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12-16-2011, 07:18 AM
A skater I teach (Roller) from another state just let me know about a new competition starting in 2013 that I had heard nothing about. Here's what I got from him.

"...they are running a new competition starting in 2013 called the WORLD ARTISTIC GAMES. It is a collection of artistic sports which includes so far, roller skating, ballroom dancing, rythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. It is being run by Sports Accord and will be chosen from the results of the 2012 world champs. Sports accord are also paying all costs for competitors to go but it is being kept "elite". Only 5 couples, 5 pairs couples, 6 male freeskaters, 6 female freeskaters, and 5 large groups. And Seniors only, no Juniors. No Word on when or anything yet but it will at least be a good collection of sports and if you get selected its all expenses paid including airfares."

Me again. Sounds interesting. I wonder what other sports could be considered for the competition?