makeup :inavoid: I knew I didn't vote enough for her last night :wuzrobbed I tried :(

Team Adam - Adam is a putz. His reasoning for how he divided his points was weak. Just own it, and don't bitch about the media jumping on your bromances when that seems to be your MO in life. I wish Tony had owned the audience vote, would have made this less awful....now I feel terrible because I voted for both Katrina and Lindsey. If I'd given all of my votes to Katrina maybe she's have made it (Lindsey was a lost cause, sigh...)

Team Blake - Obvious choice, obvious result. I like Erin and feel bad that she got eliminated on her birthday, but she had the weakest performance of the night.

Team Cee-Lo: ugh, a heartbreaker. Juliet is the clear frontrunner, but I'd trade any of the other guys in the final for Jamar. Cee-Lo also tossed some weight to one, but he was willing to put himself on the line as to why.

I was very impressed with the waterproofness of Juliet's mascara and eye shadow. She could be a spokeswoman if this sinigng thing doesn't work out.

Juliet for the win next week! :cheer2:

John 3 17
05-02-2012, 06:23 AM
I'm done with this show. Katrina was ROBBED and it's all Adam's fault. He said two weeks ago that he was a control-freak and that he likes making the decisions -- not America because, in his words, "what if they get it wrong?" what a slap in the face to your VIEWERS, Adam! He's dead to me.

Thank God the Beliebers aren't as powerful as I feared tho and Katrina won America's vote (FINALLY). Restores my faith in my fellow citizens, lol.

I feel now like voting for the Not-Tony just to get revenge on smug Adam. Maybe I'll vote for Chris next week :EVILLE: even tho I think he's not that talented.

If Jamar or Erin had made the finals, I'd be watching next week, but not now. Idiotic show :(

Looking forward to buying Katrina's first CD, tho!


05-02-2012, 07:09 AM
How sad is it that last year's Final Four were light years better than this year's for the most part?

I thought Cyndi was having problems w/her ear plug and combine that w/just how loud the band's been overplaying period this Season and no wonder she sounded a bit under the influence of something a few times during that. Man alive was she and my fave from last year Beverly having a ball up there though? Now *that's* how you rock out a rock song. :D I've got to download her album while I'm in the World of High Speed access the next two weeks.

Also loved the duet w/Vicci and Cee Lo. She's still in fine voice too.

Dia and Javier...Sigh!! I liked Dia last year, but what a mess that song is. As for Javier...He never really reeled me in, so not so surprised to have that same reaction to a song of his tonight.

Now for the results of tonight...

I'm a Chris Mann fan and very surprised he got the vote over Lindsey. Happy, but still surprised. Especially as last night was the first night I got all of the Lindsey love and fuss. W/me, it was her little girl/"wispy" voice that was turning me off, and has the entire time, but when she got to the part of the song where it came into a wee bit lower register and was belting it out? Now if she could sing like *that* all the time? I'd be a convert and happily look forward to an album of hers.

Oh Adam...You need to take a lesson from Cee Lo in how to own a decision you make. That was nothing but horse hockey (Got Season 4 of MASH as a belated Easter gift from a Family Friend and have been enjoying the DVD's all weekend long) that came out of Adam's mouth when he was "explaining" why he did what he did. Feel so bad for Katrina and she didn't deserve that at all. Haven't really cared that much for Tony to begin w/, but now I *really* hope this is where his run ends.

Team Blake...No shocker there. A shame, but not a shock. I can't stand Jermaine's oversinging of every single freaking song's he's been given and he did it again last night to the point he was pitchy pitchy and thisclose to going off key a couple of times. Sadly, Erin had the worst kind of timing to have a so so performance. I wish Erin was Blake's Finalist, but although I do understand it and agree w/it, I don't have to like it.

Cee Lo was the one choice where I felt it could be close, as I thought both Juliet and Jamar had hit it out of the park last night. Pity we can't switch Jamar w/Jermaine or Tony, but there you go. Glad Juliet's in there and either her or Chris FTW!! I'll have to keep an ear open for Jamar if he gets an album deal out of this somehow, as both Mom and I became fans of his.

I know many here don't like Jamar, but the way many here feel about Jamar is how I feel about Jermaine. If I have to hear one more time about Jermaine having been a background singer for Alicia Keys and what a sacrifice it was for him to leave that and how much experience he has touring due to all of that, I think I'll scream!!

Different strokes for different folks. :D

What has me ticked off right now though? I'll be on a VIA Train heading back to Sudbury and my sister's from Toronto and CSOI this time next week. Which means I'll not only be missing the big Finale Results show, but also dishing about it all w/all of you.

Considering this is my first non medical appt/proceedure/surgery trip somewhere in close to two years though...I can handle it. Sigh...I haven't looked forward to a CSOI this badly in a very, very, very long time. Not to mention seeing friends and hopefully getting together w/my Niece. She's really close now to counting down weeks and days instead of months before she makes me a Great Auntie, my sister a Grandma and our Mom a Great Granny. :D :D :D

Sorry for babbling and taking things off topic, but can you all tell I *need* a vacation?

