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03-18-2012, 12:26 AM
Yeah, Jill's daughter getting a Globetrotter Performance seemed kind of random.
Jill and Cathy should get along very well as they are both OTT crazy... :scream:

And I admit, her daughter (Kendal?) seems like a nice girl, and a decent dancer, despite having a bipolar psychopath for a mother and now being stuck with Cathy as a teacher (I was :rofl: at Jill being all "Wow, you fixed three things in fifteen minutes!" Getting her to do it right once is nice, honey. It's not fixed until it's right the majority of the time.) But that Globetrotter thing--you can't tell me that wasn't producer manipulation.

Though I loved when the Globetrotters were congratulating her and the one player held up his hand for a high-five, and I mean UP. Given how tall he is, probably nine or ten feet in the air.

03-28-2012, 01:56 PM
Did anyone watch last night?

I think Abby's favoritism hit a new level in that episode. B/c she knew the ballet school scout was going to be there, she made sure to give Maddie the best stuff and make her as visible as possible. I do think Maddie is a wonderful dancer and she's special, but Abby is definitely causing issues by spending so much time on her an no one else. I don't know if it was editing or what, but it did seem like she spent hardly any time working with anyone who wasn't Maddie...

Next week is going to be drama-filled. It's the mid-season finale and judging from the previews it looks like Maddie might crack under the pressure of the audition! They show Maddie freaking out back stage and then they show Abby freaking out as well talking about her reputation on the line, etc. We've seen Chloe, Paige and Nia freeze up on stage but never Maddie...I wonder what Abby will do if she blanks in the middle of the biggest audition of her life?

I'm excited to see Dance Moms: Miami too! We thought these moms were crazy, the moms in Miami are even more psycho! One mom was fussing at her daughter b/c she wasn't at the top of the pyramid saying she "owed" it to her to be at the top. Plus this ought to be interesting b/c the dance teachers are males.

I'll definitely be watching...

03-28-2012, 02:13 PM
I don't know...I mean, besides maybe Chloe, do any of the girls HAVE it? No matter how much time Abby spends with them? Maybe Nia. She's got spark.

03-28-2012, 03:45 PM
Nia does have a lot spark and attitude but she's sloppy and often forgets her technique. She's getting better though...

I don't think Paige is given enough time to shine. She killed that one solo she had and placed first too. I think if Abby gave her the opportunity to play the front instead of the back she might surprise people...

03-28-2012, 05:04 PM
OTOH I'm not quite sure Brooke's really with it any more. I REALLY AM NOT bodysnarking, been on the recieving end, but she appears to be in a growth spurt, she's looking more teen/young woman than 'little girl', and she's not quite as flexible as before. And she is NEVER smiling.

I think Paige actually benefits being taken out of the trio with Maddie and Chloe, because she doesn't impress me much next to them and I don't think you can blame it on Abby. (Also, one thing about that--yeah, Maddie gets more attention. I get the impression her mother works for Abby to PAY FOR MORE LESSONS. If they other moms want their daughters to get the one on one, buy more privates. That's how life works.)

03-28-2012, 05:24 PM
I get the impression her mother works for Abby to PAY FOR MORE LESSONS. If they other moms want their daughters to get the one on one, buy more privates. That's how life works.)

Agreed. Sometimes I agree with Christy's gripes about Maddie getting better choreo, ect. But I didn't understand what she meant about Maddie getting more individual "attention" when that attention is paid for private lessons that Melissa buys for her daughter. She did have a point when Chloe's solo was interrupted for Maddie's "performance" for the older students. If that was supposed to be private time that Christy paid for Chloe to have, I'd be pissed too.

The show doesn't really do a good job of explaining how things work. Does each girl that gets a solo get an alloted amount of time with Abby to practice, and if they want extra they have to pay for privates? If that's how it works then Christy just needs to pony up the $$ for more privates.

03-28-2012, 05:44 PM
Christy needs to take her complaints to Abby and Abby only. And if she cannot get the issue resolved to her satisfaction then she and Chloe need to find another studio. Of course I think Christy loves being on camera though she will say it is all for Chloe. I think her (Christy) segments are a big waste of my time. I do like to tune in the last twenty minutes to see the actual dances. The one adult I do like in all of this is Holly as she appears to think before she opens her mouth. And I think she had a valid complaint about some of the music/costume selections for Nia last year.

I give the kids a lot of credit in this. Most of their competitors are not debuting new numbers every week. I hope they don't burn out.

03-28-2012, 06:14 PM
I give the kids a lot of credit in this. Most of their competitors are not debuting new numbers every week. I hope they don't burn out.

From the looks of it, that's what's going to happen to Maddie next episode.

Despite all of the b*tching that we get from the mothers, I really admire the relationship all of the girls have with each other. They are all very supportive of each other and I think that's wonderful to see in a group of girls that are competitive against each other. I really admire Maddie's attitude. She makes it clear that she loves to dance and likes to win, but she's happy to give other people the chance to be on top. Given that she's Abby's favorite (and she knows it) and frequently wins competitions, she could be a total nightmare...but she genuinely seems like a sweet girl and I really like that.

