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03-05-2012, 12:54 AM
Thank you for keeping the leaderbord updated and corrected sunhillow.I agree with you and Kasey about Khokhlova :cheer: and she moved up unstoppably to the top but we have 3 more episodes to go and the battle gets more dramatic.

The pairs for Episode 8/I put the teams in order according to the scores they receive/
Theme:2000’s Songs

P.S. For those who had trouble with 1tv.ru and want to see profiles,dance and K&C :

Thanks to all youtube users who give us the chance to see the show :)

From Ice Age Tour -Voronezh



Slightly blurred sneak peak of Khokhlova/Khvalkho

Flying- Lina Milovich

03-05-2012, 03:51 PM
Vivika...thanks again for telling us what the judges are saying. It's wonderful for those of us who follow Ice Age but do not understand Russian.

Yes, I've enjoyed watching all the previous seasons, but your remarks make this one much more enjoyable. :)

03-05-2012, 03:59 PM
This is the show I got to watch in Israel on their Russian-language channel. OH how I wish it were broadcast in the US!

03-05-2012, 04:54 PM
Thank you, vivika1982, sunhillow and MONKO :).

Khokhlova is on fire. Whisper it quietly, but is she going to do the unthinkable and defeat Navka? :eek:Unfortunately (if it can be said so), no - she won't (or, rather, didn't). I don't know if it's not too much, but I can reveal that there will be two female winners. You can try to guess for yourself which two, but Khokhlova won't be one of them. If there was a pedestal with three places, she'd be on it, though :).

03-05-2012, 09:07 PM
Unfortunately (if it can be said so), no - she won't (or, rather, didn't). I don't know if it's not too much, but I can reveal that there will be two female winners. You can try to guess for yourself which two, but Khokhlova won't be one of them. If there was a pedestal with three places, she'd be on it, though :).

It is unfortunate indeed although she manage to receive highest scores for 5 of 10 performances but we should say no more :cold:. Not everyone likes to read the end of the book like myself or prefer to know what will happens in advance. :)
Meanwhile lets read what Naomi Lang have to say about Moscow,Russia and etc.

"Cup of professionals": How do you tolerate those prices?

Naomi Lang ,participant of the show, wrote an essay about what is Moscow for foreigners

I didn’t just see Moscow for the first time , but was able to appreciate it few years ago, when I came on tour within the project "Golden Ice of Stradivarius." It was a teeming anthill of hurrying people who did not look around. They did not raise their eyes above the billboards and rarely turned around. It turned out that Russia's main metropolis is no different from the U.S: New Yorkers are cousins of the Muscovites. Not relative, because the residents of Moscow have cold winters, but they don’t. In all other large cities U.S. and Russian’s inhabitants are incredibly similar. But not even one New Yorker is comparable to the present-Muscovite on the persistence and adaptation to extreme conditions. Muscovite knows where to travel, avoiding traffic jams in heavy snowfall. He goes to work in minus 30 degrees as though nothing had happened and does not complain about the enormous distances that have to travel on sometimes unclean from the snow sidewalks.

Over the years, Muscovites, become more tolerant to huge prices. I would call them inhuman. For example, a couple of weeks ago I went to the bath - it's my favorite pastime in your country. The oak branch and the high temperature in the steam room tormented me so much that I did not wait for a taxi and decided to catch a car on the road. The brand of the car that stopped was unknown to me. I said the address, the driver perked up when heard my accent, and uttered a thousand rubles. I laughed and told him: "Hey, pal, I'm not a fool, I am American! 500 - And let’s go!" He smiled and agreed.

Every time I pass by the Kremlin embankment, or walk on the bridge of the Patriarch, I am overwhelmed with emotion. How? How could you construct a number of fine buildings, completely different in style, but in incredible harmony with the mood of the city and the churches! They seemed shrouded in mystery; I want to cry at the sight of centuries-old temples. Immediately you feel that you are so small, and your life is so short in comparison with their history.

Recently, I was wondering if I could live here permanently. I am leaning toward a positive answer. And by the way, I even found a home of my dreams - "Triumph Palace" near Khodynsky Field. Only now I’m afraid to find out the cost of apartments there. Apparently, the amount is so incomprehensible that I’ll get upset and change my mind. So let these thoughts of mine remain at the level of thinking. I'm still an American. But Russia will always remain for me a magical country that is both ,hot and cold, clear and incomprehensible, good and evil to us - people from another world.

03-06-2012, 12:09 AM
Here's a link about the future of the Ice Age project: http://www.tatar-inform.ru/news/2012/02/25/305816/

Seems like Averbukh wants to have a second version of "Cup of the Professionals" that also includes foreigner skaters such as Lambiel, Belbin & Agosto and Lysacek. That's what I understood from the article. Could someone help with the translation?

Big thanks to all the members that keep us updated :)

03-06-2012, 12:30 AM
The article says that Averbukh was talking about organizing an international tournament - possibly set up as Russia vs. the world. He mentions wanting to work with Lambiel, Lysacek, and Belbin and Agosto. Averbukh also said he would like to start working on the project earlier than normal. He said with more time for preparation, "every program could be a little diamond." :)

Sorry, it's not a verbatim translation.

03-10-2012, 07:36 PM
Is today's episode canceled??? usually by no the episode would have already started???

03-10-2012, 11:00 PM
Episode 8 will be broadcasted next Saturday,March 17.


03-11-2012, 12:02 AM
Episode 8 will be broadcasted next Saturday,March 17.


thanks for the info, I thought I missed it.

03-11-2012, 06:32 AM
Another dance in advance :
Totmyanina/Kostomarov in Ice Age Tour-Chekhov

03-11-2012, 08:35 PM
Short video for the next Episode:


03-13-2012, 04:07 PM
Thanks Jenya.
It would be really nice to have a new Ice Age season. The "Russia vs World" seems like an excelent idea. And of course that it would be great to watch Lambiel skate every single week :)

03-17-2012, 04:05 PM
Episode 8 : 2000's Music
I was able to add some details for the first 5 performances.

Denkova/Shabalin -”I fell in love with you”-Zemfira /Я полюбила вас, Земфира /11.74

In the profile Max mentioned that the music choice was his wife’s idea.
K&C :
Tarasova said that the skating was great but she couldn’t feel the suffering and the power of Zemfira’s voice .
Bestemyanova like the number and the use of the items .
Slutskaya said that is complicated and not easy to skate first when the judges are still cold and avid.
Albena thanked Max for the pleasure to skate together and that they tried to overcome the pressure of skating first but did it well .She also said that it was complicated to play with the subjects without mistakes.
Max answered that they were aware of the risk because the theme is heavy and even though some didn’t liked it for those who did it was touching .

Petrova/Tchernishev - Leaves Are Gone-Secret Machines 11.66

In profile Maria said that she wasn’t always sure about the dancing elements but Peter was patient and helped her.
Yagudin said that it would be nice to have more good wizards who can take you in world where there is love happiness and goodness but considering the scores,it looks like the judges weren’t very enchanted .
Sikharulidze joked that is because he was enchanted and couldn’t wake up. He thought that maybe there should be explanation about what was going on.
Averbukh said that he’ll explain it.
Yagudin told him next time to ask TAT to pinch him so he can wake up. She always would do that to him before competitions.
Bobrin said to Anton that he looks like he was pinched all over.
TAT took the mike and protested that they are talking all bad things about her and she is remembering only the good things. Bobrin continue that they should’ve use the effect of light bolting and the magic sphere better .They should,ve change costumes or take of the cape or something else in order to show the miracle that happened.
Slutskaya said that judges couldn’t understand wheither the number was about the spring or the winter.
Tchernishev said :Well let them think
Later he asked Averbukh to explain the idea of the number.
Avrbukh said that the number is very atmospheric and they understood that for Maria it would be hard to do the dancing elements but in his opinion he manage it brilliantly. And he thinks that the airy condition existed in the number and the three of them enjoyed creating it .

Totmyanina/Zhulin -Ala-Ulyu-Khronko Orchestra/Аля-Улю, Хоронько Оркестр /11.74

Zhulin said that the number was experimental and risky. The only confusing thing for Totmyanina was the kind of love they were expressing.
Bestemyanova like the funny number and she was wondering if she can play all of Tatyna’s characters but there wasn’t enough technique and complication which affected the scores.
Tchaikovskaya also mentioned the lack of enough technical elements but liked Zhulin’s performance who was in his water as womanizer who changes women all the time. Totmyanina was the same in all the characters which wasn’t enough.
Tarasova asked Totmyanina how she felt skating with the figure skating sex symbol of all times.
Totmyanina answered “Not bad” and Yagudin added that according to the judges maybe little slower . TAT joked that his reaction is always instant.Yags answered that he had good trainers. TAT continued that the number was sympathetic but not for 6.0 and that is all. Cute, very cute but kind of primitive she added at the end.
Zhulin said that he liked the music but he can’t compete with Kostomarov, for example, and he thanked and apologized to Totmyanina for the lower scores.

Leonova/Tikhonov - Nostalgia - D.Khvorostovskiy and I.Krutoy 11.88

Tikhonov said that it wasn’t easy to find something different that neither Elena did with Khvalkho nor he did with Petrova.
Leonova said that the whole process of making the number was nice and Tikhonov is very agreeable partner.
Bobrin said that unlike Slutskaya’s opinion that the judges are strict and not in spring mood, he is feeling the coming spring and this is the reason to choose clothes with bright colors but he is not very comfortable when watching serious programs dressed like candy wrapper. Yagudin said that he looks like light ray in dark kingdom. About the program Bobrin said that he saw two mistakes; one was during the death spiral and that they could’ve show something more special.
Tchaikovskaya liked the performance but thought that they were negligent with the music and program’s design.
Bestemyanova didn’t agree with Bobrin and not about his dress choice as Yagudin thought but about the elements and she was touched by their story.
Slutskaya said that Elena was new and dramatic .Both said that they tried to interpret the nostalgia and the mood of the number. Tikhonov joked that before the number he invited Elena in men’s dressing room to show Andrey their kiss and if he approves. Slutskaya continue on the funny note by saying that now when he goes behind the curtain Khvalko will show him if he liked the kiss.

Lobacheva/Vanagas - “Etre la hauteur”- Emmanuel Moire /Original cast /11.94
Lobacheva said that the king,s image is very appropriate for Vanagas and that she likes the epoch they were interpreting. Vanagas added that the name of the project speaks for itself.
Yagudin started that sometimes in life there are moments when one faces the dilemma of choosing between power and love .Louis XIV choose the power but the judges also had the choice to give 6.0 or lower scores.
Bobrin said he put 5.9 because technically it was at medium level but for artistry 6.0 because Lobacheva very well plays the role of woman of 16-th 17-th century.
Tchaikovskaya thought the number was interesting and unexpected . In her opinion, Povilas played the romantic explosive lover Henri de Navarre not the arrogant and cocky Ludovic XIV and only at the end his hand represented the Sun King.

Drobiazko/Kostomarov - My immortal (rock version), Evanescence 12.00

Domnina/Marinin -”After Me” /Après Moi/-Regina Spektor 11.90

Lang/Goncharov - “Tell me,don’t be silent” - Silver /Скажи не молчи - Серебро /11.70

Navka/Staviski - Triste vals-Yasmin Levy 12.0

Khokhlova/Khvalko - “Flying”-Lina Milovich /Летать, Лина Милович / 12.00

03-18-2012, 02:39 PM
Didn't like Navka/Staviski together she was too tall for him :shuffle:Good programme though .