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70 years have now passed since that terrible morning…..A horrific attack that ushered the US into a horrific war started two years before, with a horrific loss of life, both military and civilian, from so many countries from both Allied and Axis nations.

Back then, Japan and the US were bitter enemies…..Today they are strong Allies.

Pearl Harbor Through The Eyes of a LIFE Photographer (http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,2101677,00.html?hpt=hp_c1) (Photo Gallery)

Bob Landry, one of the only professional photographers in the Pacific during the attacks on Pearl Harbor, recorded the devastation for America's most visual magazine

Nation Pauses To Remember Pearl Harbor (http://www.cnn.com/2011/12/07/us/pearl-harbor-70th-anniversary/index.html?hpt=hp_c1) (CNN Article)

About 3,000 guests will witness a rifle salute, wreath presentations and recognition of those who died, according to the National Park Service, which operates the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. The venue overlooks the USS Arizona memorial.


The gradual loss of the World War II generation has accelerated, and this year, perhaps more than any before it, evidence of a tide change is inescapable.

The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, founded in 1958, is dissolving December 31. The passing of time, the difficulty in finding chapter officers and the health of its 2,700 members have taken their toll.

In recent years, interpretation of the attack has shifted its focus "from engagement to peace," with recognition that both sides fought a "savage war," said Daniel A. Martinez, chief historian at monument.

I will be taking a few minutes today to reflect on the events that happened 70 years ago, to honor the memories of the 2,402 men who died aboard the ships that were destroyed or damaged - especially the USS Arizona, the USS Oklahoma, the USS West Virginia, and the USS California , as well as the 57 civilians killed in the attack, and the 1,282 military and civilian wounded. I hope others will, as well.

May this world never experience a dark time in history again such as this. May there never be another war of this level of depravity and with as devastating a loss of life. May there one day be peace, freedom, and liberty - for everyone.

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One of greatest moments of my life was visiting the Arizona Memorial in 1964 and seeing the name of one of my uncles on the wall....

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"....a day that will live in infamy..."


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Well said.

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Lest we forget....

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The day lives in my memory.
My late parents made me realize how important it was, when they described their thoughts, feelings and how the event impacted them - as I grew up.

My mother worked in a defense plant.
My father was an aviator in the Army Air Force, serving in Europe and North Africa.

Bless all those who served and sacrificed so that we might have the lives and opportunities we enjoy today.

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In 2007 I visited Pearl Harbor. I took several pictures there; one of them was of the USS Arizona Memorial. It was quite an experience to visit it. Every Dec.7th I place that picture on my desktop.