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06-30-2011, 03:11 AM
I am behind watching on DVR, but ITA Miranda is spectacular.

Great dancer, but she leaves me cold.

06-30-2011, 03:11 AM
Since I didn't watch tonight, what dance/which choreographer did Caitlyn and Mitchell do/have?

They had samba with Jean-Marc, and it was really really good.

06-30-2011, 03:12 AM
Since I didn't watch tonight, what dance/which choreographer did Caitlyn and Mitchell do/have?

If I'm remembering correctly, they had a Jean-Marc Samba.

06-30-2011, 03:13 AM
Thanks for the info :) . I'll have to wait until it's on youtube to watch, but it sounds like it was really good.

ETA: It's already up on youtube :rofl: . After watching it,

- Mitchell has a major "male skater butt" :rofl: - who knew?

- Why did they decide to make Caitlynn's costume out of a bunch of Swiffers?

- Mitchell's hip action was pretty good, but he definitely needed to lower his center - he was up way too high for ballroom

- that music was beyond awful for a Samba :scream: . WhyTF do they refuse to use real Latin music for Latin ballroom? :wall: :rolleyes:

06-30-2011, 03:14 AM
They had samba with Jean-Marc, and it was really really good.

It was. Mitchell surprised me and Caitlynn is the new Courtney Galliano for me -- 1000 percent committed to every move and character even if I am not fond of her feet and line.

Ashley and Chris fell flat for me with a Sonya Piece that should have been killed. Least fave so far.

Sasha's posture is more hip hop than contemporary, but she has it factor. Best perf from Alex so far.

Melanie and MArko will get votes for the kiss alone. It didn't "sing" for me. Decent, but not magical.

06-30-2011, 03:20 AM
If I'm remembering correctly, they had a Jean-Marc Samba.

Just out of curiosity, why are they not using Tony and Kitty Forman Melanie LaPatin this season for ballroom? Are they doing SYTYCD Canada? Also, where is Jean-Marc's dance partner, France, this year?

06-30-2011, 03:22 AM
Just now watching. I thought Sasha and Alex were very good because they are very good dancers, but it was a very pedestrian routine.

Normally when I DVR it, I wait till all the dancers have gone, but I had to comment on Mitchell and Caitlynn. :eek: :respec: I was sort of :blah: with this team, especially, but that's more to do with Iveta being kicked off than anything this team is done. Mitchell was unbelievably fantastic--he did the part the girl normally does. My eyes watched him the whole time. I had to re-watch to see Caitlynn. And really, she was excellent too. Her hips were a-shakin' as hard as they could.

Mitchell being able to do that was even more shocking than Joshua's :eek: :respec: ballroom with Chelsie.

06-30-2011, 03:33 AM
They did an amazing job on the foxtrot. Amazing skill from them both.

Loved that!!!! :swoon: They are two of my favorites.

06-30-2011, 04:00 AM
I lurve Tadd.

Me too. Love him!

What a shock, I agree with AYS on everything.

06-30-2011, 04:19 AM
I didn't like either of Sonya's dances tonight but I think it was partly to do with her choice of music on the second one. The dancing wasn't bad. Even for Ryan. :P I was starting to warm up to Chris and Ashley after last week's dance, but they really didn't work for me this week. They just didn't sell that dance at all.

I really enjoyed everything else. My favorites:

1. Clarice and Jess - Fantastic. The most musical and polished of the night. And I thought their opening "get to know me" videos were the best of the bunch too. She was so freaking sweet dancing in front of her tv and I loved him waving to his mom instead of dancing. So typical.

2. Tad and Jordan - I loved their dance and thought they performed it really well. Very entertaining. Jordan really is a fantastic dancer when she's not trying to vamp it up. Tad is amazing.

3. Mitchell and Caitlyn - She was a little off on the musicality (but I blame the horrible music!) and a couple of the transitions were messy but overall the two of them really got the movement and character of the dance and they were waaaaay outside their comfort zones. Unlike a few other dancers...

4. Miranda and Robert - Did he do anything? That dance was all about her. Of the girls she's probably one of the best dancers but she's not as pretty as the others and it's probably losing her some votes.

