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01-03-2012, 05:34 PM
I go everywhere except K-Mart. They were so gross and dirty that they had to close from lack of business and much better competition.

It all depends on what I need becuase they are all on the same road or on my way home from work.

I purchase basic food and personal items (some produce like apples and oranges, chicken broth, crackers, toothpaste, etc) at Wal Mart. I get towels, shower curtains and other bathroom decorative accessories at Target. I get meat and the rest of my produce at EarthFare, Fresh Market or Green Life. I refuse to get apples, oranges or bananas there because I'm not paying that much for basic fruit stocked at every other grocery store. I get clothes anywere else with better quality unless it's for work or exercise then I'll check Wal Mart and Target.

I used to get movies at Target because they are displayed better than Wal Mart's but now I go to Amazon. People keep borrowing my movies without telling me and the last 12 month purchases view helps me remember if I already own it. I may have purchased a few movies two or three times because of my poor memory and people who don't return my stuff. Fortunately it gives me a reason to go waste time and money and the deadly used book, cd and dvd store. :shuffle: Store credit in exchange for the the movies I bring in is a bad, bad thing in my hands.

01-05-2012, 06:47 PM
As a Canadian I have to go with Walmart since K-Mart closed here years ago and we don't have Target. However I just found out today that my area will be one of the first to have a Target store starting next(2013) March/April as last year they bought out our Zellers stores.

I'm kinda looking forward to it. Went to Target when I was in Buffalo in September and liked it but when I walked in I was thinking 'Yes I can see why they bought Zellers' It looked just like it.