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07-11-2011, 05:33 PM
Alexis Miart was doing a stop, twisted his ankle and all his body weight fell on the twisted ankle. He has seriously damaged his ankle, he has a fracture which will need to be operated on and he won't be able to set foot on the ice for at least 2 months.

07-11-2011, 05:38 PM
What a shame! :( Best wishes to him for a full recovery.

France's Zahorski/Miart were 4th in Junior Dance at 2011 Junior Worlds -- link to their ISU bio (they are ISU Junior age-eligible through the 2012-13 season): http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00012292.htm

07-11-2011, 06:11 PM
That sucks. Zahorski & Miart are such a promising team (not to mention Alexis is hotter than hell) and were supposed to kick ass at the JGP grand prix, this injury basically takes them out of JGP. So maybe they could opt for an early move up to Seniors and hope for the TEB host spot.

07-11-2011, 07:01 PM
That's extremely sad. :(

They definitely are the future of French ice dance.

I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he can get back on ice as soon as possible.

Great to know that they still have 2 seasons left in Juniors (thanks for that info, Sylvia).

07-12-2011, 05:12 AM
It's worse than first thought : ruptured ligaments, fracture and dislocation!

07-12-2011, 05:22 PM
Poor guy! They did so well this past season, hopefully he is a good healer and they will be able to get back on the ice soon.

07-12-2011, 10:36 PM
It's worse than first thought : ruptured ligaments, fracture and dislocation!

Ouch! I don't know enough about medicine to know whether or not this is an injury he can come back from. He's young and fit which always helps.

07-13-2011, 08:25 AM
He will have to sit out two months !

07-13-2011, 12:25 PM
It's worse than first thought : ruptured ligaments, fracture and dislocation!

Oh my god.... :(

I hope he can return to skating at all...

07-13-2011, 09:20 PM
Shitty news. Wish him back soon.

07-13-2011, 10:09 PM
How unfortunate! I wish him a speedy recovery.

Imperfect Edge
07-14-2011, 09:05 PM
Very sad to hear, wish him a speedy recovery

07-14-2011, 09:11 PM
that is so sad :(

07-14-2011, 09:55 PM
Here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhgLDaa19aw) is their free skate from Jr. Worlds if you want ample evidence of talented Alexis Miart is. Hopefully he will be able to recover from those compound injuries. :(

07-14-2011, 10:33 PM
Oh my God. That's too bad, such a promising couple.
I hope he will recover soon, and be back healthy.