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02-12-2012, 01:18 AM
"Have Domnina/Kostomarov skated together yet ? "

Not yet but it's a pairing I'm really looking forward to. Potentially fantastic.

02-12-2012, 03:16 PM
This is a great idea :kickass:
Just think of some of the fantastic pairings we could have .

Perhaps other countries could follow suit.
Just imagine these :)

Pechalet/Pezerait sounds good and they'd look great together Anissina/Bourzat

Would love to see Virtue/White and Davis/Moir Or Tanith/Charlie :lol:

Imagine Grishuk/Ovsiannikov Krylova/Platov :eek:

Grishuk/Dean :shuffle:

02-12-2012, 05:59 PM
Or Grishuk/Zhulin :EVILLE:

Here are the leaderboards after Week Four.

01) Maxim Marinin 47.66
02) Maxim Staviski 47.58
02) Povilas Vanagas 47.58
04) Roman Kostomarov 47.56
05) Petr Tchernyshev 47.54
06) Andrei Khvalkho 47.46
07) Alexei Tikhonov 47.34
08) Maxim Shabalin 47.08
09) Ruslan Goncharov 47.04

01) Tatiana Navka 47.90
02) Jana Khokhlova 47.62
03) Albena Denkova 47.60
03) Elena Leonova 47.60
05) Tatiana Totmianina 47.52
06) Margarita Drobiazko 47.48
07) Oksana Domnina 47.26
08) Irina Lobacheva 47.24
09) Naomi Lang 47.12
10) Maria Petrova 47.10

Incidentally, Channel One made a mistake with the Week Three leaderboard at the start of yesterday's broadcast. They credited Vanagas with 35.62 when it should have been 35.60. Similarly Totmianina was credited with 35.70 when it should have been 35.68. Channel One have made these sort of errors before and let's hope they spot it.

02-13-2012, 05:33 PM
Or Grishuk/Zhulin :EVILLE:

They already did it.
They teamed up when Platov teamed with Usova.

It was on one of those pro comps, I'd search youtube for videos, but it's blocked here at work.

02-13-2012, 08:59 PM
This is a great idea :kickass:
Just think of some of the fantastic pairings we could have .

Perhaps other countries could follow suit.
Just imagine these :)

Pechalet/Pezerait sounds good and they'd look great together Anissina/Bourzat

Would love to see Virtue/White and Davis/Moir Or Tanith/Charlie :lol:

Imagine Grishuk/Ovsiannikov Krylova/Platov :eek:

Grishuk/Dean :shuffle:
...or Scalli/Pechalat
Sinead Kerr/Shabalin
John Kerr/Navka
Anissina/Averbukh reunion and etc. etc.
It would be nice to see all those skaters because for now there are not that many options for active skating after amateur sport.I mean how many skaters can participate in shows with or without their original partners.Berezhnaya skated few times with John Zimmermann and as was mentioned Platov/Usova,Zhulin/Grishuk when WPC was still a big deal.Yah,let's have one big international fiesta or maybe not but one can dream,right?:lol:

Something off topic:

02-14-2012, 04:20 AM
Small documentary about the producer of "Ice Age" .

Ilia Averbukh.Again on the ice


02-14-2012, 03:55 PM
I was trying to think of a partner for Babs FP but I can't think of who'd she be good with :shuffle:
Someone who's feisty :lol:

02-14-2012, 05:37 PM
I was trying to think of a partner for Babs FP but I can't think of who'd she be good with :shuffle:
Someone who's feisty :lol:

No one is feisty enough for Babs and she already has her perfect partner but how about Max Staviski,Charlie White,Petri Kokko or Povilas Vanagas :) .
With little nostalgy

02-14-2012, 06:40 PM
I love it, I just bumped into this
thank you for the links :)

this should go global, lol
this is like an orgasm for pair/single/dance teams who
audience always wanted to team up with.

Virtue/White and Davis/Moir, lol

02-14-2012, 08:12 PM
...this is like an orgasm...

My, you do live a sheltered life, don't you? ;) ;)

02-14-2012, 08:59 PM
I love it, I just bumped into this
thank you for the links :)

this should go global, lol
this is like an orgasm for pair/single/dance teams who
audience always wanted to team up with.

Virtue/White and Davis/Moir, lol

I am glad you liked the videos .We were joking about other possibilities and new teams /without the big O part/and I post the videos just as example that for talented and hard working figure skaters nothing is impossible.

OK back to the topic
According to this article the Ice Age Gala will be presented on March 13 2012 in Pvskov,s Ice Palace. It mentions interview with Alexey Yagudin on Chanel One in which he says that he is only hosting the show because he feels that his modest pair skating abilities wouldn't be enough.

02-15-2012, 04:19 PM
From " Ice Age Tour" –Tcherepovez 02/11/2012

Yagudin and Averbukh
Evgeni Kuznezov

02-16-2012, 08:56 PM
vivika, Thank you so much for the link of video clips!
I am very glad to see Alexei perform Overcome with his full of heart:)

More video from Tcherepovez
Thanks a lot for sharing videos:)

Alexei Yagudin "Figaro"


02-17-2012, 01:08 AM
Alexei Yagudin "Figaro"

Thank you NONKO .It's good to see Yags skating .
Preview on Episode 5:
It looks like Totmyanina was injured seriously during the fall but continue to train and perform.

02-18-2012, 05:50 PM
Episode 5:Movies 70-s and 80-s -Details
(comments by Elena Vodorezova and Gomelski)

Music: Aerosmith - “Dude like a lady”
Movie: ”Tootsie”

In one of the workouts Tatiana Totmianina fell headfirst from a lift and greatly traumatized her lip. Despite this, she remained in the project and the next day came out on the ice. The number on the music from the movie "Tootsie" ,with Andrei Khvalko, who tried the role of woman for the first time , was full of difficult elements and witty finds and got 12 points. "I am not giving,in any way, 6,0, 6,0,because of the injury - stressed Elena Chaikovskaya. - It was a remarkable number with excellent speed, the characters were sustained. It was funny." "I never saw Khvalko like this and had no idea that he could be so funny, so organic, so musical!" - Added Tatiana Tarasova. Tatiana Totmianina admitted herself: she was little scared to do a high lifts, but with her partner Andrew Khvalko she was absolutely sure.

Music - Ennio Morricone -“Poverty”
Movie “Once Upon A Time in America”

The performances were ended with Tatiana Navka and Maxim Shabalin’s number on the music from the movie "Once Upon A Time in America." The judges were not stingy in their praises. "It's a real serious work. You can’t say that these two were skating for the first time in pair“- said Anton Sikharulidze, calling Tatiana and Maxim's dance; the best number of the fifth competitive day. "Tanya never ceases to amaze me. This is a real dramatic role. I am thanking you for the amazing job. And Maxim, after amateur sport had learned a lot" - added Tatiana Tarasova.

Music-Nino Rota -”The Godfather Waltz”
Movie: ”Godfather”

Margarita Drobiazko and Maxim Stavisky have chosen the theme music from the cult film "The Godfather". According to Margarita, she "just saw Maxim in this music " and wanted to dance exactly this number. The dramatic dance brought top marks to the pair . Igor Bobrin noted professional athletes who were able to combine technical with artistic mastery , and regretted that the good numbers always come to an end quickly.

Music: “Cell Block Tango “- Chicago Original Broadway Cast
Movie: ”Chicago”

The tango from the musical "Chicago" performed by Oksana Domnina and Alexander Zhulin in terms of artistry has not caused any complaints from the judges. Yes, and the technique got maximum scores by almost all jury members . "There were two generations of Russian ice dancing - said Anton Sikharulidze - and it was interesting to watch this." "An amazing combination of Oksana and Sasha. I could not imagine that it would be so organic," - Natalia Bestemianova added.

