View Full Version : Good tax news for volunteer animal rescuers

06-13-2011, 05:39 PM
Cat Lady Beats the IRS (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304778304576377744105236346.html?m od=WSJ_hp_mostpop_read#articleTabs%3Darticle)

In his 42-page decision, Judge Morrison agreed with many of her arguments. He allowed her to deduct most of some bills and half of others for care of the feral cats, ruling they were unreimbursed expenses incurred to help a charitable group in its mission. He curtailed the total deduction somewhat—the amount isn't yet clear—because she didn't have a valid letter from the charity acknowledging her volunteer work for expenses of $250 or more. The judge declined to comment.

It could actually be a good ruling for charities that are not animal related. If you get a valid letter from the charity acknowledging your contribution you could be safe in deducting expenses.

This could easily become an abused area of tax deductions and charities are going to have to make sure they have some procedures in place before issuing letters. If a charity is blanket issuing a letter, they could put themselves and others counting on that letter in some hot water.

Garden Kitty
06-13-2011, 05:45 PM
Good for her. Volunteers like this do such important work, and often incur a lot of unreimbursed expenses.