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12-06-2011, 04:51 PM
Who will make the team for Junior Worlds for Canada? There are the JGP competitors- Najarro, Charbonneau, Purich, Firus, Angers, Gordon, Obrien, Belley, Nguyen, Bobak/Beharry, Purdy/Marinaro, Orford/Williams, Bent/Mackeen, Hasegawas, Edwards/Pang, Bruser/Lum, Poulin/Servant, Dalmer/Firus, Beaudry/Breton

Then there are top finishers from Sectionals, like Seguin (age?), Bergeron (age?), and Daleman (1/98) in junior ladies, Osmond (12/95), Gagnon (8/93), and Chartrand (3/96) in senior ladies, Petkov (2/94) and Sylvester (10/94) in junior men, and S. Davis (8/92) in senior men.

Last year's team was made up of Rogozine, Firus, Grenier, Najarro, Jones/Gaskell, Purich/Schultz, Oliveira/Hockley, and Orford/Williams. Rogozine is still eligible, Grenier aged out, pretty sure both those pairs aged out, and not sure if O/H are still around? They were able to gain 3 spots for pairs, 2 for men and dance, and 1 for ladies this year.

I'd guess that Firus and Nguyen are most likely for men unless Rogozine goes again, ladies is really up in the air, B/B and P/M for pairs and no idea about the 3rd spot, and Orford/Williams for dance and not sure about 2nd spot...

12-07-2011, 12:13 AM
I have not kept up with the Junior Men or Junior Ladies...

With the pairs, I don't think there is much of a question as to who will go and who won't. If 2 qualify, I think it will be Bobak/Beharry, who will more than likely win Junior Nationals this year, as the first choice. They are such a promising team, and I am cheering loudly for them this week at the JGPF. I hope they surprise with a medal. The only other team on the JGP circuit for pairs this year was Purdy/Marinaro. I haven't seen them skate this year, but they did come close to making the JGPF. They will skate domestically as Seniors, and internationally as Juniors. The rest of the teams are just developing yet. I expect Rau/Simpson to be big players on the international scene in a couple of years. She wasn't even old enough for the JGP this season yet. They are extremely talented with tons of success from Juvenile to Novice.

With dance, the decisions are much more complex. My brain tells me that the first spot will go Orford/Williams. They did win a gold on the JGP event, but arguably at the easiest JGP event where there were so few entries and not a strong field. They had an unfortunate performance in the second easiest event of the JGP circuit, and missed the JGPF which was supposed to include them. Will Skate Canada leave them at Senior now, or give them one last shot at international experience? Perhaps this will depend on how well they place at Canadians in Senior. My guess, assuming a healthy and participating Islam/Paul, they will be 6th, ahead of Harvey/Gagnon. Anything lower than that and I think they will not get the nod.

If Paradis/Ouellette continue to skate so well, and they win Nationals, they will be the next team. Beyond them, there are any number of teams that could fill a spot to worlds: Hasegawa's, Bent/MacKeen, Edwards/Pang are my favourite choices. Bruser/Lum and Poulin/Servant could also factor into this mix. It's really an embarassment of riches. I hope that Skate Canada chooses the team that could first place the best and is more mature/experienced, and then add a developing team that could really benefit long-term from the experience.

I think Bobak/Beharry will do well at Worlds. Next year, I think they can be serious medal contenders. Keep in mind they have only been skating together a half a year. I don't think our dancers will place top 5. There are just too many other strong teams internationally who are older, more mature, and more experienced than our teams right now.

12-07-2011, 12:48 AM
The first three Junior GP gold medalists were at O/W's second event, so it was hardly an easy one.

12-07-2011, 03:06 AM
Paradis/Oullette are too old, I believe. Or at least one of them is, I think. Orford/Williams will definitely make the team regardless of where they place at Nationals IMO.

Pairs has 3 spots. The only question is, is there a 3rd pair that is age-eligible?

12-07-2011, 03:34 AM
I hope in ladies we send someone who hasn't gone before - Chartrand, Osmand, or Gagnon.

12-07-2011, 05:12 AM
I thought the Austrian JGP was one of the tougher ones.