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08-01-2011, 09:34 AM
I think I read somewhere that yesterdays broadcast was just a 'taster' if you like and that the full version featuring everyone will be aired next Sunday 7th so I guess we'll see Adam, Mirai, The Kerrs, Joannie, Jeff's Elgar etc next week?

08-01-2011, 09:49 AM
Okami on GSF posted the full lyrics of "Jupiter". The EX is dedicated to all the people affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

I vow to thee, my country, all earthly things above,
Entire and whole and perfect, the service of my love;
The love that asks no question, the love that stands the test,
That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best;
The love that never falters, the love that pays the price,
The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice.

I heard my country calling, away across the sea,
Across the waste of waters she calls and calls to me.
Her sword is girded at her side, her helmet on her head,
And round her feet are lying the dying and the dead.
I hear the noise of battle, the thunder of her guns,
I haste to thee my mother, a son among thy sons.

And there's another country, I've heard of long ago,
Most dear to them that love her, most great to them that know;
We may not count her armies, we may not see her King;
Her fortress is a faithful heart, her pride is suffering;
And soul by soul and silently her shining bounds increase,
And her ways are ways of gentleness, and all her paths are peace.

08-01-2011, 10:01 AM
the full version featuring everyone will be aired next Sunday 7th so I guess we'll see Adam, Mirai, The Kerrs, Joannie, Jeff's Elgar etc next week?

It would be great! Thank you. :)

08-01-2011, 10:12 AM
Thanks for the lyrics Galaxy. I Vow to thee is a very popular hymn here in the UK; it was the favourite at the late Princess Diana and was sung at her wedding and funeral.

It is interesting that Mao is the one who chose this rather than Lori. It has the perfect sentiment for what her exhibition is intended to be - a tribute to all those affected by the Japan tsunami.

08-01-2011, 03:13 PM
The Ice 2011 tour had a total of eight shows, started in Nagoya with four shows, one charity show in Hchinohe, and three in Osaka, and I went to the final show in Osaka on Sunday. They taped this show and said it will be aired on August 7th.
It was my first time to attend a real ice show (not that I have been to any competitions before). Seeing a proper figure skating show live was so much different from watching it on TV. I was so glad I made a last minute decision to go when I was lurking this forum last night. Thanks FSU.
Here is my first attempt to write a report. Please do not feel offended if any of my writings is incorrect, given that 1) this is my first skating report, ever (I need to start somewhere), 2) my knowledge in figure skating is no more than the names of the skaters, and 3) I broke my eyeglasses last week and have not bought the replacements.
I will write what (I think) I saw and what I felt from the show. I think I saw a lot of quads and triple axels from men. And I think, in general, I enjoy spread eagles, ina bauers, and skatings done in pairs.
**Warning** My English teacher says my writing is wordy with lots of grammatical errors.

08-01-2011, 03:33 PM
Opening – Clair de Lune and Power to the people
Clair de Lune. Mao started to skate in the dark, wearing white dress. 9 skaters (it was in the dark I could not tell who) also in white dresses came out, and as Mao skated around them the small lights the skaters holding lit. It was both beautiful and sentimental. Mao’s recorded message about the quake and the tsunami was played in the arena. 

Right after the last message “Nihon ni Genki wo (means Power to Japan)” was shouted, the light was turned on and music was changed to “Power to the People.” All the skaters came out to the rink, and as the name was called out the skater joined the wheel (like synchronized skating) .

Marin Honda
She is about 9 or 10 years old. A lady sitting next me scared me when she stood up and shouted “Marin-chan” right before the music started. I think I saw a triple? and 2-2-2 besides other jumps. In the end, she did a sit spin and ended with Y (I?) spin. She was so cute and fast, and she grabbed people’s attention.

Takahiko Mura - Neutron Star Collision
His triple axel was huge. He is a masculine skater. Very dramatical.

Narumi Takahashi and Mervin Tran – Imagine (piano piece)
Narumi is flexible. Their throw jump seemed little bit small. Then, only other pair in the show was Pang and Tong, and maybe it is not fair to compare theirs to. Anyway, it was a lovely and cute performance.

