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03-06-2012, 02:53 AM
So, I tuned to the Bachelor and then almost missed Jordis! :wall: Darn that Voice scheduling team!

Faux hawk wasn't doing it for me. A bit too 'look at me in my leather and shiny metal, I'm a rocker' with that swaying thing. Or I'm Jordis biased from Rock Star? :shuffle:

John 3 17
03-06-2012, 02:59 AM
In rehearsal, I really enjoyed Anothony's emotional connection and tenderness to this song; Jesse just is going too big and is lacking in connection -- it's coming off cold. As of now, I'm rooting for Anthony!

03-06-2012, 03:00 AM
I've never seen Rock Star, and I'm totally on the Jordis bandwagon. The other guy has performance and a look, but his voice was almost breathy at parts. I don't think he could have hit a note higher than a standard mid-C if someone kicked him in the balls.

Jewel and Anthony sound really good together. Jewel and Xtina are such an odd couple.

03-06-2012, 03:03 AM
Sucks that one of these guys have to leave.

my little pony
03-06-2012, 03:04 AM
i think i hate every alicia keys song, including the ones she hasnt written yet

03-06-2012, 03:06 AM
It pisses me the F off that freaking Chessa and Raelynn are in and one of these two true singers are going to be out.

03-06-2012, 03:07 AM
It pisses me the F off that freaking Chessa and Raelynn are in and one of these two true singers are going to be out.

See why I hate this battle crap?

03-06-2012, 03:10 AM
I propose a new drinking game - a shot every time a coach says "I'm So Upset" when making the battle round decisions. If you don't want to lose someone you supposedly love, then toss them against fodder. :40beers:

And I'm still annoyed at Cee Lo for not picking AirForceAdele. That little red eyed midget is dead to me. Until he puts out another catchy single, then I'll forgive him.

John 3 17
03-06-2012, 03:11 AM
I thought Anthony ROCKED that! Loved the unusual things he does with his voice... I really like the texture of it. Plus, he can sing soft AND hit glory notes! Plus, that sincerity! Ooooh! I loved it! I'd have chosen him. However, Jesse has such a clear, high voice AND Xtina knew that ALL 4 judges turned for him -- I think Xtina wants to be more competitive this year.

Still, tho, :( over losing Anthony.

John 3 17
03-06-2012, 03:14 AM
I think Jesse is going to be just a belter and will wear thin on the public, whereas Anthony's quieter demeanor would've taken him further... looking for a CD from him; just loved his humblness. Oh, and could he be any cuter? His smile was infectious :D

03-06-2012, 03:40 AM
We all know Blake chose his winners before they sang, based on who won the first match up. So, the big question is, did he send the soon to be winners all to his wife? Poor Kelly, lol

Jordis Unga is completely unrecognizable, for real...

03-06-2012, 05:26 AM
My husband doesn't like singing shows so I had to record this & watch it when he went to bed. My impressions:

1. Chris & Tony....Adam picked Tony aka Mouseketeer...so did I
2. Raelynn & Adley...Blake picked Raelynn...I picked Adley
3. Monique & Chris...Christina & I both picked Chris. I really love his voice. This was the 1st battle I cared about. I think Tony & Raelynn will be fodder in the live shows.
4. Angie & Cheesa....I couldn't stand Cheesa in the audition. She did better tonight but I thought Cee Lo blew it. I would have gone with Angie.
5. Jordis & Brian...both were pretty bad. I thought Brian was least bad but Blake went with Jordis but then, I knew he would.
6. Anthony & Jesse....this was gorgeous, beautiful, I had chills. I think Jesse is ready for a recording contract right now but Anthony really held his own. He surprised me. I would have picked Jesse too but I feel bad for Anthony. But there is no way he let his family down.

03-06-2012, 06:08 AM
I wish Adam hadn't put Tony up against Chris. They are two of my favorites on his team. I knew as soon as I saw that pairing that Tony was the likely winner. Adam wasn't that excited when he turned his chair for Chris. And Tony is more well known and already has a significant number of fans, so tactically it makes sense to choose Tony. I'm sure Adam knew that because Sara Bareilles is a mutal friend of his and Tony's.

