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11-28-2011, 08:19 AM
Kim Yuna graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar Korea for December


interview translated by Sundy7/allthatYuna


behind the scene photo shoot


11-28-2011, 10:52 AM
Tyra Banks would say she needs to 'smize'.

11-28-2011, 06:19 PM
:rolleyes: IMO this belongs to the trash can.

11-28-2011, 06:23 PM
whoa.. need a whole lot much of time to read this interview! Gorgeous shoots btw, she totally owns the scene. My thumbs up;)

11-29-2011, 05:19 AM

The time when I came to have a second look at Kim Yuna was when she said something like this with the Vancouver Olympics ahead, “I believe whomever ends up winning the gold medal is the fate determined by the heavens. Even if I turn out to be not that person that day, I am prepared to accept the [possible] outcome.” When her mother couldn’t bear to watch her perform, she took the stage after reciting an incantation to herself. “I’ve watched three different Olympics as a young girl, but the Nagano, Salt Lake City, and Torino Olympics all had unexpected endings. I thought to myself, ‘Ah, the Olympic glory must only be given to an athlete that’s chosen by the heavens.’ I’ve made up my mind from then on not to let myself get disappointed too much even if I do not win the gold medal and just accept it by thinking I just wasn’t the appointed one. The only thing I did was just skating my programs.” (Yuna is just so unbelievably impressive and lovable when she says something like these. ) She continued on in her usual cool fashion, “I also thought about how the Olympics may not have that much of an important meaning in an athlete’s life. As you well know, Olympics are held in every 4 years. How many more competitions there are besides the Olympics…! Of course, when I think about it now, I feel that it was a good thing that I had won the gold medal (To be more literal or accurate, she said something more similar to this one: ‘Ah, it wouldn’t have been good if I had not won the gold medal’) (Laughs).” The days when she was happy to put on the skates as thin as a sheet that her paternal aunt gave her… The little Kim Yuna who became Michelle Kwan whenever she played the game of ‘Winter Olympics’ on a wooden floor and put her thoroughly rehearsed movements to the test along with the facial expressions has now become the figure skating queen who succeeded Michelle Kwan.

a unique perspective! :lol:
I get a key that Kim has taken all GPs seriously throwing always 3-3s and could be calm at the Olympics relatively.

She said she wants people all around the world to remember her as ‘Kim Yuna the sports athlete.’ “Kim Yuna is a human being…(Laughs) To be honest, I am still not used to people looking at me with such high regard. I’m not sure what that is about. I’m still young and the only thing I know how to do best is sports/skating. Think about how many athletes there are in this world and how many there are among them who excel at what they do. Yet, there are more people who do not give recognition to those athletes. I just skated the best I could because I was [and still is] a skater, but I’m still not used to people praising me. When I would occasionally tell my friends that I’m having it hard, they would respond in turn this way: ‘You’re not acting like yourself. What’s wrong with you? You’re Kim Yuna after all.’ My goodness… What does Kim Yuna supposed be? (Laughs) It’s just baffling to me. It’s a given that people who don’t know me well think that way about me, but I sometimes dislike the fact that even my own friends view me that way.” The reason why this bluff-less, simple, frank, and easygoing twenty two-year old young lady seemed even more charming was because she considers the world’s interest she receives as a grateful fortune.

lovely, humble girl!

11-29-2011, 10:12 AM
Wow she looks great (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3631/3387983853_6b52df2997_o.gif) :swoon:

Tyra Banks would say she needs to 'smize'.

Nah she'd be too focused on droning on and on about how her secret passion in life before supermodel/talkshow/author/soul owner was to become a famous skater - and even though it didnt work out she see's how she inspired Yu-Na as a woman of color to tackle on a big fashion magazine face on, just like Tyra did but 142 more times than Yu-Na at her age :rollin:

I really need to find a new show :shuffle:

11-29-2011, 03:16 PM
Gorgeous, but very glum-looking pics. I guess that's what they wanted for that particular photo shoot.

11-29-2011, 08:13 PM
Tyra Banks would say she needs to 'smize'.

I think that tyra would enjoy the picture with a hat...there is a story in her eyes(oops that is Nigel's thing). The picture in the chair she for sure needs something in her face...I am not sure however if an asian smize would be good. That might look more absolutely adorable rather then fierce and intense.

11-29-2011, 09:19 PM
Those photos are meh. She could do so much better than all of those.

11-30-2011, 05:12 PM
Those photos are meh. She could do so much better than all of those.

The photos are great. My only complain is that she's wearing too much clothes!

11-30-2011, 09:53 PM
I thinks she's wearing too much makeup. Can't see her personality coming through at all. Could just be any other elegant young female model.

12-01-2011, 01:15 AM
Granted, these are glamour fashion shots, but Yuna is so much more beautiful without makeup.

12-01-2011, 11:47 PM
It takes a talented makeup artist to make such a beautiful young lady look this unattractive. I am dumbfounded.

12-02-2011, 03:26 AM
Is it true that Miss Kim's exclusive TV interview aired a couple of days ago only got 0.8% rating in Korea, despite heavy promotion efforts on network's behalf?

12-02-2011, 03:27 AM
my first impression was that she looks so unhappy