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I reckon there will be plenty, will start with this one
I teach skating and living by Polyanskaya (http://mk-piter.ru/2011/06/23/032/) (btw, follow the link, there are some photos)
Moskvina used to be a star in pairs skating. She used to skate with Mishin, who, just as herself, became a star coach. They went though alot as sportsmen and coaches and understand exactly what their pupils feel.

For her pupils Tamara is a second mother. Not only she teaches them to skate, but to live as well - how to talk to the teachers in the uni, how to build relationships with friends, how to plan the budget and create an image. She did forbid her pupils to congradulate her though. She is not summing up anything either. She agreed to share her best memories with the newspaper.

The costume made from underware, dancing on a sand.
My mother made my first skating costume from my father's underware. It was a white padded material. She coloured that in pink later. The skates were someone else's - very high, almost reaching my knees. Before the competition we coloured it with the tooth powder. We skated in `Iskra' and `Dinamo' rinks. In `Dinamo' the rink was made on the tennis courts. If the autumn was snowless and then the frost came the sand would be visible through the ice. It was breathtakingly beautiful to do the figures as if on the sand. My second coach (and a future husband) Igor Moskvin was a member of `Dinamo'. I started skating at the age of 10, which was considered early back then. The generation before me started at 16, and that before them at 22.

First salary
Once a movie maker from `Lenfilm' approached my first coach Ivan Bogoiavlenski and asked for skaters for a thene where a main hero does something with the skaters in the background. We were gathered, said we have to do sit spins and various elements. It was fun. But I remembered that we were payed so much that I could buy myself suitable sports shoes.

There was no time to coach my daughters.
When I started training under Moskvin I was 16. We got married when I was 23. So all the romance with the others was over by the age of 20. His proposal did not come as a surprise. We had a big wedding. Took out the furniture from the parent's flat, put tables instead, borrowed chairs from all the neighbours. We decorated the walls with medals. We cooked lots of tasty things. Then the daughters were born. They tried skating as kids, but we were coaching the national team and didn't have time to teach them the basics. The younger one is an economist, she graduated from Columbia uni, the older is a linguist graduated the St. Petersburg uni.

`Bielmann' named after Moskvina
When I was still in the uni I saw a gymnasts competition. And there was that move when she grabs the free leg with both hands and moves it to her head. I tried the same on the ice. Even performed it at the Europeans at 1960. Many years later when I was already a coach Denize Bielmann learned my element. She was very flexible. Bielmann became a champion and became well known. The element was named after her. I don't mind, there is no intellectual ownership in the sport anyway and it's hard to figure who was first in what anyway.

Figure skating - an easy job.
Between the competitions we met the working groups. We visited factories etc. We skated and told about ourselves. It was very important for our own growth. We saw the hardships of the others. For example we went to (am not sure what is it) factory. Compared to what they do gliding while holding hands with a boy in a nice costume in a warm stadium was shocking. We started looking differently on what we do. There was responsibility. We overlooked our appreciation to our own and the others labor.

Berezhnaya's heroizm.
Lena went through a horrible thing. While performing a parallel spin the partner started gliding towards her loosing the centre. By accident he hit her with the blade. The fact Berezhnaya came back after her accident tells much about her spirit. First there were even no talks about her coming back to the sport. Anton Sikharulidze and I agreed we will help Elena to walk again so she can find herself something to do with her life. WE didn't even hope she will be back on the ice, never mind competing again. The doctor said she sould be taken back to where she was successful and things will go back to her. When Elena and Anton started skating I was afraid to even look at them. I was just thinking `Careful! Careful!' But then everything came back and worked out for them - they won the Gold in SLC 2002.

more to come...

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She is one Of the most amazing women ever!

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Right, continuing

Teaching secrets.

I keep in touch with most of my pupils, but have different relationship with them. Some are more open, the others are trying to hide their private lives, studies, relationships. But the coaches know what is going on and I usually guess. Say, someone drops out from the uni and am told about it as a huge secret. So I pretend as if I didn't know. After the season is over I ask `So, are you staying for the exams? Wouldn't it be wonderful - another year and you'll have your diploma. See Smith, he haven't graduated and has a lower salary. Silly boy!'. I can sometimes even call the parents to another city and advice them what to do with the child. Sometimes I think then `God, why did I ever get involved?' but then understand, that as a teacher I have to teach my pupils not only skating, but life skills as well.