Same thing goes for Chloe. Abby is constantly comparing Chloe to Maddie and telling her she should be like Maddie, etc. That kind of stuff could easily make Chloe resent Maddie but she doesn't. Chloe knows Maddie is her competition and that makes her work harder...if there's jealousy there (and I'm sure there is a little bit) it doesn't come out in their interactions with each other.

All of the jealous and resent seems to come out through their mothers...

04-04-2012, 02:27 AM
I cannot believe that Abby is giving these girls grief about their practice attire NOW, on the eve of the Joffrey audition. It's a bit late for that. She should have had a dress code set up for her classes from day 1 (like the studio *I* went to has) and consistantly enforced it.

04-04-2012, 04:14 AM
I think it is safe to say that this week especially Abby is a hot mess.

Happy for Chloe....

04-04-2012, 04:29 PM
That was a good mid-season finale:

Maddie: Well her bratty side finally revealed itself! I think she doesn't mind losing to Chloe or coming in second for a normal competition, but not being the top performer at the Joffrey audition really got to her. Those judges criticized her a bit and, seeing as she's Abby's golden child, she usually doesn't get that. Finding out that Chloe got the scholarship really threw her. That was something she really wanted and b/c she didn't get it she flipped out. Kudos to Melissa for not allowing that behavior to fly. This is the second time Chloe has beat Maddie out for the big prize, the first being the starring part in the music video they did last season...

But I agree with what Christi said: Abby and Melissa put too much pressure on Maddie. Always a solo, duet/trio and a group dance, every week. The child is only 9 or 10 years old...she was bound to crack at some point. The stress of that week coupled with not getting that scholarship was too much to handle. That was terrible! She barely froze on stage; she just turned around, started crying and flew off stage. She didn't even give herself a minute to find her place...I felt bad for her just as I do any of the kids who mess up like that.

Chloe: I'm so happy for her! I could tell right off that she was going to be the one to catch the judges' attention. Maddie's a lovely dancer but she's tiny; unless she's dancing she doesn't really stand out. Chloe OTOH looks like a ballerina: long arms, long legs, willowy frame...she looks the part on top of being a beautiful dancer. She definitely deserves that. I loved her Red Queen performance too. She was totally in character and rocked it. Kendall's was cute too but that costume was too freakin' distracting! There was too much of it.

Congrats to Chloe! She never seems to get her due from Abby but it's great to see her get validation from a place as prestigious as the Joffrey school.

Holly: I'm so glad Holly let Abby have it! Holly and Abby don't get into too frequently (not as much as the other moms) but she told her about herself and it's about time. She's top mom from last night! I might go vote on that stupid poll just so she'll win!

Abby: ...that was disgraceful. First off, crying b/c you lost to Cathy by one point is ridiculous. It's not like they were first place...both of you sucked! That routine Abby's girls did was kinda boring and Cathy's team was just as boring. I'd be more upset with the fact that they placed 10th rather than the fact they lost to Cathy by a point. In all honesty, I agree with Christi when she said they should have focused on one thing that week and that was the Joffrey auditions.

Secondly, I can't believe the way she responded to Maddie blanking on stage. Crying. Really? Seriously? Maddie has every reason to cry; she's 9. But for Abby to literally boo hoo is just deplorable. And the way she behaved afterwards: catering to Maddie, not speaking to the girls, not attending the awards, not even congratulating Chloe on coming in first let alone her earning the scholarship...that was just wrong and downright disgraceful. You can bet that if Maddie had won the competition and scholarship she'd have thrown a party right there in the dressing room.

I get that Abby was pretty upset b/c they placed badly and came in behind Cathy; that was a shot to her ego. Then to have her top dancer blank out on stage...it was too much. But still, have some dignity and set an example for the girls. I'm sure she was embarrassed but she should have cried at home...not in front of the girls, and she didn't have to treat everyone the way she did.

Like Holly said, the double standard she sets is really unfair and the other girls know it. All of them have blanked and run off stage before but not once has Abby ever coddled one of them like that...she tells them to suck it up and that's it. Her blatant favoritism was just over the top and I can't believe the way she treated Chloe...I think I was more upset about that than anything. Not one "good job" or "congratulations"...Chloe's her dancer too. Abby should be thrilled that one of her students won the competition and earned that scholarship...it's just so obvious she wanted it to be Maddie. Abby should be ashamed.

I watched Dance Moms: Miami...the dance teachers are nowhere near as bad as Abby but the moms are actually ten times worse! The dancers on that show are all very technical and good, but the parents are insane. I'll continue to tune it just b/c I love the dancing and at least it will tide me over until Dance Moms comes back on in June...I can't wait to see what happened after Abby bailed...

04-04-2012, 06:24 PM
I missed it, but I could have called which girl would get a BALLET scholarship--Chloe looks and moves like a ballerina rather than a jazz/acro dancer. Maddie doesn't. Chloe ought to specialize (which would mean leaving Abby for a real ballet program, but oh, well. Though let's see if her mom could walk away from a TV show.) Hopefully she keeps her body type. Brooke looks VERY different from last season already and ballet's a lot more unforgiving about growth spurts.

