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01-31-2012, 09:16 PM

I guess he was forced to confess......

01-31-2012, 09:31 PM
I do NOT put it past Mexican authorities to grab some guy and make him be the fall guy just to assure people it's safe to travel there. There's a lot at stake here.

I don't put it past the authorities anywhere - including in Canada.

There have been several well documented cases in my area of a rush to judgment that has resulted in wrongful conviction. To often, justice and careful police work is sacrificed due to public pressure to find the culprit and get him off the streets, and for authorities to protect (or restore) the public's faith in them.

This smacks of that to me. It's possible this guy is involved, but there is clearly more to this story.

They say there's videotape of the elevator, so in theory authorities should know when and where the victim got on the elevator, when the attacker joined her, and if she was indeed naked (which in itself is really odd). I haven't seen any reference to authorities attempting to interview the victim (the wagons have circled around her since she got back to Canada - even the uncle who originally spoke for the family was surprised to hear she was back - and I haven't heard what her current condition is), or her husband, who surely would have some insights into events leading up to the crime. And who is this mysterious "John" - the attacker's drinking buddy who is apparently a Canadian living in Mexico?

02-01-2012, 12:09 AM

I guess he was forced to confess......
According to that link, he was forced to sign a confession that apparently says he intended to kill her. He is still saying that he hit her, but that he never intended to kill her.

It all still seems fishy, but he hasn't said (yet) that he was forced to confess to his entire involvement, just the degree of intent.

02-01-2012, 09:17 PM
That said, I think you're at a higher risk of being assaulted, robbed or being caught in the crossfire of other peoples' problems in Mexico than in Canada. It's not the most dangerous place I've visited, but nor is it the safest...

I don't know how it compares to Canada but Mexico is definitely less safe than some other countries you could go to. The state department has put out travel advisories for Mexico in general and certain cities in specific for US citizens.

Here's the whole thing: