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06-08-2011, 03:58 AM
She blew it out of the box but I guess when I was used to her on American Idol and what she sang on broadway is what I was hoping to see more of. I'm voting my arse off for her, I'm hoping her and Patrick Thomas make it. He's a great singer and adorable

John 3 17
06-08-2011, 04:21 AM
Of the artists that performed tonight, I only liked Dia, Patrick, Xenia, and to a lesser degree, Lily. Of these, I really LOOOOOOVE Dia!

I like Xenia, but she sounds so limited, like I want to take the lid off and also, I wish she'd breath more; I feel a little suffocated listening to her. BUT, I like her better than any of the belters, of which there are way too many, imo.

Of the belters, I like Frenchie the best and then Jared (I like that Jared can do a little falsetto, it makes him unique).

I've been watching since ep #1 and really like it for the most part except that too many belters made it over some good singers.

-Bridget :)

06-08-2011, 04:25 AM
OMG, that Team Xtina performance was fantastic. Despite all the belting, their voices melded really well.

06-08-2011, 06:01 AM
I liked Frenchie's performance too. And agree Lily is prob. out. Xenia was good in her solo and iffy in the group. She's so young and deer in the headlights! Still she has a good voice and should prob. stay. So glad we get to hear the coaches perform!

06-08-2011, 06:16 AM
For me Dia was the standout tonight. She simply must stay! :kickass:

Bev was in fine voice, although she pretty much just sang the ME song straight. Raquel was ok.

Didn't care for Xenia last time I heard her, and even less now. She's not soup, at least not yet, and the "I have no confidence" storyline has gotten :yawn:. As for Lily, the less said about her the better. I don't remember much about the guys.

And most importantly, what number can I dial to vote off Cee-Lo's new mustache? :scream:

06-08-2011, 06:56 AM
God, how annoying and unprofessional for them to bicker like that. Shut up and judge lol.

Yeah. The joking banter is fun, but I thought that Adam was rude and obnoxious during that exchange where he told Christina to shut up.

Overall, though, I really like the judges. It was hilarious when Blake chose "This Love."

I thought Team Christina won the night, especially with that rendition of Lady Marmalade. I'd like to see Beverley go through, but I suspect it will be Raquel and Frenchie.

From Blake's team, I really like Xenia's voice, but she's just not ready and doesn't have the stage presence. I don't know why they chose that song for her. I think it will be Dia and Patrick. Not a fan of "I Hope You Dance," but he did do a better job with it than Scotty McCreary. :lol: I think Patrick could walk away with the title. He'll definitely beat out the pig farming sisters. :lol:

06-08-2011, 07:30 AM
I love when I come to the thread after the show has aired on the West Coast and wonder if I saw a different show than everyone else :P

The only numbers I wrote down were for Dia and Beverly - Dia won tonight, hands down. There were some other performances that were very good but also lots of mid-song clunker notes.

I can't believe people are raving about Raquel. :huh: She was the worst of the night, BY FAR. Pitchy as all get out from start to finish, and the dancing really screwed with her breath control. when Xtina stood up I thought she was going to run onstage and try to save the performance. :yikes: Xenia is way out of her league in this group, but she sang much better than Raquel did.

I also thought the Queen medley was a mess :shuffle: Adam was massively off key in the beginning, and it was a terrible song choice for Cee-Lo. I actually enjoyed Blake the most - Xtina did fine but it wasn't a great song choice for her either.

Jared sang well, but between the headband (he's no Bret Michaels) and his awkward comments, I don't see him garnering a following.

Melissa Etheridge is such an obvious choice for Beverly. WTF did they make her wear?!? :lol: Great performance, the only indication of her cold was that she held back on the money note in the end. I'll be voting for sure, she should be the one sure thing on Xtina's team.

Dia Dia Dia!!! :cheer2: anyone else notice that the piano kept playing when we clearly saw her hands folded up by her chest? same thing happened with jared handing off his guitar in the middle of a guitar solo that didn't stop :sekret:

Awesome performance of Lady Marmalade by Team Xtina! Nice job blending some very different voices - and Raquel was worlds better in this than her solo song.

Oh, Xenia.... I swear I thought Blake said the song was called "Prostate", so that's all I could hear while she sang it. Loved her dress and her styling, and it was nice to see her smile, but the choreographed moved looked stiff and unnatural. She just needs more time and practice. love her voice but she's not ready for this.

Ok, the dancers were a terrible idea for Lily Elise, but it's not her fault - blame Xtina. once she got rid of them, I loved this performance. :eek: I was ready to write down her number - and then she squeaked. In the middle of the song! It took her a measure to get back on track and she finished strong, but damn. That was some squeak.

Blake looked like the jolly green giant standing between the 2 girls on his team. This Love isn't my favorite maroon 5 song but I thought it was a sweet touch. Xenia and Patrick had a surprisingly nice duet - Jared completely overpowered Dia in theirs. Xtina gets the nod for showcasing everyone so well.

Patrick also came out very strong - I do love his voice, even if he's not that exciting. But then his glory note was a disaster - he sounded like he hit a different key than the backup singers, and they had to adjust to whatever note he had. oh dear.

I love me some Frenchie, and this was a great song choice for her, but she hit some real clunkers in there. Ending was fab tho.

I'd keep Beverly and... Lily based on tonight's vocals (Bev/Frenchie on overall performance), but I worry that voters will overlook Raquel's many errors because she looks the part and Beverly won't find an audience. I will be really upset if Raquel makes it and Beverly doesn't.

I would be shocked if Team Blake didn't end up with Dia and Patrick.

Allison and her twitter trending reports are insanely stupid.

06-08-2011, 01:06 PM
Loved Bev and Dia. Patrick was great, but he sounds like everyone else on country radio. I suppose he's cuter than many, but that's not enough to get me to vote.

Raquel tanked. If it could be possible, the 2nd half of the song was more off key than then first half. Lily, Frenchie and Jared all threw in some clunker notes. Xenia's got a lovely voice, but she's just not ready. Give her a couple of years in small clubs and see how it goes.

06-08-2011, 01:30 PM
Live singing almost always have a few flat notes. Hardly any singer has perfect pitch all the time. I was impressed with how much each of the *weaker* singers improved with their coaches input. Nobody was bad. I'll feel sorry for whichever of Jared, Frenchie and/or Bev do not go through to the next round. This is sort of their last chance at *making it.* But, they had their chance to sing on national TV by millions of people. The show is very popular with the 18-49 demographic and NBC and their sponsors are thrilled. The are actively courting the twitter crowd which is blending multiple social media forms. I expect to see AI revamp their format next season as a consequence.

I have no idea who will stay or go and don't really care. Sites like DialIdol will be useless at predicting a winner since there are so many different mediums for audience voting and participation. I've decided to just sit back the next three weeks and enjoy the program. I'm looking forward to seeing the team + coaches numbers next week. It's just such a treat to have judges/coaches/mentors who can actually sing. I'd only wish they could add Ben Folds to the mix somehow. I do think keeping the genre mix represented by the mentors is a brilliant idea as it appeals to a wide variety of fans.

06-08-2011, 02:00 PM
I want Jared to make it !! :(

06-08-2011, 02:01 PM
Oh, Xenia.... I swear I thought Blake said the song was called "Prostate", so that's all I could hear while she sang it.


06-08-2011, 02:13 PM
Live singing almost always have a few flat notes. Hardly any singer has perfect pitch all the time.

Guess I've picked the right concerts, or perhaps I'm just too damned old, but I don't expect clunker notes or missed keys. If someone needs Autotune, I tune them out.

06-08-2011, 02:40 PM
I've heard lots of clunker notes at concerts. That's what the sound guy is for. :lol: He can adjust someone's mic or turn up the guitar.

06-08-2011, 02:41 PM
I wish she would have sang "jar of hearts" I think that would have been perfect for her.

Dia has a you tube of Jar of Hearts with photo montage.

Lady marmalade rocked.

I pick Bev and Frenchie from Xtina, but I thought she had good song choices and strategy for them all. Raquel and Lily were better than I expected. Raquel had some off notes but she can move. Lily took direction well but she isn't special.

I don't really care who goes through on Blakes side. Patrick sang well so I think he should go through. Jared sang well too but I agreed with Xtina that the guitar throw disconnected him a little. It was a great choice to have Dia play piano so her nerves wouldn't show. She was good. Xenia has a marketable sound but she is not a performer yet.

06-08-2011, 02:51 PM
:lol: I just had a conversation about the show with one of my faculty members. She thinks Blake has the best team hands down and Patrick will win it all. She didn't like any of Xtina's team except Frenchie, but she wouldn't vote for her. The underlying reason? She likes Blake Shelton and doesn't like Christina. She also doesn't particularly like Adam or CeeLo (as performers) ergo Blake being the best coach and having the best team. She does really like the program and the format. I do wonder how often peoples perceptions of the singers are based on their personal preferences and not the actual performance. She did not like Beverly at all although she admits she sang well. She didn't like Beverly's looks.

Which, again, if I were a producer, I'd pick Racquel of Xtina's 4. She may not be the best singer, but she's cute, can move, can sing well enough and could make great dance music videos which are a hot market right now. I wouldn't know what to do with Bev or Frenchie in terms of marketing. But, it will be interesting to see who the audience picked and really interesting to see who had the most itunes downloaded.