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09-27-2011, 01:28 AM
Calling all Excel Experts!

My question is about Excel. I use a "conditional formatting" in a workbook, where one part of one column has the conditional formatting I want. And it's duplicated on each of the 20+ sheets I have in the workbook (plus I use the same formatting on 3 other workbooks as well).

I'm assuming there is a way to save that conditional formatting command, so all I have to do is call it up and transfer it to each sheet's column. It's just a little tedious to enter it each time, since it involves three conditions with formatting of each condition.

I think I researched it once, and I think I read mention of macros? To this day, I have no idea what a macro is, how to create one, or how to use one. I do know that sometimes I'd get a prompt saying the workbook I was opening is using macros, which could be harmful, and did I want to continue. I don't even know why a macro would be harmful. But I know that since most of what I know about Excel is self-taught (and asking questions of people like the experts here), I've probably avoided learning about macros cause of those prompts I used to get.

So, if the answer is "create a macro." Then, well, you're gonna have to take me through it step-by-step, and treat me like I'm a complete idiot (which I probably am). Not only will I need to know how to create it, I'll need to know how to use it.

I'm hoping there's a much simpler solution that what I'm fearing. LOL.

Erica Lee
09-27-2011, 01:37 AM
I'm not sure if this will work, because I don't have a spreadsheet handy to test it out - but give it a try and see:

Highlight a/some cells with the formatting you want, and copy it.
Highlight the cells that you want to have this formatting, then go to Edit --> Paste Special --> Paste Formats

09-28-2011, 02:55 AM
Hey cool! I think that works! I was able to get it to work within the same workbook, but I couldn't get it to transfer over to a second workbook, cause when I clicked "paste special" a different looking window pops up that doesn't give a Paste Formats option. But that's ok, cause each workbook already has at least one sheet with the conditional formatting I want in it, so I can just start there. I'll also have to make sure to highlight the entire field that I want to copy, rather than just a few random cells, seeing as it also transferred over the borders.

Thank you for your help!!

Erica Lee
09-28-2011, 04:42 AM
Glad it worked! You're very welcome!