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01-25-2012, 08:09 AM
^^ :rofl:


altho' when Scott first said it, I got this acute understanding of how exhausting it must be for skaters to jump on legs wobbling from lack of oxygen at the end of a program :lol:, but after hearing Scott say the same thing for every skater in every event he's covered for the past umpteenth years, it has become annoying and adds nothing to the NBC broadcasts, which let's face it are pretty much full of hot air anyway w/ Sandra, Scott and cohort. I'll take Terry :rollin: Gannon, Uncle Dickie, and Aunt Peggy any day. Or, Terry :rollin: Gannon, Tara L, and Johnny (altho' no more Johnny in the broadcast booth after 2012 Nats, for a couple of years at least).

01-25-2012, 08:28 AM
In one of manleywoman's fascinating interviews, Frank Carroll also revealed that he tried his hand at acting too for a short time after he retired from amateur skating.
He did. The Wikipedia article on Carroll says that "He appeared in the background of several beach films, including The Loved One." He's not credited in "The Loved One", but Tab Hunter was in it, and Jamie Farr played a waiter. I remember seeing a photo of him in a beach movie wearing a bathing suit, and he looked mighty fine.

I think Tab Hunter gave Dick acting lessons, did he not?
Tab Hunter was everywhere! When the Facebook thing was going around about a month ago where people posted the top song on Billboard the week they were born, I looked mine up, and sure enough, it was Tab Hunter singing "Young Love".