I was a fan of Tony's singing even before he auditioned for the show, but I think Chris was just as good. I kept going back and forth over who was my favorite. This was my least favorite choice of pairings.

I also expected Blake to pick RaeLynn just because of his bias towards "real" country singers and the fact that he seems drawn to the sweet, young girls. I thought Adley's phrasing was terrible in the auditions, but she was better than RaeLynn here. So, I thought the "story telling" explanation by Blake was kind of B.S.. I also personally preferred Adley's tone and control. I definitely would have chosen her, especially since she does have the ability to improve since she's had so little experience and training. I think Blake doesn't like powerful singers singing country. I get that these judges have their own favorite genres and styles, but if you don't like someone with a different style, then don't turn your chair. Adley should have chosen Christina as her coach.

Again, it was obvious who Christina thought would win the Chris v. Monique matchup. I can understand why Christina thought Monique was fodder, but I did think she did much better tonight than in her audition. One of my least favorite matchups of the night, though.

Cheesa v. Angie was a quite a feisty battle. :lol: I think I would have chosen Angie because it seemed like she could do more with her voice. I don't think Cheesa is going to go really far, but I'm not sure Angie would have either. I think maybe CeeLo just liked Cheesa's personality more.

I figured Brian was toast since they didn't even show most of his audition. I actually kind of liked his voice at points, but it didn't work that well for this song. Not a great performance from either of them. I'm not sure why Blake thought it was cool that Jordis was an emotional wreck on stage. Does he just want to be a father figure to all these girls?

Jesse v. Anthony was a tough one. I thought Christina picked a good song and arrangement for them. One of the best battles of the night, IMO. I can see why Christina picked Jesse, but I also would have understood if she had chosen Anthony.

I wish the battle rounds did not go on for four weeks. Next season, I hope they have fewer contestants. Maybe 36.

03-06-2012, 06:48 AM
Tony vs Chris: I don't remember Chris at all. I love the song Beautiful Day, but neither of them sang it well. They were both working hard, and they sounded terrible together. I'm ok with Tony moving on.

Adlai vs. Raelynn: er, since when is Free Fallin' a country song :huh: Adlai's personality is meh, and her headbands are way too unironic, but I gotta give respect - she won this round, hands down. Too bad Blake was too in love with RaeLynn's Dia-like voice and Miranda idolatry. I do like RaeLynn's tone, but she was pitch central and this was just frong.

Chris vs Monique: this was the slowest, most dirge-like rendition of a crappy Celine Dion song :scream: Monique was shaky at the start, Chris started strong and then kinda got boring...I don't disagree with keeping Chris, but this wasn't a good sing choice. Lionel Richie also seemed a strange choice to work with the opera guy.

Angie vs Cheesa: These two sounded great together - good song choice for them. I was shocked by liking Cheesa more in this performance though. She had the passion, and while Angie had better technique, her technique wasn't so very much better to compensate for the overall performance. I think Cheesa will be cannon fodder in the next round, but well done. And yes, the Chessa vs Cheesa bugs. And (((Angie))) :(

Jordis vs Brian: Callie O'Malley fashion Jordis makes me sad :( ANd Miranda was a weird mentor choice. In rehearsals, Brian's voice sounded great with Kelly Clarkson! Oh noes, is this the end of our Rock Star? :drama: Not so - Jordis sounded FAB on this song. Not sure about Brian - I was too distracted by the way the arrangement changed keys and to a cheesy '80s arrangement for his verse to have an opinion on how he sang. Surprised by the judges all saying both of them had significant problems. Yay Jordis, now please stop with the conservative packaging because it is sad. xo genevieve

Anthony vs Jesse: oh man. what a sucky matchup for the first round :( Jesse had a better initial audition than Anthony, but both of them were amazing tonight. ANd they sounded freakin great together. This was the Vicci/Niki round of the season. Jesse's voice is a bit more polished, but Anthony's falsetto and emotional performance was fantastic. Aaaagh! Hate that either of them had to go...but cynical me thinks Jesse won because of the homeless single dad background :shuffle: And I hate that we had all the sob stories in the initial auditions, because Jesse did a great job.

03-06-2012, 11:22 AM
Men, I've watched the videos on youtube right now and Anthony Evans vs. Jesse Campbell was incredible. What a difficult choice. :eek: