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Didn't like Navka/Staviski together she was too tall for him :shuffle:Good programme though .

Max has to skate with everyone but i agree with you and although his performance with Navka was great ,from all three taller partners i liked him with Drobiazko the best.

The Details of the last 5 dances.

They liked the music and were comfortable to skate with each other . The dance according to Margarita and Roman was about the harmony between men and woman and that love can survive almost any disasters .
In Tarasova’s opinion everything was wonderful- the music,the dance ,the thought and the soul.She mentioned new elements, lifts.
Chaikovskaya said that this dance was after not before the end of the world.
She was pleased with both Margarita and Roman.
Bobrin said that everything was understandable and in harmony.
Slutskaya told them that they were born to skate together.
Margarita said that she wasn’t sure at the beginning because Roman is nervous type person and she is also kind of jerky /pardon my Russian i did my best .Fell free to correct / but somehow they,ve managed with the influence of Zhulin and felt very comfortable.Roman said that it was a pleasure to skate with Rita.

Ruslan said that Naomi was light, flying and correct partner. They had some misunderstandings and at some point Ruslan asked Jana why Naomi is so mad. Jana said that she is probably tired . He also understood that for her is not easy to dance to Russian music.
Yaguding bullied again Bobrin about Ruslan's costume/ in the second Episode Bobrin said that is not right to skate with your everyday's clothes and ever since Yagudin doesn’t miss a chance to joke about Igor's dress code/
Bobrin answered that it wasn’t the costume that bottered him but the performance, the repeated elements .
Sikharulidze who gave them the lower score considered the number “wide-consumption” .
Tarasova disagree with them but for her the beginning was smashed. She liked the steps, the technique and the light,soft skating.
Irina felt like the music was waiting just for them .

Oksana said that nobody touched this music.Maxim explained that the music was about man who sees the wold in bright colors and how she adds darkness in his life.
He continue that his wife helped him with idea about one of the lifts.
Yagudin said the number was very original
Bestemyanova asked for forgiveness her colleagues for giving high scores and said she liked the performance even with the fall.
For Chaikovskaya the fall was big obstacle that ruined the impression and for her two big professionals can’t do such mistake.
Irina tried to comfort the crying Oksana. Max said that his responsibility today was bigger because his family was in the audience.Irina asked them not to get upset because they were best even Artem /Marinin's son/ yelled”Daddy you are the best”

Tania said that after her last performance with the goose she was very upset and… “Got another goose” Maxim finished her sentence .She continue that she wanted something more dramatic but because of the difference wasn‘t easy. Navka was praising Max for being strong and lifting her without effort. Max joked that Maxim Marinin called him an ant - small insect who carries things heavier than him. She also explained the idea of the dance : it was about women’s soul ,about women's outcry ,about women’s feelings and their lifetime fight.
Tarasova said that she could give top score to Tania immediately.
“Because she didn’t take the money?” asked Yagudin
But Tarasova couldn’t understand the end and added that maybe after everything went well she could’ve take the money. She called Navka,Staviski and Averbukh stars.”Thank you, congratulations , I adore you” she finished her speech.
Bobrin considered that Max’s decision to play an item around Navka was very clever and brave . And he was amazed by Tania’s interpretation-brazenly,beautifully, obscenely , delightfully as he described it.
Chaikovskaya didn’t think that the number was based only on Navka;that Maxim was also main figure and liked the skating and some elements , especially the combination of death spiral and spread eagle. /I hope i got the elements right/
Navka was her usual Divaself and thanked the judges for the high marks and Max for supporting her and bringing back 6.0

Jana thanked Andrey for realizing her craziest dreams.
Sikharulidze called Jana Breakthrough of the Year in figure skating and that there are absolute champions who win everywhere but she is an absolute skater who is comfortable with pair and dance partners .
Bestemyanova said Jana is reborn dancer and that we need to look at everything in life positively. She mentioned the new lift that she saw for the first time./the one that Khvalkho holds her as a flag/
Tarasova was explaining the lift/"Flazhok" as she called it/ and she regretted that such a talent is not in the National figure skating team. But she also said that we are where we supposed to be.
Yagudin finished that Jana has found new family.
Sikharulidze proposed to start campaign “Find partner for Jana ” on
Channel One and National TV.
At the end Tarasova thanked Zueva and Shpilband because Jana came back from them totally different .Something that IMHO was not very correct because Zhuk and Svinin also were big part of her success.

