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02-29-2012, 09:07 PM
Are Roman and Oksana married ?

No - they are not legally married (as per public knowledge, latest public statements).

It's common for "live-in partners" to be referred to as "common law wife/husband" in media, and in less careful media they skip the adjective, which is more like conversational language. Many people when talking about "Vasya's" live-in partner will just call her "Vasya's wife", even if Vasya only ever calls her his "girlfriend". Similarly, people will do the same when talking about "Olga's" live-in partner, even if Olga calls him "boyfriend" or "fiancee" (which she may do, even if they are not engaged). When it matters, sometimes clarification is required.

03-01-2012, 04:20 PM
My videos from Kazan 25.02.12

Yagudin - Rehearsal

TTMM, Denkova Stav - Rehearsal


Yagudin "Flying" (Vysotsky)

Yagudin "Sway"

Totmianina Marinin "Snow"

Totmianina Tikhonov "Tree"

Petrova Marinin "Cry me a river"

Domnina Vanagas

Denkova Khvalko

Drobiazko Stavisky "The Godfather"

Drobiazko Vanagas "Valse triste"

Domnina Kostomarov "Piano"

Leonova Shabalin


03-01-2012, 06:23 PM
Thank you, Ola. :)

I really enjoy watching the rehearsals.

03-01-2012, 07:12 PM
Tnank you for putting alle the vidoes on this side!!! I really enjoy it so much every week!!!

03-02-2012, 01:23 AM
Thank you Ola for great videos :swoon:

Behind the scene with Petrova&Tikhonov 4

@ 0610 in the interview,Zhulin said that he likes when there are more silly numbers like the one they did with Leonova .He understands that the judges want to see more sport numbers but he wants to see more artistry because after so many years as a trainer he got tired (of sport) and prefers to see more artistic work and he thinks that the audience likes it better.:encore::respec::watch:

Behind the scene especially for icesymphony.org


03-02-2012, 03:55 PM
Thank you Vivika! :)

03-02-2012, 07:08 PM
Sorry, I forgot to post the leaderboard.

Leaderboard after Week Six


01) Povilas Vanagas 71.54
02) Maxim Staviski 71.42
03) Petr Tchernyshev 71.40
04) Alexei Tikhonov 71.32
05) Andrei Khvalkho 71.30
06) Roman Kostomarov 71.18
07) Maxim Marinin 71.16
08) Maxim Shabalin 71.08
09) Ruslan Goncharov 70.86


01) Tatiana Navka 71.74
02) Jana Khokhlova 71.60
03) Tatiana Totmianina 71.54
04) Margarita Drobiazko 71.48
05) Albena Denkova 71.42
06) Elena Leonova 71.34
07) Oksana Domnina 71.24
08) Naomi Lang 71.06
09) Maria Petrova 70.76
10) Irina Lobacheva 70.66

03-02-2012, 09:29 PM
My videos from Kazan 25.02.12

Domnina Kostomarov "Piano"

Ah, this was lovely. They really should have been a competitive team.

03-03-2012, 05:41 PM
Episode 7- 90's Movies
I was able to find only the dances :

Music:Танец морских свинок &Одиночество/ Guinea Pigs Tango& Loneliness/ - Alexei Aigui and band 4'33
Movie: Страна глухих/Land of the Deaf /1998

Music-Cancao Do Mar- Dulce Pontes
Movie: Primal Fear- 1996

Music- The Heart Asks Pleasure First & The Promise- Michael Nyman
Movie: The Piano -1993

Music - La Vita E Bella & Buon Giorno Pricipessa - Nikola Piovani
Movie: "La Vita E Bella" /Life is beautiful/

Music - Symphony №7 II.Allegretto- London Philarmonic Orchestra
Movie: Immortal Beloved -1994

Music - Uninvited - Alanis Morisette
Movie: City of Angels-1998

Music-Diner De Cons (Orchestra Version) -Vladimir Cosma
Movie: Le Diner de Cons/Dinner for Schmucks/-1999

Music - Color of the night - Lauren Christy
Movie: Color of Night-1994

Music -Finale of The Envy of Gods - National Symphony Orchestra of Cinema
Movie- Зависть Богов /The Envy of Gods/-2000

Music - Mahalageasca -Mahala Rai Banda &Kiss the mother-No Smoking Orchestra
Movie: Black Cat,White Cat-1998 and Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan-2006

