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01-16-2012, 01:27 AM
What is Ben up to these days? The Tanith thread has made me very curious... :)

01-17-2012, 03:55 AM
Nothing? Well, how about that! :D

01-17-2012, 04:34 AM
Ben's alive and well, living with Merrie in Washington. He's taking online classes, doing consulting-coaching for some young teams in WA (has worked with Megan and Aaron's teams in Vancouver, and he even answered Tanith's call to come out to MI to help her coach Boyd when they were doing Battle of the Blades.) He was assistant choreographer for one of the huge Disney-on-Ice touring shows last year and will work on another one this year, and he did choreography on a Stars program for Todd.
He and Merrie keep busy riding mountain bikes, snowboarding, and of course he still enjoys playing the guitar. :)

Debbie S
01-17-2012, 04:49 AM
And he turned 30 yesterday: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?t=82053

I feel old, lol. :slinkaway

Carmen Ovsiannikov
01-17-2012, 08:37 AM
Leela, thanks for the update and a belated Happy Birthday to Ben.

Debbie, you aren't the only one feeling old.

01-17-2012, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the info! :)

01-18-2012, 11:39 AM
Love hearing about Ben and what he's up to!