Music: “Macavity Theme” - Imperial Brass Orchestra from “Cats Musical”

Elena Leonova and Peter Chernyshev presented number to the music from the musical "Cats." They looked very impressive in the magnificent costumes, with a bushy tails and bright make-up, but didn’t escape the fall. Tatiana Tarasova was very sorry that she couldn’t put two "six" to the pair, but stressed that she reduced the score after the fall, for which she blamed the props- not the first time in the project . Elena Chaikovskaya stood up for a couple, explaining why she didn’t reduce the scores ; "if during the competition, a judge sees a foreign object on the ice , he must stop the show, which wasn’t done here."

Lobacheva/Kostomarov -(Zhulin)
Music: Genadii Gladkov-”Farewell”
Movie :”Dog in the Manger”

Irina Lobacheva and Roman Kostomarov took the music from the movie "Dog in the Manger", but the characters from "Cyrano de Bergerac." The judges scored the production with restraint. "The means of expression was a little bit poor," - said Tatiana Tarasova. Anton Sikharulidze, drew attention to the fact that the exit of some elements were harsh - "on the verge of falling." Natalia Bestemianova praised the number in general and emphasized that these images compliment Irina and Roman and they were able to deliver them, but admitted that for her there wasn’t enough "avulsion" .

Music by Vladimir Dashkevich
Movie :”Winter Cherry”

Albena Denkova danced for the first time with a pair skating partner - Maxim Marinin - and confessed that she was scared to do high lifts. But Max was not afraid to put axel in the program in two and a half turns. Igor Bobrin praised the multi-turn jump, and precisely because of it put 5.9 for technique. But the number itself didn‘t capture the judge. Elena Tchaikovskaya liked the lyrical dance to the music from the movie"Winter cherry" . "After the number ,I was left with aftertaste of sadness , because it was impossible to glue everything together and they will break up . In my opinion, very well," - she said.

Petrova/Goncharov - (Zhulin)
Music: by Isaac Schwartz
Movie: “White Night’s Melody"

Maria Petrova performed in pair with Ruslan Goncharov to the music from the movie "White Night Music." According to Maria, it was interesting to try a dramatic role. The idea of the number in which Ruslan appeared in the image of Alexander Pushkin, wasn’t suitable for the taste of all judges . "I blamed the director - said Elena Chaikovskaya. - You didn‘t hear the culmination. There was a strong dissonance in the execution and in the music." Igor Bobrin criticized the performance: "Technically, the program was not interesting." And Tatiana Tarasova advised: "Do not touch Alexander Sergeevich (Pushkin) and do not put him on skates."

Music by Eduard N. Artemiev
Movie - "At Home Among Strangers”

Jana Khokhlova and Alexei Tikhonov, have chosen for their performance a theme from the movie "At Home Among Strangers, a Stranger Among his own." According to Alexey, he wanted to approach this music for a long time, and besides, and with Jana he was able to realize another dream - to perform difficult high lift that was done only by few in figure skating. BTW, in their dance there were many other original and spectacular lifts that made an impression on the jury. "I've seen Jana that was floating above the ice . She has carried through the entire number a sense of soaring and high love", - said Elena Chaikovskaya. Igor Bobrin still took ten points for artistry: in his point of view, there weren’t "extra highlights” in the number and the music was not played up to the full.

Music:Jake&Elwood Blues -” Everybody needs Somebody to love”
Movie: ”The Blues Brothers”

Naomi Lang and Povilas Vanagas performed a technically complex rhythmic number to the song from the movie "Blues Brothers". "I liked the number from the beginning - said Povilas. - We came up with almost all elements basically in one workout, then there was nothing else left but to combine them." "Povilas was absolutely technically fantastic , but Naomi couldn’t manage a pair of steps, so I put 5.9 - explained Natalia Bestemianova. - In general, I liked very much the style and the execution of the number ."