I'll have to catch the first Miami ep next week when it repeats. Crazier than these moms? Oh dear.

04-04-2012, 08:10 PM
Chloe does have fantastic line and extension. I do worry about her height though. Recent pictures of her show her being pretty tall compared to the other girls. With her long limbs, it is pretty likely that she will be a very tall young lady. That isn't a good sign for a ballet dancer. We'll just have to see.

I wasn't impressed with Abby's behavior, but I can understand that once a person succumbs to the frustration or humiliation that is bothering them it is hard to turn it off. While the other mothers had just as much right to be frustrated and annoyed by Abby's behavior, I found their (Holly especially) rubbing her face in it to be a little immature.

It isn't like this is the first time any of them have ever met Abby Lee Miller. Some of them have had their children at that studio for many years. So the shocked outrage on the part of the moms is too funny. Why do they feel like Abby is going to suddenly change? At this point they would complain even if Abby became Mother Theresa. That doesn't excuse Abby.

Maddie is a beautiful little dancer and has wonderful stage presence. Yes, I wish they would stop having her smile all the time for her dances, but otherwise I cannot complain. I blame Melissa and to a lesser extent Abby for that melt down last night. Maddie has learned, as her little sister is learning now, that the only way to get mommy's approval is to be the best. She knows that if she wins the crown/trophy or her face is at the top of the pyramid that she is going to get that approving smile and nod from her mom. It has transformed her into a little girl whose self worth is wrapped up in a weekend activity that takes place in recreation centers and school auditoriums. So the losing out to Chloe for the ballet school and forgetting her dance were big blows to her. It is sad that her first thought after getting off stage was that Abby would be mad at her.

While I hate (with the heat of 1,000 suns) Christi and her mean girl schtick, I do appreciate that she is very loving and soothing to Chloe. She tells her very sweet things about the way she dances. She tells her that she isn't concerned with the placement but wants her to do her best. She is very nurturing in that way. Melissa could take a lesson there. Tell Maddie that she looked beautiful up until she forgot. Tell her that she will do better next time. Tell her that she still the best at x, y, z.

I just wouldn't want to see either mom turning into Kelly and Holly who seem to think that nurturing and consoling their children means placing the blame elsewhere. When Paige forgot her dance last season Kelly was shown telling Paige that they new who was really at fault - meaning Abby. Even if Kelly has all the evidence in the world that Abby was at fault, she shouldn't put that on Paige. Telling her that encourages her to not trust Abby and to blame the world for things. If Kelly really felt that Paige wasn't ready for that solo and that Paige wasn't prepared because of getting the music late or whatever, she should have insisted that the number be pulled.

04-04-2012, 08:40 PM
But I agree with what Christi said: Abby and Melissa put too much pressure on Maddie. Always a solo, duet/trio and a group dance, every week. The child is only 9 or 10 years old...she was bound to crack at some point.

The pressure wouldn't be there anywhere near to that extent if Abby would just train ONE routine for each group and trio per season. Not a different routine every damn week for each competition, and not even a competition every single weekend. The girls I went to dance school with who competed would do a group dance routine for their age group, some of them were on the competitive Acro Team, and then they would do as many solos as they wanted (and their parents could afford the privates for!). Fast-tracking routines to a high level of performance only works for experienced dancers with solid technique and who are mature enough to handle that kind of pressure.

Abby: ...that was disgraceful.

Yes, quite. My teachers (mother-daughter team run the studio I went to) wouldn't tolerate the snipping outside the audition room between Christi and Cathy. If a parent ever started that with someone from another studio, said parent would be asked (no, ordered) to leave the building and, possibly their child would be thrown out of the school or, at the very least, not be allowed to represent the studio for a LONG time. My former instructors are very well-known in the competitive dance world on the East Coast, and have held positions within the Dance Masters of America organization, and God forbid anyone connected to their studio messes with their studio's 58-year reputation. I'm surprised that Abby didn't haul Christi out of there and give her a good telling off instead of sitting there and letting her run her mouth. She's so worried about her reputation on the stage, and winning or not winning, but what she needs to realize is that this public cat fight with Cathy makes her look unprofessional. You don't ever openly criticise your competitors; you shut up and let your choreography and your dancers' talent speak for you.

04-04-2012, 10:00 PM
I cannot believe that Abby is giving these girls grief about their practice attire NOW, on the eve of the Joffrey audition. It's a bit late for that. She should have had a dress code set up for her classes from day 1 (like the studio *I* went to has) and consistantly enforced it.

That was totally set up (as I'm sure most of this 'reality' show is). Have we ever seen all the girls dressed in such outrageous outfits before at practice? No way. It struck me right away before Abby even said anything. I was thinking 'What on Earth is Maddie wearing?' It was ugly! It was clear that they all were told to wear weird outfits so that Abby could yell about it and then inspire a NY shopping trip.