View Full Version : Zhulin: The sky high marks Davis/White and Virtue/Moir receive are scary

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Susan M
12-19-2011, 05:08 AM
I don't think the ISU is too bothered at the 10.0 marks we are seeing in ice dance. Something Speedy said a few years ago led me to expect that we would begin seeing judges giving 10.0 PCS marks sooner rather than later. One of the criticisms of COP from a fan and marketing POV was the loss of the 6.0 "brand". In defense, he offered some unintelligible allusion to the 10.0 scale for the PCS marks. At the time, it was rare even to see anything in the 9.0 range, but I wondered then if judges would be getting a message encouraging them to hand out 10.0 marks, especially when the program might have earned a 6.0 under the old system. From that point, we did see the PCS marks creeping up to where 9s became pretty standard for the top skaters, at least the men and dance. IMO, at present this is about right, since the ladies and pairs are kind of weak right now.

Judges tended to give out cheap 6.0 marks at their own Nationals and more legit ones at Worlds, which is maybe part of Zhulin's comment about giving the 10s now instead of waiting until Worlds. If you think about it, since one Program Component mark measures only one aspect of what the old Presentation mark used to grade, perhaps a 10 should come more easily than 6.0.