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Frau Muller
12-21-2011, 02:27 PM
I'm reposting this, which was originally in 'Kim Jong-Il Dead' thread in our Zamboni Time forum, since now there is a figure skating 'trash can' connection. Say what we may about Kim's many negatives....he seemed to have loved his figure skating!

reposting -

Just days before he died, Kim Jong-Il and his son went to Pyonyang Ice Rink for a figure skating demonstration. True! See this (with photo of the VIP watchers...not skaters):


Article describing in-full the skating event that Kim and his son attended just one week before the elder Kim's death:

On the recent visit, including the programs seen:
...male and female numbers, ice dance and pair demonstration performance. Their program included "Fortune of Korea", "Thought of General", "Song of Gypsy," "Rich Harvest Comes to the Chongsan Plain", "Thunder over Jong Il Peak", "Sound in Spring", "The Country I Am Defending" and "Glory to Our Great Party".


Kavaguti/Smirnov had the dubious distinction of being guest stars at what turned out to be Kim Jong-Il's last birthday party in February 2011. Their coach, Moskvina, talks about Pechalat/Bourzat also having been invited, although it doesn't mention if they attended.


Apparently, Tomas Verner also skated at the b'day party, although as a 'private activity,' without the Czech Federation's blessing.


One more article on the Feb 2011 b'day event which was also an ISU-sanctioned minor competition ("Paektusan Prize"). North Koreans won all four disciplines.


One wonders if Kim Jong-Il secretly collected Kim Yu-Na DVDs? I bet - I bet - I bet....

Frau Muller
12-21-2011, 03:11 PM
YouTube with highlights of the 20th Paektusan Cup's b'day gala, including snippets of Verner, K/S and P/B!


12-21-2011, 03:16 PM
One Kim Jong Il thread is more than enough.