03-19-2012, 12:51 PM
Thanks for the updates, vivika1982. I really enjoyed Khokhlova/Khvalko's number. In fact, I liked it the most. Yana is such an amazing dancer, too bad she is no longer competing. :(

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Thank you for your notes, vivika. :)

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Thanks once again Vivika for your tireless work in enhancing the Ice Age experience for all of us non Russian speakers. :)

The Overall Leaderboard after Week Eight


01) Povilas Vanagas 95.44
02) Maxim Staviski 95.34
03) Roman Kostomarov 95.18
04) Andrei Khvalkho 95.12
05) Alexei Tikhonov 95.08
06) Maxim Marinin 95.04
07) Petr Tchernyshev 95.02
08) Maxim Shabalin 94.82
09) Ruslan Goncharov 94.30


01) Jana Khokhlova 95.60
02) Tatiana Navka 95.48
03) Margarita Drobiazko 95.44
04) Elena Leonova 95.20
04) Tatiana Totmianina 95.20
06) Oksana Domnina 95.14
07) Albena Denkova 95.12
08) Naomi Lang 94.58
09) Irina Lobacheva 94.48
10) Maria Petrova 94.32

03-19-2012, 10:53 PM
Thanks a lot for many translations, vivika:)

Photos on Petorova-Tikhonov official website
March 3rd
March 17th

03-20-2012, 12:16 AM
Thank you for the leaderboard (so far so good )and the photos(amazing as always).
Jana for now is a leader and i don't want to go all gaga like Mr.Sikharulidze :) about her but she really is the discovery of this year as well as Domnina.Actually to be honest my favorite number from this Episode was Domnina/Marinin then Khokhlova/Khvalkho,Drobiazko/Kostomarov and Staviski/Navka but lets move on and have small sneak peak at the next Episode 9.

Theme 2000’s Movies

Totmyanina/Tchernishev(The Pianist)
Domnina/Tikhonov(I still love /И всё-таки я люблю)
Navka/Zhulin(We are from the future/Мы из будущего)
Petrova/Kostomarov(28 days after)
Leonova/Vanagas(Happy Feet)
Lang/Staviskii(Shindller and Memoirs of a Geisha )
Denkova/Khvalko(Police Station/Участок)
Khokhlova/Goncharov(We are from the future2/Мы из будущего2)

03-22-2012, 03:22 PM
Episode 9 Preview:

03-24-2012, 06:20 PM
Episode 9-2000's Movies
Profile,Dance,K&C and interview:

Music:Janusz Olejniczak "Prélude In E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4";Nocturne In C-sharp Minor
Movie:The Pianist-2002
Petrova/Kostomarov -
Music: In The House, In A Heartbeat - John Murphy
Movie: 28 days later-2002
Drobiazko/Marinin -
Music: Alcoba azul & Benediction and dream -Lila Downs, Solo Tu- Elliot Goldenthal,
Movie: "Frida"-2002
Domnina/Tikhonov –
Music:/Тема судьбы& Вокализ- Дмитрий Маликов / Destiny Theme and Vocalize - Dmitrii Malikov
Movie:/И всё-таки я люблю/ And yet, I still love you-2008
Леонова-Ванагас -
Music:Erik's opera –E.G.Daily and Omar Crook and Toy Story
Movie: Happy Feet2-2011
Lobacheva/Shabalin –
Music: / Главная тема -Булат Асадуллин / Main Theme by Bulat Asadullin
Movie:/Ликвидация/ Elimination-2007
Denkova/Khvalko –
Music:/Берёзы /Birch Trees
Movie:/Участок/Police Station-2003
Music: -/Taka Jak Ty/ Just like you- Okean Elzy
Movie:/Мы из будущего2/We are from the future 2-2010
Lang/Staviski –
Music:Nocturne by Secret Garden and Becomming a geisha -John Williams
Movie: The Last Samurai-2003
Navka/Zhulin –
Music:/ Романс Нины - Эллеонор Tольятти / Nina’s Romance-Eleonor Tolyati
Movie:/Мы из будущего/ We are from the future-2008

P.S.I'll try my best to give you some details later.Overall, it was my less favorite episode.Show-wise I realize it’s Russian production but some of the futuristic-military- kolkhoz themes weren’t my cup of tea .Skating-wise it was obvious that everyone was tired and the performances that really stood out were Drobiazko/Marinin, Domnina/Tikhonov and Totmyanina/Tchernishev.Last but not least judging-wise it was one of typical-Ice Age-enigma-episodes when I’m puzzled and was left with the impression that some of the irrelevant IMHO scores and comments were based on favoritism or followed certain script.

03-26-2012, 12:14 AM
"Last but not least judging-wise it was one of typical-Ice Age-enigma-episodes when I’m puzzled and was left with the impression that some of the irrelevant IMHO scores and comments were based on favoritism or followed certain script."

Thanks, Vivika. I take it you are referring to the absurd score given to Navka/Zhulin where it seemed the judges were marking on her reputation rather than the program in which not very much happened at all. I know that Jana Khokhlova briefly fell but I thought that she and Goncharov were still better than Navka & Zhulin. :mad:

They also seemed to get the scores for Lang/Staviski (11.80) and for Lobacheva/Shabalin (11.98), the wrong way round. :P

The Overall Leaderboard after Week Nine

01) Povilas Vanagas 107.26
02) Maxim Staviski 107.14
03) Alexei Tikhonov 107.08
04) Petr Tchernyshev 107.02
04) Roman Kostomarov 107.02
06) Maxim Marinin 106.98
07) Andrei Khvalkho 106.92
08) Maxim Shabalin 106.80
09) Ruslan Goncharov 106.08

01) Tatiana Navka 107.44
02) Margarita Drobiazko 107.38
02) Jana Khokhlova 107.38
04) Tatiana Totmianina 107.20
05) Oksana Domnina 107.14
06) Elena Leonova 107.02
07) Albena Denkova 106.92
08) Irina Lobacheva 106.46
09) Naomi Lang 106.38
10) Maria Petrova 106.16

The title for next week's final episode is "The Ilya Averbukh Military Costumes Extravaganza"

03-26-2012, 01:50 AM
I take it you are referring to the absurd score given to Navka/Zhulin where it seemed the judges were marking on her reputation rather than the program in which not very much happened at all. I know that Jana Khokhlova briefly fell but I thought that she and Goncharov were still better than Navka & Zhulin. :mad:

They also seemed to get the scores for Lang/Staviski (11.80) and for Lobacheva/Shabalin (11.98), the wrong way round. :P

The title for next week's final episode is "The Ilya Averbukh Military Costumes Extravaganza" :)

Thank you for the leaderboads.
N/Z scores were one of the reason for my amusement but i liked the numer . I learned to skip K&C part of the show but this year the professional level IMHO should apply to the judges as well.Anyway :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
I was able to include deatails for half of the numbers and will continue tomorow.


Maria and Roman chose music that compliments them both and said that they won’t use high lifts but semi lower and middle lifts that will be appropriate for their images. Orshulyak was explaining their characters: Roman is Master from Matrix and Maria is a rocker who is not afraid of anything.
Tchaikovskaya said the number was heavy and dark with different elements but as a whole it was unsatisfying.
Sikharulidze liked Maria’s character .TAT said she didn’t have to understand or feel anything but to fly with them .Yet she thought that it would’ve been better if they included high lift .
Irina also asked why they didn’t include high lift. Roman wasn’t interested in doing usual lifts and didn’t have time to work on something more original nether was worth to kill themselves by trying it.


Elena said their number was experiment proposed by Vanagas and it was close to her because for a week she was watching animated movies with her kids.The idea of the project is to show something new even if means to stand on your head and in Episode Nine she finally had this chance.
Yagudin: “So, that’s what happens in kid’s rooms when the light is off”
Sikharulidze’s technical score was lower because of the fall and the reason for 5.8 artistic score was the musical choice and the robot costumes. He preferred fluffy toys. Tchaikovskaya was surprised by Povials fall but liked the steps,the lifts,the turns and the toy images.
Irina: “Now I know what is going on in my kid’s rooms when they go to sleep, so I’ll start with kid’s questions.” She asked Elena if her daughters give her ideas about her characters.She answered that likes all her images and Povilas was thankful about this project because gave them chance to try different roles.
TAT interrupted them by saying that the toys don’t matter and she thought they were too stringent .What matters is the skills and new elements they all learn in this project that is going to help them in the future.


Albena and Adnrey said that the song is very soulful and their characters are closed to the Russian soul-warm and wide. Albena explained that everybody in this project is working 10-12 hours per day and worried about everything: the skating ,mistakes and scores or if the judges misunderstand the idea of the dance .And there is no other way around because they put heart and soul in their work.
Bestemyanova liked the fantastic technical part and the unique butterfly lift /from D/S 2006 FD/ and thought they look very organic together.
Yagudin asked Bobrin:’See our women,they would bring us food ,feed us,comfotrt us and do anything possible to let us go and you 5.8.Where are you going with this?”
Bobrin answered that it was confusing because the judges had in front of them not the libretto of the performance but summary of the movie about police men and his dog. Once again, according to Bobrin’s dress code, Khvalko,s plaid shirt was more appropriate for cowboys then for Russian village people.
For Tarasova was obvious that he is not police man and she is not the dog and appreciated the technical elements but considered the lifts inappropriate for this kind of story and theme because villagers are not acrobats and wouldn’t take their women upside down after being released from jail.
Kvalko said that maybe it was better if the judges didn’t read the script but look at the number. Tarasova yelled that their eyes are not closed. Khvalko answered that he was talking to Bobrin and that there are no jails in villages but police stations where people are being held for short time for minor hooligan’s acts. “Just use your imagination” finished Khvalko. Averbukh took the mike and continued that when it comes to interpreting the movies ,the judges used to rely on the script but this time the case was different and in this movie there were personages similar to Albena and Andrey’s characters. He also added that the performance wasn’t direct interpretation of village’s life where BTW not everyone skates .It is the end of figure skating project where skaters have certain goals and from this point of view the elements were performed excellently and in accordance with the Russian soul .Tarasova kept yelling that the number doesn’t have art value.
Albena got upset after Averbukh defended them .She explained that considering the short time they did their best and tried elements she never thought she is capable of and thanked Khvalko for being reliable and supportive partner.


Jana liked this Ukrainian song and explained that the story is about the one and only woman in man’s life.
Yagudin asked TAT that is obvious the project is at its end but for her this wasn’t the problem. According to her, regretfully, the fall ruined the whole performance and from there Ruslan was distracted and just did somehow the elements until the end. She was kind of harsh on him and said that even skaters on Junior level do the turns better. Bobrin defended Goncharov by saying he was careful, assembled and reliable .He stated that the whole number his eyes where following Jana. “Well, and who else you should’ve followed-Ruslan?” joked Yagudin to which Bobbrin answered that they are obligated to watch over everyone including Yags and that even though Jana tried faster to overcome the fall she lacked the nerve that this number required.
Irina’s question to Jana was how the holdback with her costume at the beginning interfered with the fall and to Ruslan about the offensiveness of some judges remarks. Jana answered that maybe the costume's malfunction was a problem because they were trying to catch up with the music and thanked Ruslan for his reliable support. Ruslan also thanked Jana and added that he understood and accepted all the critics because after the fall they really were slightly distracted but if they had a chance to skate the number again everything would’ve been different.


Max said the idea of their number wasbased on “The Last Samurai” and they've tried to interpret a beautiful story. He liked working with Naomi and it was very comfortable to skate together.
Bobrin thought that this was character closed to Naomi but was bothered by the sound of her skates at some point and Maxim’s costume. Tchaikovskaya pointed that the fallen piece of hair was a distraction and she understands the lack of time but the exit of almost all elements weren’t done well .
Maxim thought they skated well but he knew how the judges don’t like malfunctions with the props and he expected lower scores.

03-27-2012, 08:52 AM

Zhulin said that it was easy to skate together because the technique is similar with one slight difference-unlike him Navka continues to skate with cosmic speed but they tried to level with each other. The song begins with “Thank you for everything my friend…“ and Tatyana added that in some way this song reflects their own life and how people should stay friends after the divorce and be positive.
Referring to the critics from the last episode about skating just in front of the judges, Yagudin told TAT that after only one week Zhulin skated differently and covered the whole ice rink .
Tarasova answered that it was stylish, soulful and has everything that one is waiting to see for years in those kind of numbers.(I liked the number too but to be honest she got me lost at the waiting part )
Bestemyanova waited for this number and liked it but considering the competition she couldn’t give them the maximum and after Tatyana demanded answer about the artistic score she said that when the technical part is not ideal it affects the artistic impression and besides she thought they were beautiful married couple but on ice looked better with other partners.
Yagudin asked Bobrin if he skated with Natalya Bestemyanova.Bobrin explained that they did one dance based on Tsvasman’s music .He was toreador and she was Carmen. About N/Z performance his only critic was the end of the program but overall he liked every element and detail even the cucumber Zhulin was eating at the beginning . He continued that there were small pieces and bits /like the moment when Zhulin crossed himself before the hip hop steps/ that make you smile.
Tchaikovskaya said that during competitions sometimes sportsmen get better scores not because of difficult elements but because of the impression they made on the judges . According to her the skating was nohow but this number captured the judges and the audience .
Irina asked them how they felt about the performance that everyone was waiting to see.
Zhulin said that he felt responsible for not letting down the mother of his child and did everything possible.
Navka was understanding about the technical scores because Zhulin didn’t skate for “100 years” as both stated but thought he deserved the maximum for artistry.

