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05-31-2011, 02:41 PM
I love the 407, but I've never really used it during rush hour. I actually made a u-turn on the 401 once, past Kingston, when people started getting out of their cars and it looked to be a couple of hours. I grew up on the QEW, but only drive it at night now. It was ruined by the 403.

We used to have to take the QEW/Gardner to get most places, and it was a NIGHTMARE. Especially last summer when one lane was closed each way for Jameson Bridge reconstruction. Plus, nobody understands the concept of "passing lane" on that highway. I swear I've gotten to Niagara faster staying in the right lane while the far left dawdles at 95.

Toronto is such a mess. I've come into the city during rush hour, generally against traffic, and still run into some epic snarls. So many little accidents that effectively turn a regular street into gridlock. And that's without even taking the Don Valley Parkinglot. :P Yet our mayor wants to end the "war on the car." Because it's lack of people in vehicles that's making traffic so awful.

05-31-2011, 03:33 PM
I am surprised that a number of those cities have really good public transit systems, yet they still have terrible traffic problems. :confused: I remember being in Berlin thinking that if only my city in the US had this good a subway system our traffic wouldn't be so bad. Guess not.

05-31-2011, 11:54 PM
that tally really doesn't say much about the criteria, particularly for the cities ranked lower than #10. The caption for one says "this city has a new mayor determined to stop the war on cars, but that will come at the expense of public transit and so traffic will continue to be a problem", but then on others it says "this city has great infrastructure for cyclists and people using public transport, but the roads have suffered, so congestion will continue". Are they calling for increasing alternative modes of transportation so people can rely less on cars (which would do more for reducing traffic than anything else :P)? For improvements on roadways so that traffic flow will be more manageable? Or just taking a snapshot and saying "commuting sux"?

My commute is pretty darned sweet and takes about 10 minutes, but occasionally traffic is bad and I don't get the walk lights when I need them :P