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09-28-2011, 05:13 PM
It's not on the list but I hear that Gerard Butler's new movie "Machine Gun Preacher" is very very good.

I saw it. Very interesting story, and raises some good questions (e.g., How and when is it acceptable for a Christian to resort to violence? Is it possible to go too far in a good cause?). Unfortunately, there's now some controversy (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2011/septemberweb-only/machinegunpreacher.html) surrounding the real-life Sam Childers.

09-28-2011, 05:14 PM
I watched and liked a film called "The Other Woman" with Natalie Portman and Lisa Kudrow. And though the characters were often unsympathetic I was riveted. Too often I think Kudrow is thought of only for her comedic talent but there is nothing funny about her character and her portrayal in this film and I thought she was fantastic. Portman was wonderful as well.

I saw this and actually preferred Portman's performance in this film to the overrated turn in Black Swan.

09-29-2011, 12:18 AM
Finally, The Constant Nymph (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035751/) is available on TV. It will be on TCM at 8pm EST. It's a wonderful, romantic, heartbreaking film with great music. Charles Boyer is miscast IMO (the part originally was to be played by Errol Flynn). It was based on a racy novel (for its time) written in the 1920s. I thought that because of some rider in the will of the author Margaret Kennedy. But they are showing tonight! Watch it if you can.

Music fans - the film's score is by Erik Korngold, and is groundbreaking for reasons I cannot remember or find right now.

09-29-2011, 04:19 AM
I saw this and actually preferred Portman's performance in this film to the overrated turn in Black Swan.

I agree. I'll take understated to overwrought any day.

09-29-2011, 01:51 PM
I agree. I'll take understated to overwrought any day.

In this case, yes.

09-30-2011, 12:59 AM
Hmm well I've been watching mini-series. Lace really was fabulous. The first part was much stronger than the second part. Also really strange how pagan seemed the oldest in school and yet as the adult especially with that short hair seemed younger that Lili (of course Cates was just one year younger than the actress playing Pagan). Nice and bitchy mini-series. I'm saddened there is a sequel as it won't be half as good and now I will have to find it somehow. (I don't like leaving things).

The other mini-series I've been watching is Hollywood Wives. I've been loving it. Entirely trashy but captures the glamour of Hollywood so well but also showing the seedy side as well. The first part is good but the second part gets even stronger as we head towards the party. I really can't wait for a third. I basically spoiled myself but this could have and would have been a fabulous TV Series. The hair, the make up, the clothing. Everything about it is just fabulous.

09-30-2011, 05:48 PM
Saw Contagion, Abduction, and Moneyball.

I liked Contagion as it was much more true to life of what would actually happen in a pandemic. It's not at all sentimental, though, so there's little emotionality evoked. In my head I would say this is a good portrayal if such an event took place, but emotionally it was quite dry. It's not a complicated movie, but it does appeal to one's thinking more than one's heart. Outbreak was more on the adrenaline rush side. I rewatched it after Contagion, and the lack of plausibility compared to Contagion made me like Outbreak much less.

Abduction was disappointing. The premise of the movie was very good, but it was executed poorly. I put the blame on the director and screenwriters though (with emphasis on the director). You basically have an action film which for some reason, the director decides should also be a teen angsty romance. Waaaay too much time was spent on that to the point where it not only distracted from the main storyline, it killed the movie as a whole. Combine that with the romance sections being over-wraught, badly scripted, poorly acted, and feeling generally awkward and distracting, and it killed what otherwise could have been a fun action flick. Just to give a sense, the audience began laughing at the romance scenes after awhile, which I doubt was the intended effect.

The other main problems with Abduction IMO were the storyline contradictions (who were the good and bad guys, and how that was treated in the end), along with the trite ending. It felt very forced and unconvincing.

Finally, I think Lautner just doesn't come across as a high school student at this point. Just let him play young adult roles--it suits him better.

Moneyball was by far the best of the three. Highly recommend it.

09-30-2011, 08:17 PM
A few more older movies deleted from my DVR:

Cedar Rapids (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9VspqcwtJQ) (starring Ed Helms of The Office and The Hangover movies, John C. Reilly, Anne Heche, Mike O'Malley from Glee and Sigourney Weaver). LOVED IT! So rare to find a movie that is both funny and sweet at the same time. This movie came out in February and made about 7 million at the box office. I don't remember hearing about it, but saw a preview while watching another DVD and then got it from the library. A definite hidden treasure.

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMuEnNxX1E8) - I LOVED these movies as a kid! Saw this one on one of our local stations and recorded it. Fairly straight-forward, simple story, yet much fun. :D Interesting to read about the making of the movie on the message boards at imdb.com and how much control Charlton Heston was given about this movie and the series. Which the producers eventaully overrode (as far as the series goes, anyway). Bonus feature: James Franciscus is HAWT! I'm going to eventaully get the rest of the series from some of the libraries in my area.

Rudy (Sean Astin, Jon Favreau, Ned Beatty, Lili Taylor) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDKOlH0I0nQ) - This is a movie I've heard people talk about for years, and I've been meaning to watch it for years! Finally did! It was a'right...maybe it's been built up so much over the years that I find it to be a little bit disappointing. (As an aside, who knew Sean Astin would look so good in his tight little jeans?? :lol:)

The Verdict (Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden, James Mason) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7je8_a7chkg) - Another one that I've been meaning to see for years. Good, but I set the bar high for Paul Newman movies. Wasn't one that I had to watch from start to finish...like Rudy, I watched it in bits and pieces over a week or so. Strange ending...

Abduction was disappointing.

Abduction has quite a good supporting cast (Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, Maria Bello, Dermot Mulroney). Were they wasted? Did any of them appear that they were there just to pick up a cheque? :lol:

...the director decides should also be a teen angsty romance.

I'm guessing everyone thought the Twilight crowd would demand it? I still wanna see this one, but will wait til the library gets it.

Finally, I think Lautner just doesn't come across as a high school student at this point. Just let him play young adult roles--it suits him better.

According to imdb.com, Taylor is 19, so still a teenager. He has such a babyface, I'll probably still think of him as a teen when he's 29!

09-30-2011, 08:50 PM
Wrt cast, the bones of a good movie were all there. But all seemed hampered by the script and directing, even Lautner.

I didn't think it was terrible though. I wouldn't see it again, but didn't feel like I wasted my money either. I thought the ending was weak, and that being the last impression, it weakened the overall movie. Otherwise I would have given it two and a half stars. With the ending I give it just two stars.

I realize Lautner isn't old. But for whatever reason he projects an age beyond high school. I don't know if it's his physique, or his energy level, or what. But in the scenes with his fellow high schoolers, to me he didn't fit in. In Abduction, his action scenes felt mature, like he could have been playing an adult (contrast with something like spy kids or even the clips I've seen if Hanna). I just think Lautner doesn't need a transition vehicle from teen flicks to adult action movies (which is basically what this movie was supposed to be)--he's ready for adult roles now.

09-30-2011, 09:36 PM
agalisgv you were much more kinder to Abduction than I was. Too me Lautner needs to start thinking of other forms of empoyment other than acting. And yeah Peter the supporting cast was excellent but did look like they were there to pick up a cheque.

Dream House
Saw this one today and went in with low expectations but the movie turned out to be better than I thought. It is a scary movie wannabe with a difference. Too bad the trailer gives away so much but it is worth seeing.

09-30-2011, 09:52 PM
Lautner's acting left much to be desired--I agree. But when even Sigourney Weaver and others look stilted in certain scenes, I tend to think it's perhaps an issue with script and direction.

But just to put it in perspective, Lautner's acting in Twilight was far superior to Abduction. So, um, yeah...

Thanks for the info re dream house. We were going to see it today, but i wanted to hear back from others first to make sure it wasn't a stinker. I had the sense that the big plot twist was already revealed in the trailer. Shame, but still seems interesting. It's not gory is it? Me no like gore.

09-30-2011, 11:10 PM
Nope not gory at all and best not say more before I spoil you more. :)

10-01-2011, 08:42 PM
October movies notes and trailers...

