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The Accordion
11-23-2011, 07:39 AM
Comments about Kevin focus on his hair. I don't recall anyone saying he was unattractive.

I think it's just healthy admiration. ;) After-all, most figure skating fans are women.

And keep in mind that men don't have to wear costumes which resemble bathing suits and focus the eye on their pelvis.

Also, we sure can't help but notice a gorgeous butt, but a goodly number of comments about how male skaters look refers to how handsome they are.

2 things about things:

1 Kevin is often called Ron Weasley - and that is NOT in a complimentary way and comments are made about his body as well.

And 2/ I am not judging anyone for talking about male figure skaters' bodies/ looks - just equating their comments with the kind of comments made about female figure skaters on BOTB.