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07-14-2011, 01:07 PM
The final "e" sounds like the "é" in Stéphane. The accent should be on the second "o".
the sound "ee" (like "bee"), is an "i" in italian.

Italian American folks with names ending in gione or lone seem to go different ways, depending on the region of origin. I hear JOAN-ee or LOAN-ee and JOAN or LOAN almost equally. My husband's family is a JOAN-ee. Regardless of the region, the accent is on the JOAN or the LOAN and the ee sound is tacked on at the end if the family uses it.

07-14-2011, 05:24 PM
They also changed Cassie's situation quite a bit, which made her really unsympathetic in my opinion. Making Bebe a lead and inserting a backstory didn't work for me at all. The new choreography was horrendous. I really wish they had let Michael Bennett had more influence on the film version. The only performance that really resonated with me was Vicki Frederick as Sheila. She was a Cassie on Broadway, but was to me, almost as good as Kelly Bishop as Sheila. Val is one of my favorite characters and Audrey Landers did okay, but she made Val seem stupid, which she isn't.

I couldn't agree more! Awful editing, sacreligious cutting of the glorious score and complete re-writing of the plot. All those ridiculous flashbacks to Cassie wearing that hideous hairpiece and the worst of all, the trivialisation of 'What I Did For Love'; originally written as a reflection of the dancer's sacrifices for their art, they just turned it into some meaningless love song for Cassie to angst over on a staircase!! :mad:

And don't even get me started on the ditching of 'Music and the Mirror' for 'Let Me Dance for You'!! :scream:. If ever a movie musical was crying out for a re-make to right a heinous wrong, this is it!!