Fireflies In The Garden might finally be getting a release in the theatres, after x number of years. Maybe if they had bigger stars than Julia Roberts and Ryan Reynolds they could have gotten this one to us quicker! :lol: Actually, it's probably a movie that got stuck in limbo because of studio or legal problems. Which probably means the movie won't get promoted and end up in the sale rack at your local DVD store (umm...do they exist anymore?) How the mighty have fallen... (((Julia Roberts)))

Also, "The Double" (Richard Gere, Topher Grace and Martin Sheen) that was to come out in September, might get a release date on October 28th. Oh how the might have fallen 02... (((Richard Gere))) (Is there a "Pretty Woman" curse happening here? Should we ask the careers of Laura San Giacomo, Amy Yasbeck and Hector Elizondo? ;))

The trailers:

Oct 5 – Hell And Back Again (documentary about soldier returning from Afghanistan)

Oct 7 - Real Steel (action with Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Hope Davis)

Oct 7 - Texas Killing Fields (crime drama with Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Oct 7 - Blackthorn (western with Sam Shepard, Stephen Rea and Eduardo Noriega)

Oct 7 - Dirty Girl (comedy drama with new cast and William H. Macy and Milla Jovovich)

Oct 7 - The Ides of March (drama with Ryan Gosling , Paul Giamatti, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei)

Oct 7 - The Way (adventure drama with Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Deborah Kara Unger)

Oct 14 - Footloose (Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, Andie MacDowell and Kenny Wormald)

Oct 14 - The Thing (horror with Joel Edgerton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

Oct 14 - Father of Invention (comedy drama with Kevin Spacey, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville, Craig Robinson and Virginia Madsen)

Oct 14 - Trespass (thriller with Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage and Cam Gigandet)

Oct 14 - The Skin I Live In (Pedro Almodóvar drama with Antonio Banderas)

Oct 14 - The Big Year (comedy with Owen Wilson, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, Joel McHale , Jack Black, Dianne Wiest and Angelica Houston)

Oct 14 – Fireflies In The Garden (drama with Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds, Emily Watson, Hayden Panettiere, Willem Dafoe, Carrie –Anne Moss and Ioan Gruffudd)

Oct 14 – Chalet Girl (comedy with Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Brooke Sheilds and Bill Nighy)

Oct 14 – The Woman (horror with new cast)

Oct 21 - Paranormal Activity 3 (horror mystery)

Oct 21 - The Three Musketeers (action adventure with Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich, Christoph Waltz and Ray Stevenson)

Oct 21 - Martha Marcy May Marlene (thriller with Elizabeth Olsen, Hugh Dancy and John Hawkes)

Oct 21 - The Mighty Macs (sports drama with Carla Gugino, David Boreanaz, Ellen Burstyn)

Oct 21 - Margin Call (thriller with Zachary Quinto, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Stanely Tucci, Demi Moore, Simon Baker, Mary McDonnell, Penn Badgley and Kevin Spacey)

Oct 21 - Revenge of the Electric Car (documentary looking at the resurgence of interest in electric vehicles, featuring Danny DeVito, Stephen Colbert, Tim Robbins, Jon Favreau, Anthony Kiedis, Adrian Grenier and Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Oct 21 – Snowmen (family film with Ray Liotta, Christopher Lloyd and Bobby Coleman)

Oct 21 – Oranges and Sunshine (drama with Hugo Weaving and Emily Watson)

Oct 28 - Sleeping Beauty (drama with Emily Browning)

Oct 28 - In Time (thriller with Justin Timberlake, Cilliam Murphy, Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Johnny Galecki)

Oct 28 - Johnny English Reborn (comedy with Rowan Atkinson, Gillian Anderson and Dominic West)

Oct 28 - The Rum Diary (adventure drama with Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Giovanni Ribisi and Richard Jenkins)

Oct 28 - Like Crazy (romance with Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Kingston and Finola Hughes)

Oct 28 – Anonymous (drama with Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson and Derek Jacobi)

Oct 28 – All’s Faire In Love (comedy with Christina Ricci, Matthew Lillard, Cedric The Entertainer and Ann-Margaret)

Oct 28 – Janie Jones (musical drama with Abigail Breslin, Alessandro Nivola, Elisabeth Shue, Frances Fischer, Brittany Snow and Frank Whaley)

10-01-2011, 08:51 PM
Of those here are the ones I want to see:

The Woman
In Time
The Thing
Three Musketeers
Texas Killing Fields

10-01-2011, 10:23 PM
Just saw 50/50 and really, really liked it. In fact I would go back and see it today. The youngest guy on 3rd Rock From The Sun was in it. That was a sitcom I had almost forgotten about and some probably never heard of. I liked him then and now. It was a warm and funny and slightly sad look into the world of cancer and imperfect people. I say slightly because I do cry in movies and not everyone does.