Side topic:
You can see small part of Bobrin/Bestemyanova’s dance mentioned in K&C @ 0158


And just for the love of skating : two family duets-Igor Bobrin/Natalya Bestemyanova and Andrey Bukin/Elena Vasyukova:


Oksana convinced everyone to take this music from “Elimination” but Igor Orshulyak made them number based on something else: from the life of the birds .She just hoped that the judges will understand their dance because she glanced at the script and saw that below their names was a summary of the movie and wondered about judge’s impression when they see them representing birds instead of the movie characters.
Alexey Yagudin has no doubts about the scores. Tarasova regretted she didn’t applaud standing. Tchaikovskaya said the skating was superb and very mature with absolute unity .She offered Oksana to go to Olympics with this mature skating.Bestemyanova agreed with her and congratulated Oksana about starting the project as sportsmen and gaining good artistic style .
Domnina and Tikhonov thanked Orshulyak for the great unusual choreography .

Margarita thought the number was complicated and for Marinin probably wasn’t easy to lift tall girl like herself. For Maxim was interesting to try some cheeky passion for a change.
Yagudin asked Bestemyanova if she liked this dance of passion. She answered that the number was so amazing she expects another episode.She thought the image was very appropriate for Drobiazko.
Sikharulidze like the skating but artistically he thought the number wasn’t extraordinary and won’t be memorable for him.
Margarita was little upset because wanted to make good 6.0 number with Maxim.
Marinin thought the number was appropriate for the “Most temperament female skater “/according to Slutskaya/ and he played the role of a man who supported a creative woman and let her shine


Shabalin liked the music and the personages that were close to him and Irina.

Yagudin said they all saw this movie and how is difficult to live with man who committed crime but the question is how the skaters will live with 5.9 for technical score. Bestemyanova said her artistic score was 6.0 without doubt but saw small mistake which caused her lower technical score.Tchaikovskaya liked everything.Felt the pain,the fight and the fist at the end was just right. Tarasova was also amazed.”Oil Painting” concluded Sikharulidze.
Irina was happy that everybody liked their number.
Slutskaya told Maxim that he obviously liked the role of a scoundrel since he kept the sly smile. He answered that he still can’t get out of this image and thanked Zhulin and Orshulyak for the choreography.

Peter said their music is from the movie “Pianist” but the idea is to interpret not the same but similar feelings. As he explained the main character is looking at himself in the mirror and understands his soul is beautiful but there is no place for him in this world. In his opinion the number was exact hit in the top ten.
Yagudin asked Sikharulidze's opinion about the exquisite and gentle skating.”Exellent” was his answer and as he correctly mentioned that everything was intelligently, cleanly and greatly done. He added that Totmyanina was floating above the ice which looks easy but is actually very difficult to achieve.
Bestemyanova thanked Tchernishev for converting Tatyana into ice dancer and said it was pleasure to watch them. For Tarasova everything was absolutely inspirational, transparent, psychologically complicated and strong and she thanked them for such innovation in our wonderful world.
Slutskaya had the impression as they whispered with their hearts and Tatyana was in harmony with Tchernishev.Totmyanina said they should be in harmony because she was representing his soul. Irina considered this lyrical number was made for Tchernishev but he thanked Averbukh and Maslenkova because they were the real producers who created and saw those images exactly in him and Tania .

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Vivika, thank you so much for the information and links and posts. You have made this season much more enjoyable for those of us who do not understand Russian. :)

03-27-2012, 03:44 PM
You are welcome Nan :)

03-27-2012, 04:03 PM
I must say, I'm very pleasantly surprised by Totmianina having watched this series. I've never been "anti-TTMM" but for some reason they could seldom really captivate me. It's lovely to see how she has progressed, even though she's no longer "competitive". Artistry meets technique. Nice!

03-28-2012, 04:20 PM
Photos on Petrova-Tikhonov website