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11-12-2011, 10:22 PM
I agree that the federation was never thrilled with Johnny being the National Champ but they had no choice until Evan started to find his stride.

Not to change the subject (but I will) since you brought up the equestrian dealy. How much would I LOVE to see him take it up again and contend in the Olympics. Age is way more on his side in that sport. As the Roaming Gnome says in a popular commercial right now, "Somebody get her a pony!" lol

11-13-2011, 01:47 AM
Reo, that's an interesting thought. I doubt that Johnny has ever ridden again since he had to make that difficult decision at a young age to choose between two sports since his parents could not afford for him to continue with both. He would have had to make a decision at some point regardless, if he wanted to be serious about becoming an Olympic competitor in either sport. I think once Johnny found such joy in skating, he felt he belonged on the ice even though he missed the horse he used to train on.

Now, I doubt Johnny would take up riding again seriously, although it might be interesting if he ever rides just for fun since there are a lot of places to ride with stables in the New York and New Jersey areas. His life is most likely probably too busy to even contemplate riding again though. It is a wonderful sport, especially if you love animals! And, lol, all skaters should probably practice riding to improve their on-ice posture! Riding horses is famously a therapeutic pastime for handicapped children.

Riding horses and figure skating -- wonderful activities, whether you compete or just indulge for pleasure.