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01-28-2012, 11:51 PM
OTTAWA Sidney Crosby has an injury to the C1 and C2 vetebrae, according to Sportsnet's Bob McCown and Elliotte Friedman of CBC.

Freidman, quoting Crosby's agent, Pat Brisson: "Sid did suffer a concussion, but last week, the possibility of two fractured vertebrae (C1 and C2) was discovered. A third doctor is being consulted to determine the exact diagnosis."

McCown said doctors expect Crosby is "heal and be ready for the playoffs," and that the injury was "apparently missed by Pittsburgh doctors."


01-29-2012, 08:36 AM
This could explain a lot about some of the things that Sid says he was experiencing. Still...It now makes sense why Sid was being sent to a Spinal specialist last week and how did the Pittsburgh docs miss this?

Hope he's able to come back.

On to far more happier things...

Anyone else watch the Skills Competition?

I would like to thank Carey Price for making me laugh so hard during the Breakaway event, I was crying *and* almost made myself sick. :D I'm still snickering about when Carey realized he could see what was going on behind him thanks to the reflection of the glass and decided to see if he could make a stop w/out having to turn around.

And he did too. :lol: :lol:

A close second was when he tried to wave off Jonathan Toewes. :D

The best part to me though? When Alfie was the final All Star to be introduced at the beginning of it all and the crowd knew it. All that was able to be heard was "ALFIE!! ALFIE!! ALFIE!!" I thought he was going to cry and the chills were just zooming down my spine too. Deserved too. :)

Oh and Congratulations to the Columbus Blue Jackets on the news the All Star Weekend will be down there this time next year. Hope they're able to put on a great show.

01-29-2012, 09:09 PM
Price was a hoot and they certainly picked the right person to mike.

As to watching the real game - I'm passing because some of my favs are on the "wrong" team -- Team Chara. Sorry guys, don't like Chara so won't be watching let alone cheering anyone on. I'm sure there are plenty of other things to watch.

01-29-2012, 10:25 PM
I'm watching the ASG...and Henrik Lundqvist is tweeting now that he's done playing. Good times.

02-03-2012, 06:20 PM
bump..sorry wrong thread...

02-10-2012, 06:10 AM
Scott Gomez *finally* scored for the Habs tonight after just over a year. :eek: :cheer2:

I'm glad for his sake...I'm as :rolleyes: as anyone over his 7M(!) salary but no one can want to "earn" it like that. Hopefully things will improve now the monkey's off his back.

02-25-2012, 01:09 AM
Hemsky re-signs with the Oilers for two years. I like it!

Things are heating up for deadline day - I love this time of year :D

02-25-2012, 03:14 AM
and with their win tonight, Vancouver takes 1st in the NHL :cheer:

02-25-2012, 05:05 AM
Hemsky re-signs with the Oilers for two years. I like it!

Evidently people within the NHL are furious at the Oilers for waaaayy overpaying Hemsky on this deal.

Deals like this are going to lead to a work stoppage in the near future. Thanks again Don Fehr. :mad:

02-25-2012, 03:18 PM
Hemsky re-signs with the Oilers for two years. I like it!

Well, someone using the Flames official twitter didn't like it. :lol:


02-26-2012, 03:10 AM
The amazing Coyotes have moved into the first place in their division, after beating Flames and Oilers on the road. Not so long ago they were at the bottom of their division. They have now won something like 7 out of 8 or 8 out of 9 games. The one game they lost was in a shootout, so they still got one point out of it.

02-27-2012, 04:06 PM
It's deadline day! Love it, even if nothing exciting is expected to happen. I kind of feel sorry for the TSN panel right now... they have hours to fill and not much content.

03-01-2012, 07:56 PM
Saskatoon has approached the NHL to be considered as a relocation possibility for a team.

03-04-2012, 10:32 PM
What? Nothing on the best news to happen in Toronto in three years?



*does happy dance a la Snoopy*

I have said for the last two years that Wilson was a big part of the problem w/the Leafs, but as he was Burkie's buddy, nothing happened. I still think if the fans hadn't decided enough was enough on Tuesday night and started that chant, he'd still be there. This also proves my hunch on the new ownership as well. I think that reaction for them was the final straw as well. Rogers/CTV depend on ratings. If the fans are turning on the coach in the actual arena, what's going on in homes across Canada?

I have this feeling this was a combination of things forcing Burke's hand, but I'm so glad it finally did.

And Welcome Home to Ontario Randy!!! :D

Not sure it was in time to make the Playoffs this year, but at least it was finally done!!

and maybe now Kadri might have a chance w/the big Club? Because Wilson sure wasn't going to give it to him...

03-29-2012, 07:40 PM
Not sure it was in time to make the Playoffs this year, but at least it was finally done!!

As of last night the Leafs officially did not make the playoffs. I'm a Vancouver Fan living in Leaf territory. I'm not well liked today :lol: