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09-29-2011, 10:30 PM
I LOVE cooking and cookbooks. I typically end up with at least one new one each year. When I first started my cookbook collection, I went largely for the classics, like Better Homes and Gardens. Most of my recent purchases have been geared specifically to diffrent areas/types of cooking that I want to perfect my skills in. That said, I have Nigella Lawson's latest on my wishlist. :)

09-30-2011, 08:45 PM
LOVE cookbooks!

09-30-2011, 08:53 PM
The one for the Brennan's restaurant in New Orleans arrived today. It's a fabulous cookbook, as I remembered it - old-style, meaning no pictures. And the recipes! They use things like 1/2 cup butter...

Back when my husband worked in a good restaurant, customers would ask him how X was made, how Y was made, it was so good! So he'd tell them, and always start off with the quantity of butter, so he could see their faces. :lol:

09-30-2011, 09:07 PM
I cook from scratch and do some simple baking; lots of cookies, but nothing that requires too much effort. But I haven't bought a cookbook in years, and really prefer food blogs. I'm a vegetarian, picky (I try not to be, but haven't managed it yet ;)), and generally incapable of following a recipe without tinkering, so cookbooks are wasted on me - though I do enjoy the photography in some of them. With blogs, I can pick and choose the specific recipes that will likely work for me.

10-07-2011, 07:06 PM
I am totally food-obsessed so yes, I do buy cookbooks :) I try to limit myself to no more than 1-2 a year, both because they are expensive and because I don't want clutter in my house. I rarely cook from them but I do look through them often for inspiration. I'm a pretty good cook so for me it's more about getting ideas for flavor combinations rather than learning techniques. Most of my cookbooks are about international cuisines or baking, rather than the general "how to cook everything" type. I think nowadays a cookbook has to have a specific focus in order to be successful and not get lost in the herd. It's hard to compete with the huge number of books and specifically celebrity chef books that are out there if you want to publish a generalist "learn how to cook book".

The other thing I use cookbooks for is getting inspiration for food styling - I have a food blog which requires taking photos of my dishes. I suck at this so looking at the professional photography in cookbooks helps a lot!

Do you have a food blog? The newest craze in the cookbook world is bloggers turned cookbook authors. A blog is the perfect way to build an audience and advertise your own recipes. It would also give you an idea of whether there's a market for the type of recipes you want to publish.

You might want to check out this article on whether cookbooks still have an audience in today's world.

Out of curiosity, what kind of cookbook do you want to write?

Artistic Skaters
10-18-2011, 09:46 PM
I check out a different cookbook every time I go to the library. I only buy a cookbook if it has at least 10 recipes in it I know I will use multiple times - have to keep some room on those bookshelves & keep the clutter at bay. The cookbook I bought this year is the Tupelo Honey Cafe cookbook, which has a lot of uncomplicated but delicious recipes that can be easily made in the home kitchen:


10-19-2011, 02:10 AM
I only buy a cookbook if it has at least 10 recipes in it I know I will use multiple times

If you're going to use it multiple times, do you really need the recipe still? I use cookbooks for experimenting and ideas, but I would never base a purchase on something I would use multiple times, more likely it would be multiple recipes I would want to try once :lol: