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05-25-2011, 04:15 AM
I thought it would be best to create a thread for her, something separate from the breakup threads.

Is there any news about her? I know some something was posted (in one of the other threads) about her having a tryout with Reiss. Did that happen yet?

I realize that if there is anything significant to post, someone would've posted it, but I'm just dying to find out what's going on with her. Things are so quiet on her end and she doesn't appear to have a twitter or anything.

I'm just so impatient. :lol:

05-25-2011, 12:06 PM
The last known info about her was a FB post that she went back home

05-25-2011, 11:42 PM
I hope she reads this and realizes she has a fan base and those who would NEVER have considered such an idea as that which has happened.

05-26-2011, 12:37 AM
The last known info about her was a FB post that she went back home

Did I read somewhere that home is in Boston?

05-26-2011, 12:56 AM
Did I read somewhere that home is in Boston?

I think she's from New Hampshire.

05-26-2011, 01:27 AM
I think she's from New Hampshire.

thanks. :)

05-26-2011, 02:35 AM
Caitlin is from Pelham NH. Near Nashua and the Mass Border.

Cal Girl
05-26-2011, 03:18 AM
All the Very Best to Caitlin! She deserves it!

05-27-2011, 02:08 AM
Great idea to start a fan thread for Caitlin!
:cheer: CAITLIN :cheer:


05-27-2011, 03:30 AM
I hope she finds a good new partner.

05-27-2011, 11:39 AM
Wishing Caitlin the best..

05-27-2011, 12:03 PM
Her old partner didn't compliment her anyway. I hope she finds a new hot looking one :D

05-27-2011, 04:56 PM
I love Caitlyn's graceful ballet style and expression. Pair her with the right partner and it could be magic. I agree she was the one that made their last partnership standout. I just hope there is someone out there because I was really looking forward to continuing to be a fan!

05-27-2011, 05:02 PM
New Hampshire, eh? Did Caitlin spend any time in the South? I spoke to her for a minute during the autograph session in Greensboro (very gracious and pretty young lady) and I thought I heard a southern twang in there somewhere!

05-27-2011, 07:35 PM
If she's from the South, she'd have a drawl, not a twang. Midwesterners have twangs, we have drawls! :)

Seriously, I hope she finds a great partner who really compliments her style.