05-02-2012, 09:42 AM
Ok I just realised Jamar and Katrina are out, and Chris / Jermaine are in. It sucks !

I'll be rooting for Juliet then. I love her in many many ways.

05-02-2012, 02:35 PM
Dia - oh, dear. The person who should have won last year came out with a mediocre song with a senseless rap interlude. Dia and Kid Cudi acted like they've never met, which is probably true. Oh Blake, I know you don't understand top 40, but really? This was the best you could do for your girl? :drama:

Her album though - I bought it and its fantastic. I'm guessing the show thought that the rapper would be the strongest in terms of attracting audience, but that's probably the weakest song on the CD. Go listen to "The Broken Ones," (I'm pretty sure its on youtube, but I've got a firewall on my work computer) for a better idea of what the album is like. There's even a duet with Blake on a country song that is far better than the song she performed last night.

05-02-2012, 03:00 PM
:cheer2: Chris. Eat it, haters!

Love Lindsey :swoon:, who I believe will be the most successful sales-wise of S1 and S2 competitors (and truly she's the one of the semifinalists whose music I will end up downloading.

But Chris deserves his Finals spot. :) Boy has no chance of winning versus the constipated mouseketter, the powerhouse rockerchick (gooooo, Juliet! :D), and the glorified back-up singer ... but nice that he will get another solo and hopefully a duet with whichever of of the 3 tenors who's still alive (or :lol: NBC product placement category -- Jackie Evancho!).

Vicci: Yes, ITA gen -- :kickass: Loved the look, the song, and the performance!

Bev & Cyndi: :cheer: So cool, both of them. Great performance, but once again the frigging band, while awesome, needs to be sound mixed DOWNward. Too loud on almost all Voice's rock songs.

:blah: Adam's here to win. Not sure if it's a wrong thing, but I feel badly for Katrina. First time a coach's % has made a difference.

05-02-2012, 03:40 PM
Jackie Evancho :scream: please no....but with AGT launching soon you could be right. OTOH, while watching Chris I was thinking about how much fun it would be to see Prince Poppycock again. I want a PP/Chris duet!! :mitchell:

glad to hear Dia's album is far better than that song. that was just a complete misfire.

I never go see arena-level tours anymore, but I would DEFINITELY go see Cyndi Lauper with Beverly as the opening act! I heart Beverly and her random falsetto "wooo!"s.

Adam's a tool.

05-02-2012, 03:44 PM
I wish there was some way that Christina's & Blake's teams could have been eleminated completely. Katrina & Jamar deserve the final a lot more than Jermaine & Chris do. Jermaine is screechy-pitchy & Chris does not belong in the pop world. The songs don't suit him & he isn't cool enough. But his voice isn't good enough for opera either...maybe he should be singing in church.

Here's a really interesting interview that Lyndsey Parker (Reality Rocks) did with Tony Vincent after the final 8 were established. He isn't wearing his guyliner...I didn't recognize him at first. He thinks Juliet deserves the win but thinks Tony Lucca will win.


05-02-2012, 03:52 PM
wow interesting! I have to watch his "Everybody Rules the World" performance again - they are talking about how the staging was too dark and maybe too "scary" for mainstream viewers, and my memory of it was that it was a cheesy fluffy take, and that his performance the next night was better because it was darker.

I'm a little disappointed that he only wears the guyliner for shows :drama: Poser! :drama:

they discuss the voting patterns, and how the majority of voters are likely to vote for men or "inoffensive" women, and that describes the AI-ification of the show this eyar. last year voters were willing to vote for people who would NOT get votes on AI, because they do not look like commercial stars. Witness: the makeovers of Katrina, Erin and Juliet. Lindsey escaped most of the makeover, but she's definitely been packaged to be more palatable.

05-02-2012, 04:21 PM
I agree, Adam is a tool. I also think that Katrina was robbed.

Juliet for the win.

05-02-2012, 05:48 PM
I'll never understand why Adam threw Katrina "under the bus".

my little pony
05-02-2012, 06:07 PM
I'll never understand why Adam threw Katrina "under the bus".

ita, if mouseboy cant wint the audience vote over katrina, how is adam expecting him to win it over juliet, jamar and chris?

unless he hopes a celeb tweets him over the top like last yr

05-02-2012, 06:34 PM
More pandering ... :sekret: what's the over/under on Mousey's duet being with Timberlake?

05-02-2012, 07:28 PM
I like Mousey, I just like Katrina more. Next year when it gets down to the final 8 I wish that the audience vote determined the final 4, regardless of team. And at that point I don't think the judges should have a vote anymore.

BTW Erin Martin aka headband girl blamed her elimination on Cee-lo. She should be thankful he even turned his chair around for her. Where's the vomit emoticon?