5. Melanie and Marko - Two of my favorites but I didn't love this dance. Choreo was :rolleyes:, kiss felt like pandering and their movement needed to be a little crisper to convince me it was even remotely hip hoppy. Felt more like a staccato contemporary.

6. Sasha and Alex - I want to like them but feel they are mismatched. She dances everything so hard and he's so much more vulnerable and lyrical in his movement. I felt like she needed to bring some softer lines to this dance and she just isn't capable. I felt the same way about their dancing last week.

7. Ricky and Ryan - Better than Ashley and Chris but not great. Dancing was fine but it was like paint by number dancing. I wasn't feeling it as a whole.

8. Ashley and Chris - Didn't get it. Seemed they were just going through the motions, not performing.

06-30-2011, 04:22 AM
Ashley and Chris would go home if it were my call.

Much better with 3 dance judges and 1 celebrity. Celebrity is there as rah rah sis boom bah and Chenoweth filled the bill with a little substance too so I didn't mind her (despite all the shut the front door stuff).

06-30-2011, 04:42 AM
Finally caught up with the show and skipped most of the judges (except Cheno). I find it tends to increase my enjoyment of the show tremendously.

It's very difficult for me to put the performances in any sort of order. I thought the show was very good, with a couple of excellent surprises.

I thought the second group routine was much superior to the first one. By a LOT. I thought Jordan absolutely killed that routine, which is surprising. She's growing on me quickly and I found her very endearing tonight. She was the only one I sort of didn't like! Now I like all the girls! Gah!

The bottom couple for me was definitely Ashley and Chris. I haven't been feeling them much, even if they've gotten three dances in their wheelhouse. I didn't think they sold it as much as they should have. He was a favorite of mine after the top 20 intro show but he hasn't blown me away. The music didn't bother me. Billy Bell danced a solo to it last year during Vegas, IIRC.

I thought all the other couples performed very well. Marko and Melanie are still freaking adorable, but their routine was not all that, IMO. I blame Tabitha and Napoleon. I much preferred the woodpecker routine. They are still cute beyond belief and still a favorite couple of mine. And I don't think they're going anywhere.

Robert and Miranda were pretty fab. She's amazing and he's another one that's really growing on me! I now find him handsome and charming. They are great together and she's just a revelation.

Clarice and Jess might have had my favorite number of the night. She was incredible. They both were so crisp and precise. Loved them, even if I still find him annoying. I hope she stays for longer because I adore her.

Ryan and Ricky were great, I thought. Very committed to the piece. I loved them, even if I still think they could have better chemistry with one another. Now in this one, I thought the music got in the way.

I didn't think Sasha and Alexander's piece was spectacular but it's the best I've seen him dance. I liked it. I was really looking forward to Dee Caspary's piece, since he choreographed one of my favorite pieces (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crCzZrgL8N4). But I was disappointed. I still love them both, though.

Caitlynn and Mitchell were a surprise. He was a surprise. He could've been lower into the floor but he's got a lot of talent for Latin dances. He totally owned that dance. Their partnering was iffy, but they did well. He still annoys me, though.

Tadd and Jordan were cute. Nothing to write home about. She's growing on me. And he's just hot.

I guess my bottom three would be: Ashley/Chris, Tadd/Jordan and either Marko/Melanie (!!!!) or Sasha/Alexander (!!!!). But I thought it was a really good show so it's really tough to pick.

I think the bottom three will have Clarice/Jess and Miranda/Robert. If that happens, I'll be very sad.

06-30-2011, 04:47 AM
...Caitlynn is the new Courtney Galliano for me -- 1000 percent committed to every move and character even if I am not fond of her feet and line.

I think that's what I like so much about her as well. She's obviously just working her butt off and being absolutely fearless with every performance. I believe she's the youngest but it doesn't show.

06-30-2011, 04:49 AM
I have no idea who the scheduled guests are for the results show, but is anyone else hoping that Kristen Chenoweth will be performing tomorrow night?

06-30-2011, 04:50 AM
Except for Kristin Chenowith's "shut the front door" which is an expression I LOATHE, if we must have celebrity judges, can we have her every week? I like that she was nice but authoritative and would slip the occasional critique without going overboard. Double YAY for her defense of Alex, and triple YAY for her So You Think You Can Partner comment, because really, in the early weeks, that's a lot of it. Loved when Mary Murphy complained about the sound being too loud. I literally LOLed, especially as she screamed that at full volume.

