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11-28-2011, 09:34 PM
Thanks to Beefcake for the vBet suggestion! :40beers: :cheer2:

Intriguingly, two 0-fers have a decent chance of happening this season.


Two season-wide “0-fers” – on opposite ends of the success meter – are in play with just five weeks remaining in the NFL schedule.

Will the Rodgers-fortified Green Bay Packers go undefeated (16-0) for the 2011/12 regular season? Will the Manning-less Indianapolis Colts go winless (0-16) for the 2011/12 regular season?

Green Bay remaining schedule:
Dec 4 @N.Y. Giants
Dec 11 Oakland
Dec 18 @Kansas City
Dec 25 Chicago
Jan 1 Detroit

Indianapolis remaining schedule:
Dec 4 @New England
Dec 11 @Baltimore
Dec 18 Tennessee
Dec 22 Houston
Jan 1 @Jacksonville

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12-19-2011, 06:59 PM
:) for Indy. The team does not deserve to be in the same "class" as that 70s Tampa Bay :scream: team and its wretched sisters.

:blah: I'm sure those selfish geezers from Miami loosened their trusses and then popped their champagne corks last night.

:( My vCash. Gone. All gone in about a two minute span, yesterday. :drama: