View Full Version : Adam Rippon to be coached by Jason Dungjen at Detroit SC

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06-29-2011, 08:21 PM
This quote from the recent Phil Hersh article..may have referred to Adam

Lysacek, who turned 26 on June 4, has not competed since the Vancouver Olympics. But throughout last winter, when he was on tour with Stars on Ice, the skater from Naperville frequently would call Carroll to say how much he missed skating and intensive training for competition. The coach sensed Lysacek was thinking about a comeback.

Another skater recently had asked Carroll about training with him. The coach would not take that skater if Lysacek wanted to try to compete again, so Carroll told Lysacek he needed to make a decision by mid-June.

Thanks for citing this. Obviously, this is the reason that Frank wouldn't take Adam. Evan is his first priority, as he should be, tho I would have loved to have seen Angel Boy with my favorite coach.