Mary and Nigel have been reading their criticism re: Ryan and Ricky--it's RANDOM, we SWEAR!--getting contemporary/jazz every week versus Sasha/Alex and M/M, both of those have gotten styles other than contemporary. ;)

It's going to be interesting to see what the voting audience will do with this; I can see just about any combination. I really have two orders in my head for tonight--an order of the dancers I personally like and know from watching the whole time are fantastic and deserve to stay, and then a list of those I'd support if I was just tuning in tonight for the first time.

List to me in order of best to not-best (didn't think anyone was horrendously bad; this week for me was almost up to the first and definitely better than the second, save for CrappyTabs and their relationship dramazzz):

Clarice/Jess--I did not want to like him after the first week, but you can't help but love that routine. I'm with Kristin, best of the night by far. This was the first time I didn't notice the height difference and I watched both of them dance together instead of jealously coveting Clarice's fab legs.

Caitlynn/Mitchell--OT, but how many ways are there to spell Caitlynn? Mitchell had the performance of the NIGHT, but since they didn't move as well together, #2 spot it is. I have now officially forgiven America & the panel for saving her the first voting go round and the judges for saving Mitchell too. Lots and lots and lots of respect for Jean-Mark for choreographing not one but two spectacular routines.

Miranda/Robert I think these two have gotten the most diverse dance styles, and they've coped really well. Now that Robert has dropped the woo and acting like a 5 year old on pixie stix, I can see what a great dancer he is. Miranda is awesome. They talk about Ashley being a sleeper, but I think it's Miranda. If she doesn't make top ten, I'll :wuzrobbed and :wuzrobbed

Jordan/Tadd Enjoyable dance. He's delightful. She's not. I want them to make the top ten because of Tadd, but I'm :EVILLE: and sort of hope that she's the first girl voted out of the top ten. CrappyTabs should stick to lighter numbers like this or deliver a real hip-hop routine--they do that every once in a while and they're usually good--and save the relationship dribble for their therapist instead of...

Melanie/Marko It PAINS me to put them this low. Pains me, pains me, pains me. And it's all crappytabs fault. They did the best they could with what they had, but they are clearly NOT hip-hop dancers. This routine was just ridiculous, and the costumes hideous. I feel bad that this great team has gotten two horrible routines two weeks in a row. If they get another bad routine next week, I'm going to make many pointless ultimatums. Though if they get another one and they still make it look not-that-awful, I say we should just have a dance off on the spot between them and Sasha for the crown.

Sasha/Alexander This was good, but forgettable. They danced very well, but I don't know--if I was tuning in for the first time tonight, I'd be wondering why they were raving about her, when it's Alexander that's the dancer. Like M/M, it hurts to put them towards the bottom, but it was just boring. Contemporary/jazz/lyrical hip-hop schlock.
Not their fault, but I think M/M did more with what they were given than they did.

Ashley/Chris I kept wishing this was Kupono or Mark and Courtney doing this routine. It had a lot of potential I think; I want to see this routine done by dancers with more charisma and more ability to commit to a role. Sonyah was freakin' robbed by the dancers she got this week. ((((Sonyah)))) I was so happy Ashley made the top 20, loved her audition, but she just has no spark/shine on the big stage, and Chris was always a kind of WTF for me. I'd be OK with losing either of them tomorrow, though right now, I'm blaming Chris. I would be lackluster dancing with him too.

Ryan/Ricky Great concept, bad routine. The tongue bathing for these two needs to stop. When Clarice can do a beautiful foxtrot like she's been doing it all her life, Ryan could at least do better in her own style. I see Ryan more as cheerleader #4 in Bring It On: I've Brought It Six Times Before, Is This Time Really Necessary? I can see that she's a good dancer, but she can't carry the main part. Ricky is a great dancer--I'd like to see him with someone else. Maybe tomorrow, they'll get rid of Ryan and Chris. I'd like to see what Ashley and Ricky could do with an upgrade in partner.