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06-25-2011, 02:15 AM
I watched, since there's no Amazing Race. I like it enough to continue watching. Definitely agree, they should have had to all dig their own wells.

Carmen Ovsiannikov
06-25-2011, 05:20 AM
Well, we're sort of obliged to watch in this house, as the host is the Nephew of Family Friends, so...:)

.....I'll check it out again next week as I think it's got promise.

Dave Salmoni, Nephew of family friends? .....:swoon:

Seriously though, I love Dave's programs on both Animal Planet and Discovery Channel as well as his work with animals and would watch even if I thought he was homely.

I admit that I watched last night in support of Dave but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Some of the comments made here and elsewhere do make me wonder how the ratings were and if they were decent will that continue. I liked Expedition Impossible because it's not like Amazing Race. I'm suprised (but pleased) that with Mark Burnett as the producer he didn't play up the drama and try to exaggerate personalities and any friction between the competitors. However it seems that that is what many people want to see. I'm wondering how Expedition Impossible can compete with the other programs.

I liked that Dave was more laid back and didn't try to take over the program. The focus was more on the competitors. I'll definitely watch again next week.

Right before watching I saw that Wipe Out was on and I commented to myself that it seemed like a weak lead in. Guess I was wrong as the ratings for Wipe Out apparently were very high.

06-25-2011, 05:30 AM
I don't know Dave. It's his Uncle and Aunt we know, but close enough for my Sister to call three times and e-mail me five times to remember to watch yesterday. Sigh...This is one of those times when I *know* for certain that's my Sister's Dad's side of things showing itself, because she does tend to get a tad fussy and panic-filled about such stuff. :rolleyes:

Carmen Ovsiannikov
06-25-2011, 05:59 AM
AragornElessar, :lol:. Ah family.......

06-25-2011, 07:57 AM
AragornElessar, :lol:. Ah family.......

Tell me about it. As my niece says..."Can't live w/her, can't kill her either." ;) :lol:

Anyway...Just deleting stuff from my Inbox and came across the mailing from Variety.com of Thursday night's ratings. The top five...

Show(Network) Rating(18-49)/Share Viewers(Millions)

1 Wipeout (ABC) 2.3/8 7.4

2 Expedition Impossible (ABC) 2.3/7 7.0

3 So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) 1.9/7 6.3

4 The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 1.7/6 7.1

5 Rookie Blue (ABC) 1.6/5 5.8

Sorry for the messy formatting, but I did my best fixing it. Regardless, not a bad start for it.

06-25-2011, 03:04 PM
I watched and thought it pretty good ...except for that "counting" part of the show {{{shudder ... I HATE snakes}}} where hubby had to tell me when it was OK to look and as soon as I did they showed the darned things again. arrrrghhhhh!

I would watch again should I remember it is on.

06-25-2011, 04:11 PM
I thought the show was slow, especially for an "adventure show."

06-29-2011, 03:06 AM
I caught the opening eppy on its Saturday re-run, saving me from online viewing, which I hate even though I've got a big ol' monitor.

Liked it, didn't love it. Hoping to see more meat on subsequent challenges, so that the entire show isn't merely who can hike best.

The good:

Beautiful cinematography!

:grope: Eye candy! (Take note, Amazing Race.) I'm having horribly shameful thoughts about Ricky, one of the footballers, and at least one country boy and one fireman were both :swoon: ... lead fab was a cutie too.

Capable teams. I think I love "Team Gypsy", like teams Kansas and blind melon, and respect Fab 3 for lead Fab's strong minds (while :blah: about the team name, the "outfits", and the now-tiresome reality competition show mantra -- "we're gay and everyone will be surprised that we're strong" ... that just needs to go away pronto).

Akbar (footballer) talking ... and talking and talking. I don't know why, but I :lol: that he had seemingly 25 candids during this episode. Props to him for giving (a post-water hole challenge) candid where he gives his then strong ridicule at the thought of water being under the sand. Of course that soundbite was used "before" the footballers joined in on the water getting at said hole. :P

The bad:

There are obviously cannon fodder trios here! I think it's fine to put in older demos, but why can't they be better cast/more contending? I can think of ten over-55 acquaintances off the top of my head who are in better shape than "Grandpa" and "Mom" from this cast. They will be gone quickly, as will the firemen (chubby guy will be their early death). Curious about the ability of the other two all-girl teams, Kansas and Cali Girls, and thinking that the one Country Boy's problem was temporary heat-stress. We'll see.

The ugly:

The Latinas were ridiculously prepared. I've read about the preparations that teams were supposed to undertake before starting the expedition. I'm thinking at least two of these three girls did none of that, and I'm also sure that said preparations frowned upon flimsy lacy outfits for hiking. Thank goodness that the Rosie Perez sounding one won't be screeching at me any more this summer.

The host. Yeh, he's awful. He and this series would be better served if his commentary and bathmat-esque welcoming of the teams were NOT so similar to our Phil's.

07-01-2011, 02:00 AM
New show. I'm betting Grandpa's warriors will be last. Hmmmm....this is going to totally depend on who knows how to ride. Clearly, a lot of them don't. :eek:

07-01-2011, 02:15 AM
One of these guys is blind! I can't imagine what kind of liabilty release he had to sign.

07-01-2011, 02:17 AM
One of these guys is blind! I can't imagine what kind of liabilty release he had to sign.

I know!!! Could you imagine if the horse went into a full run while he was on it!!

I admire this guy.

07-01-2011, 02:22 AM
This is way more of an endurance race than AR. And they have to have good critical thinking skills. So far, the Country boys are dominating this leg.

I'm rooting for the blind guy. Now, he's got to kayak down a river for four miles.

Carmen Ovsiannikov
07-01-2011, 02:29 AM
I'm enjoying this weeks episode even more than last week and rfisher, I'm with you in hoping the the blind guy (I really need to remember his name) ends up winning.

I'm probably one of the few who has no problem with Dave Salmoni's style of hosting. Being that he's basically the narrator and is only seen at the beginning and end I'm not sure how else he's supposed to act.

07-01-2011, 02:32 AM
His name is Erik. I paid attention the last time they had him on camera. I am so impressed with what he's doing.

The Gypsies are going to be hard to beat. They seem to have really prepared for the show.

Catherine M
07-01-2011, 02:45 AM
Gypsies and Country Boys did great on that leg.

There are so many random teams that I have no idea who the hell they are!