Adam Rippon
I think he opened with a triple axel. I am sorry I don’t know how to tell what other jumps he jumped. I was happy and excited to finally get to see him skate live as I have seen him skate in many competitions on TV.

Mirai Nagasu – Sweet Dreams, Beyonce
I did not know the name of the song, but it kept saying “beautiful nightmare,” so I googled and found out. The MC said later that Mirai herself choreographed it. It was very hip and she danced nicely. My seat was not close to the rink, so I preferred skaters keep skating around than stop and do cool moves. But if I had better seats I would have enjoyed the dance more and more. The show on Sunday had many slow songs, so it was fun to have fast music. In the end of the performance, Mirai said in Japanese, “Nanda, Yume dake dattan da.” It means “Oh, it was only a dream.”

Yuzuru Hanyu
I thought he did triple axel triple axel in sequence, but everyone says it was quad-triple axel sequence. What do I know? MC mentioned after the performance about two triple axels and a quad. It was a flawless performance. He did not seem to lose any stamina until the end as sometimes seen in his competitions. He was really good. Standing ovation.

Sinead and John Kerr – A Beautiful Mine (Mad Men)
They both wore white shirts with ties and dark trousers. I was happy to see the famous lift that Sineard lifts John in upside position. There were many other interesting moves, such as Sinead air walks while John carries her in her waist. I think I like watching ice dance. The Japanese TV should show more ice dance. Some standing ovation.

Yuzuru, both Takahiko, Florent, Adam, and Charlie – Moves like Jagger
Jeff picked the song and choreographed. They all wore white T shirts and jeans.

Kanako Murakami
The song was sung in Spanish or Italian (or something similar). I used to think she was a bubbly cute girl skater, but she was a lady skater yesterday and I was impressed how a girl can mature so quickly in the performance.

Mao and Jeff – A Whole New World
This is the 5th year since The Ice started. Fans picked the top 5 memorable moments from the past shows. A Whole New World was chosen as the most memorable.
5th - Mao & Mai 2010
4th - Mao & Plushenko, Jump (Van Halen)
3rd - Opening of 2010 show
2nd - Mao & Jeff, True love’s kiss
1st - Mao & Jeff, A whole New World
After they showed the video of the top 5, Jeff came out and started skating to A Whole New World. Then, Mao Joined. Mao’s hair and blue dress was nice and she looked really pretty. I like the way Jeff skates. Standing ovation.
And, it was the end of the 1st half show.

08-01-2011, 04:02 PM
Beautiful and I love 'I vow to thee my country' anyway but can I just say :cheer: for the white boots? Wheeeeeee!!

A beautifull song of Libera


08-01-2011, 04:06 PM
Thanksmate, thank you so much! :cheer2:

08-01-2011, 06:58 PM
And, it was the end of the 1st half show.

thank you so much for the excellent review! didn't realize jeff choreographed 'moves like jagger' -- love it. the song is still stuck in my head!

did you also see the 2nd half of the show?

08-01-2011, 07:24 PM
Your report is very much appreciated, Thanksmate, and I'd like to read more! :)

Triple Butz
08-01-2011, 08:36 PM
http://www.youtube.com/user/theiceCTV#p/c/E7DCD0DAC95D8812/2/pvf0KIEvryo Hanyu's 3A+3A+SEQ is awesome. Now someone teach this kid what to do with his arms and there's a definite possibility of a world champion!

08-01-2011, 09:03 PM
Mao :swoon: :swoon:

Skate Talker
08-01-2011, 09:17 PM
Looks like it was a really great show. Asada is just glowing - I don't think I have ever seen her look this happy. Hope she can bring some of this to competition next year. Also have to say the costuming, particularly for her Jupiter number, is much more flattering than many of her competition costumes that make her look hard. Here she looks light as a feather and so graceful.

08-02-2011, 12:36 AM
I simply love Mao's new exhibition programs she really expresses the music perfectly, and her moves are so graceful and the music choice is perfect! I also really love all the details!
Mao also seems much healthier now, which is great to see after seeing how sickly thin she was at worlds. can't wait to see her other programs!

08-02-2011, 01:30 AM
Mao is a treasure. Love, love the Jupiter program.