Instead of a morning fitness - working in a garden.

I don't do morning excersizes. I like long walks but even then I try to be productive, for example speak on the phone. The routine was formed by the sport : early mornings and early nights, I can't sleep during the day. In my free time I like going to the theatres, listening to the music or just sit under a tree in my summer house, smell the flowers and think of life.

My holidays are my workdays.

I never do sums up. And don't want to celebrate my birthday. Guys, we have so much to celebrate! As a nation, as sportsmen, the friends birthdays. Someone had a successful skate, someone took a medal - we celebrate. I got so tired of all the celebrations, that a day with no celebration is a celebration. so please, do not celebrate my birthday. It's not a good enough reason to gather. Those who do want to congradulate me - don't spoil your summer vacation, don't bother with the presents, just be near me during my life. It would be the best present for me.

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Some video from the celebration

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM_chbcQ_mQ doing lifts
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhsSIPlNXxs doing lifts with Moskvina.

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I reckon there will be plenty, will start with this one

Some video from the celebration

Thank you both, very much. :)

The woman is simpley amazing.

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She is the best! Thanks for the videos and translations.

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She has to be one of the most incredible women on earth. Like seriously. On EARTH!!! she transcends 70

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Love the videos. She is just an amazing woman. You would not believe she is 70.

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Thank you for the translations and the video links. Tamara is amazing! :encore:

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Andrey Simonenko talks to Moskvina: I have to make my skaters' dreams come true (http://rian.ru/interview_sport/20110626/393477403.html)
AS: Tamara Nikolaevna, early at the spring, just before Mishin's birthday you said: the pupils are what keeps you on the ice rink for more than 40 years now, makes you come to the same place day after day. For you they are not some John and Jack, but pupils.
TM: The pupils are someone else's children. We have children of our own. And someone is teaching them. I worked as a lecturer for 15 years and developed that attitude - am an educator who advices, teaches and spends a huge part of their lives with them. And I would love that life to be happy, fun and satisfying. And this is how you relate to them - they are pupils who one day will become colegues. Who you want to commmunicate with on the same language. And, most importantly, you want them to go into the real life as a whole persons.

AS: Some claim the coach has to be a bit in love with the skaters. What do you think?
TM: There might be something in that saying. When rasing a pupil it is alot like painting them. Or sculpturing them. As for me I'm... all the youngsters... well, guess I don't love them, but I respect them a lot. Besides, the pupils is the means to connect my motivation to teach to the viewers. If my job is done well they will present it well.

AS: Do your relationship with the students change within time?
TM: Yes. When you become older you are more experienced, the priorities change. And you start being a bit annoyed with them. Let's take an example: someone is late to the training. And I think: so he's 18y.o. What could he possibly do yesterday? Went to some stupid concert.. and so on and so on... When did he wake up? An hour before the training. And here is the dilemma: on one hand I shouldn't be too forgiving, on the other not to pick on them too much. And it's not only about being late. You can't critisize them all the time: you didn't do that well, you didn't move your arm all the way...

AS: How do you solve the dilemma?
TM: Easy. You can say: damn you for not doing this or that, or you can say: well done, the way you managed to get back into the timing. So on one hand I payed a compliment, but on the other he realizes he had to catch up, so from the very beginning he made a mistake. I.e. I come up with the ways to speak to them in a non offensive way, so it won't get in the style of `I'm the boss, you're an idiot' but to put them on the same level with me. They realize they are respected but at the same time tutored. Some get offended anyway, but then I talk to them and say: Ok, so I'll only pay you compliments on how well you executed things. What would be the point? Are you a newbie? You are. What is your sport rank? None. What kind of coach are you? None. Why did you come to me? To gain knowledge. I have to teach you everythign. So don't take my words as a punishment or accusation, just listen. Do as I say and we'll see how it'll work out.
more to come....

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Gerboldt's form in the lifts is improving a lot, btw!