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02-08-2012, 01:50 PM
Watched the first show last night. It has some flaws, but it's pretty scary. Interesting cinematography and use of flashbacks. Think I'll keep with it, at least for now.

02-08-2012, 03:49 PM
I saw it too. I thought it was interesting and will keep with it too.
Looks like a very limited run and there will only be 6 more episodes at this time.

02-08-2012, 04:07 PM
Yes, and I suppose if they find the husband/father, there would not be much left to do.

02-08-2012, 05:35 PM
Yes - I loved it! Those dolls were effin CREEPY

02-08-2012, 06:05 PM
Yes - I loved it! Those dolls were effin CREEPY

YES! They were.

02-15-2012, 06:08 AM
Anyone still watching? I thought tonight's ep was great - very LOST-like, with an overriding themes of redemption and daddy issues. Loved the scene of AJ finding the tree and letting loose with an extended bleep reel :P

And still: Creeeeeeeeeeeeeee-peeeee!

02-15-2012, 08:16 AM
Ok I'm not the only one getting the LOST vibes. Does anyone get some American Horror History vibes too ? Because so far, it looks like a mix of those two (at least) to me.

02-15-2012, 02:25 PM
I never saw either of those shows. I know, as far as Lost, I must have been living in a cave :lol:. So, while I can't compare, this show is awesomely creepy!

02-15-2012, 03:53 PM
I'm still watching and I liked the *bleep bleep bleeeeeeep* part at the tree also. It's what I would have done. :lol:

I'm curious to see if they wrap-up the story in the next few weeks like "AHS" or if they are going to continue the story in the jungle.

02-15-2012, 07:47 PM
Question: When AJ was under the tree - was he hallucinating the dirt falling in on him, and he got out himself. Or, did the tribesmen decide that Clark's willingness to sacrifice himself vindicated the group, and they pulled AJ out? I can't decide.

02-15-2012, 07:51 PM
I think it's the latter, although who knows. What I like about this show is that we aren't getting all the answers.

02-15-2012, 08:07 PM
I though they pulled him out? No I'm not so sure.

02-15-2012, 11:24 PM
My initial thought was, they pulled him out. But, then I started thinking he might be flashing back to whatever made him afraid of caves. I love that they make you question what you see and think.

02-16-2012, 01:08 AM
I didn't enjoy the premiere, but I decided to give it one more try last night. I enjoyed it much more! I'll definitely keep watching to see where it goes. Though I fear how long the husband/dad can be missing for before they run out of things to do...

02-16-2012, 01:14 AM
there are only 5 more episodes to the whole series, so I'm guessing about 5 more hours :D