Chaikovskaya said that Ruslan got sad after the fall while he should've concentrated and finished the dance with smile.Bestemyanova was against abusing animals and sugested that they should've used artificial goose.Tarasova was mad for making Goncharov turning in wrong direction while lifting Tania Navka.She said that if they paid attention they would notice that during his whole career he never turns in this direction.Then Navka and Goncharov went on the ice and demonstrated perfect lift.Someone from the judges shout "Watch out!!Don't slaughter the goose!" Sikharulidze jokked that last time he advise Tania to do jump throw and that she fall gracefully/flying through as added Yagudin/,the audience was aplauding and now she had a modest fall.He said that Tamara Moskvina used to tell them that when they skate fast and then do lift they should go slower then another lift and then go faster faster and their dance was fast,fast,fall,then faster,faster, bam -boom and 5.9:)

03-03-2012, 05:44 PM
Shame they don't have more ice surface :(

D/K They are good together :)

Was that a poor man's goose lift ? :rofl:

03-03-2012, 06:53 PM
:lol: Poor man’s goose lift was great description. Domnina/Kostomarov :encore:,Jana with Max Shabalin :respec:,Drobiazko/Tchernishev :cheer: and Lang/Khvalkho were awesome. I guess my most favorite is a no-brainer -Albena and Povilas. When I found out about their music choice I thought that I am going to compare them with Nathalie and Fabian but they make it so peaceful,beautiful and delightful. :saint:
Ruslan Goncharov is turning slowly and permanently into the black goose of the project but he and Navka made me smile and I liked the energy of their dance.Averbuk was at his best as a clumsy schmuck :)

Episode 7 with details

Elena Leonova and Maxim Marinin, both representatives of pair skating, have focused on the technical aspects of the program, performing complex upper lift, death spiral, rotation. "It was at the highest professional level. But in the program there was no new reading of this sufficiently well-known theme, which was often used in ice programs", - said Igor Bobrin, the only one of the judges who did not put the highest mark for artistry. But ElenaTchaikovskay liked the work of both partners on the ice.

Albena Denkova and Povilas Vanagas chose music from the movie "Life is Beautiful." The good, the spring, the warm atmosphere of numbers impressed the judges. "I'm always ready to shout" Bravo " to Povilas - admitted Tatiana Tarasova. -I just did not know this side of Albena . This number I would call the" happiness of being together. "Including us, too." "The number is absolutely organic. I liked everything you did on the ice" - added Natalia Bestemianova.

Tatiana and Maxim Stavisky Totmianina played the music from the movie "Primal Fear", but judging from the risky lifts, they were fearless on the ice. Natalia Bestemianova praised the choice of music, costumes, litfs, but for her, like Tatiana Tarasova, the final of the number seemed incomprehensible .(Both didn’t understand how Max got killed ,who killed him and with what weapon. Yagudin told Sikharulidze that he probably didn’t have problem with the end since he evaluated the performance with two 6.0 to which he answered that he knew Tatyana didn’t kill Max. She couldn’t and she is not capable of doing it since Yags is still alive.) "I really liked Tanya in the number, she tried herself in ice dancing-said Anton Sikharulidze. - I watch with envy this number ,on your elements and how you feel inside yourself."
(In the interview Max told the judges that there was no need of weapon or specific movement from Tania that indicates eventual murder because nobody killed him . He just had heart attack captivated by her beauty.)

The preparation for the number of the spouses, Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov, in their words, was difficult and almost shattered the peace in the family. "For the first time in seven years, we did not talk to each other for two days!" - said Oksana. But all efforts were not in vain - the number received the maximum 12 points. Igor Bobrin noted the high techniques of the skating duo, as well as thoughtful, simple costumes and the good lighting solution at the beginning of the program. "A surprising unity and togetherness. It seems that you were skating together all your life" - added Elena Chaikovskaya.
(In the interview Slutskaya aksed them if they want to go to the Olympics but Oksana said No! She continued that maybe somewhere in the deep of the soul there is a desire but is not possible. To Irina’s question about their debut on ice as a team, Kostomarov explained that they skated together to keep Oksana in shape while Shabalin was healing from his knee trauma. He added that ,of course, they have experience holding each other but being family couple added strain and made it complicated .He considers that those who are 24 hours together are heroes. Irina asked them if their daughter is watching the show and that probably is her only chance to see mommy and daddy .Oksana answered that she is still young 1 year 3 months but when she grow up she’ll have the chance to see their art.

Naomi Lang and Andrei Khvalko chose music from the movie "City of Angels." But while the judges praised the technique, they consensually criticized the number. Tatiana Tarasova called the number "uninventive in the choreographic sense." "The turmoil did not happen," - she said. "It seemed to me that this was no longer the number, but a program: set of well-made elements, with connections between them ", - said Anton Sikharulidze. Elena Chaikovskaya agreed with Anton, in addition, she added that in the dance there were two almost identical lifts.

Maria Petrova and Ilia Averbukh appeared in comic images to the music from the movie "Dinner for Schmucks" and got all "six" for artistry. "When I saw this number, I remembered my youth, when we acted outrageously and fooled around on the ice, - said Igor Bobrin. - This was so cool!" "By nature, by the mood of playfulness, by idiocy, Ilya brought this line to the end. But the technique was a little bit pumped up -near the end of the number it was obvious that he was tired," - said Elena Chaikovskaya.

Irina Lobacheva and Alexei Tikhonov said: they didn’t include themselves on hundred per cent during rehearsals and preserved the freshness and fullness of emotion for the performance. "Very nice number. Emotional, sensitive, - said Tatiana Tarasova. - One pair lift, maybe was not absolute, but it was performed by ice dancer. Irina risked." Elena Chaikovskaya said that Irina Lobacheva revealed herself in a new way in this number: "I saw her completely different. A Tikhonov is Tikhonov , there is no need to say more."

Jana Khokhlova and Maxim Shabalin, who performed to the music from the movie "Land of the Deaf," have created such strong images of the ice that captivated the audience and judges. "Despite the fact that the program had a lot of interesting technical elements ,, original holds, I saw that the guys didn’t relax even for a second nor got out of the images. This is very valuable", - underlined Igor Bobrin. And Anton Sikharulidze said that the couples in the "Cup of professionals" skate way better than the athletes on the amateur ice. "We need to extract the maximum benefit for this for our future champions," - he was certain.

Tatiana Navka and Ruslan Goncharov showed a dynamic, complex dance, choreographed to the music from the movies of Kusturica, but fell during a lift that has affected the technical evaluation, and the general impression. Even the live goose that took part in the number couldnt save the situation, . According to ElenaTchaikovskay, if the elements are obvious difficult and the risk of falling is high , it is better not to include it in the program. "This number was in Tania‘s style and she could‘ve dance it greatly! But we must remember that Ruslan ,in his career, has never turned in this direction especially in such lift. It is better on the other side," - said Tatiana Tarasova.

Margarita Drobiazko and Peter Chernyshev noted that they are very comfortable to skatetogether.The points received for the performance to the music of Beethoven, confirmed it ; the couple got all the "six" for technique and only slightly missed the peak by the second evaluation. "I saw the passion of artistry. She torments him and gives him the insight and enthusiasm, and acquisition. And he is happy with it. And in the end he falls, so she doesn’t disappear" - interpreted as the number Elena Chaikovskaya

03-04-2012, 04:52 PM
Vivika...thanks again for telling us what the judges are saying. It's wonderful for those of us who follow Ice Age but do not understand Russian.

03-04-2012, 06:13 PM
Vivika, thanks a lot for everything:)

03-04-2012, 09:02 PM
Leaderboard after Week Seven

01) Povilas Vanagas 83.50
02) Petr Tchernyshev 83.36
03) Maxim Staviski 83.34
04) Alexei Tikhonov 83.20
05) Roman Kostomarov 83.18
06) Maxim Marinin 83.14
07) Andrei Khvalkho 83.12
08) Maxim Shabalin 83.08
09) Ruslan Goncharov 82.60

01) Jana Khokhlova 83.60
02) Tatiana Navka 83.48
03) Tatiana Totmianina 83.46
04) Margarita Drobiazko 83.44
05) Albena Denkova 83.38
06) Elena Leonova 83.32
07) Oksana Domnina 83.24
08) Naomi Lang 82.88
09) Maria Petrova 82.66
10) Irina Lobacheva 82.54

Khokhlova is on fire. Whisper it quietly, but is she going to do the unthinkable and defeat Navka? :eek:

Does anyone know the pairings for next week?

03-05-2012, 12:28 AM
Khokhlova is on fire. Whisper it quietly, but is she going to do the unthinkable and defeat Navka? :eek:

That would be fantastic, since she deserved to in eligible as well...