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11-04-2011, 01:13 AM
Pj's all-time top 10: Ladies

http://www.cbc.ca/sports/figureskating/opinion/2011/11/pjs-all-time-top-10-ladies.html :lol:

Aussie Willy
11-04-2011, 01:21 AM
Thanks for posting. I love PJ's writing and she has a great sense of humour.

11-04-2011, 01:29 AM
A mix of best ever and good stories

11-04-2011, 01:32 AM
With the emphasis on Canadians and good stories, I'm surprised Joannie Rochette didn't make the list.

11-04-2011, 03:31 AM
I would have put Joannie in instead of Karen M. Yes, the emphasis on Canadians, but then that is PJ's main audience. It would be quite the competition that's for sure.

11-04-2011, 03:31 AM
she has her right to her opinion, but no Tara?, Mao? Kristi? Rochette? Slutskaya? Lynn? Owen? Colledge? Anybody else? 3 Canadian Ladies in that list of 10...yeah.... Honestly the fact that Hughes is on that list (nothing against, just not top 10 ) and the ladies I mentioned are not, it just seems like a list to please Canadians. :slinkaway

11-04-2011, 03:58 AM
I would have included Peggy, Kristi or Tara instead of Hughes. They all have OGMs but Peggy, Kristi and Tara are also National and World Champions, and had pro careers, whereas Sarah personifies one-hit wonder and her SOI stint was a disaster. Also, Hughes didn't "own" the entire SLC ladies event; she only owned the freeskate and got lucky that Kwan and Slutskaya flopped. She's a nice girl but top ten? Not even top twenty-five.

11-04-2011, 04:10 AM
Hughes? Really?

Well, that's her list I guess! Only 2 on this list (Kwan and Ito) would make my list. I think...

11-04-2011, 04:45 AM
Her list has 5 skaters with Canadian connections or roots and 4 obvious ones: Kwan, Ito, Witt, and Henie. The one I couldn't figure out was Dorothy Hamil.

I can imagine her top 10 men would be Chan, Orser, Cranston, Don Jackson, Browning plus some obvious ones like Plushenko, Dick Button. I wonder who the odd one would be.

11-04-2011, 04:49 AM
Barbara Ann Scott is number one? Well, that's certainly an interesting list.

11-04-2011, 04:55 AM
Sarah Hughes? Karen Magnussen? Elizabeth Manley? I'd replace them with Irina Slutskaya, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Joannie Rochette. And then switch around the order of finish.

11-04-2011, 05:10 AM
I can imagine what PJ's lists would be like in the other disciplines! You could probably come up with a more convincing top 10 out of the list of skaters who failed to make the cut here...

11-04-2011, 05:10 AM
Its funny how she mentions that Hughes had the stars align just right and gave the performance of her life on the one night it counted and then "never did it again" but yet she is in her top 10 and above some big names. LOL

Aussie Willy
11-04-2011, 05:15 AM
It is PJ's list. I am sure we would all have our own.

11-04-2011, 05:16 AM
No wonder Canadians and Canadian connections are so highly touted since everything great about figure skating such as CoP originates from Canada. ;)