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05-14-2011, 04:57 PM
Why? She's been choreographing programs for skaters for more than four(?) years now and has put some wonderful stuff out there. Pang and Tong's LP and Jeremy Abbott's SP last Season/2010 comes to mind. However, the biggest difference she's had in a skater came w/Kevin Reynolds the last two Seasons.

She's turned him into a reasonably good musical skater. Kevin's not there yet, but Shae's done wonders w/him so far and I really hope she's doing his programs for this Season too. Pity about the injuries, as I would have *loved* to have seen him skate his LP from this past Season the way it was intended to be skated.

Nope!! I'm not worried in the slightest and it's a great choice by Adam. Really looking forward to seeing what he and Pasquale and Shae come up w/for Adam. :)

Well, considering the Kevin-Reynolds-part of her work I thought her strength is giving skaters with no feeling for music at all programs that they feel comfortable with and which make them "act" musical without being it. (You cannot give a person a real feeling for music when nature is against it, IMO.) This is a quality Adam doesn't need because he is a naturally musical skater, and one of the best. I didn't think about her work for Abbott when I wrote my post though, so maybe I am wrong.

05-14-2011, 05:46 PM
I found this story from the Nationals (after the sp) very interesting:

"On my way to practice the next day, I sat down and talked with 2010 Olympic Champion, Evan Lysacek. He helped me to put the whole situation into perspective. I walked away from our conversation knowing I could do one of two things when I had a future opportunity to look back at this competition; block it out and pretend it never happened or I could remember how strongly I came back in the long program. I was determined to do the latter. In the end, I did come back strong with a program I fought for."