View Full Version : Parents, Don't Dress Your Daughters Like Tramps

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05-04-2011, 02:30 PM
I remember having this discussion years ago on another forum taking the view that we don't do the type of name calling to young boys when they leave the house looking ridiculous, and someone piped up to say he's often mentioned how young guys today look like clowns with their low baggy pants.

That's because the word most people want to us for them has racial overtones, at least where I grew up. (Begins with a w but rhymes with the n-word, implies that's what they want to be.)

I think modesty/dressing pretty is about to make a comeback. My 17 year old, who has been wearing jeans and tank tops for 3 years, now wants to buy ALL these dresses to wear this summer.

That's because modcloth has SUPER-cute clothes. I just wish more of their dresses had sleeves.