View Full Version : Cannes ban Lars Von Trier after Nazi Comments.

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05-25-2011, 05:26 PM
I saw "Breaking the Waves" in the theater upon release. One things I'll say about it, I've never forgotten it. :scream:

Then I saw "Dancer in the Dark" not realizing it was the same director. And the whole time I'm watching it, I thought to myself, 'this reminds me of Breaking The Waves.' Sure enough . . .

Even though the acting was amazing in all films, I will never again watch another of his films. Despicable stuff, and he really seems hostile to his female characters.

ah crap...I was excited about Melancholia until you said it's the same Director of Dancer in the Dark. I loathed that movie. Horrible editing, too.

05-25-2011, 08:21 PM
Does this mean he's going to cancel next week's golf outing with Mel Gibson? :saint:



Schwarzenegger to caddy!!! :D