View Full Version : Who will win the ladies Grand Prix Final?

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08-05-2011, 03:47 AM
Based on the level of womens skating last year things are wide open right now. Pretty much anything short of a Canadian (with Rochette out) winning the Grand Prix final can happen. Mind you someone who hasnt even medalled at World Juniors or U.S Nationals winning the Grand Prix final would still be a shockwave of sorts, even qualifying would be a surprise and a statement.

08-05-2011, 10:08 PM
With Miki and YuNa out -

I would think a somewhat consistent Kostner would take it.

And, I think a hungry Nagasu would be the best bet to challenge [I'm wondering if skating around Leah Keizer and her 3-3s is motivating Mirai ... would love to be a fly on the wall at FC's rink]

The Russians are all a muddle to me - I'm not completely sold on Sotnikova and Tuktymasheva [sp?] dominating, and I honestly don't think they'll come on like a tidal wave the way Mao and YuNa did in the '05 and '06 years. Their scores are very competitive, and they'll probably figure into the ranks of the top senior ladies, but they are not scary invincible juniors. Leonova might even be more of a factor, but was '11 Worlds in Moscow a one-shot deal? She's not the best at holding it together.

A rejuvenated Lepisto might be hungry and judges love her, but she's up and down, too. I fear her teammate Korpi has seen better days and is not on an upward trajectory.

IMO Czisny has almost reached her ceiling. I don't see her developing more speed and 3-3s, so she'll have to try hard to milk points in other ways. So, can she stay up there with technically ambitious ladies doing that?

Asada is the big mystery. She can either be on top or finish below all of the above. She's working on her technique, but how long will it take?

08-06-2011, 08:53 PM
I voted for adelina. It's probably not the case but given the way she was doing and was scored by judges - from what I recall, some of her marks from JGP circuit were even higher than winning mark from senior grand prix series - and how devastated and dreadful last year's senior ladies field was, I think it's possible.

But if carolina comes back with consistency, lutz, flip, and 3-3s, she's going to be the most contending lady. (Well, who wouldn't be lol)

I still have high hopes for Alissa. She literally blew me away with those programs and her fantastic execution of them. I think somehow her skating reminds me of good'ol time of 90s-00s.